Beyond the River: A Novel by Michael FillerupBeyond the River
A Novel by Michael Fillerup

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A profound sense of pointlessness drives Jon Reeves to desperate acts. Just when everyone expects contentment from a middle-aged Mormon man, Reeves flails blindly against the terrors of mid-life. This gripping novel taps the wellsprings of unfocused adult discontentment.

“For Beyond the Rivel’ Fillerup has chosen a tricky genre: coming of age for adults. Instead of chronicling the loss of the soul to debauchery, Fillerup gives us Jon Reeves, a restless middle-aged man redefining his identity. Behind the quick prose and pop is a touch of natural sweetness which only a truly moral writer can deliver from the heart.”
-Jerry Johnston, book editor, Deseret News

“Fillerup understands tl1at the world is not black and white, that moral decisions are never obvious, and that yoked to the joys of human life is an irreducible amount of pain and doubt.”
-Brian Evenson, author, Altmann)s Tongue

“Embracing the river oflife, Fillerup funnels it through his unique creative soul and distills it into an intoxicating brew.”
-Elouise Bell, autllOr, Only Whm I Laugh

About the Author
Michael Fillerup is the author of Visions and Other Stories and a contributor to Bright Angels and Familiars. He lives with his wife and children in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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Beyond the River
A Novel
Michael Fillerup
Signature Books, Salt Lake City, 1995

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00 Beyond the River was printed on acid-free paper and was composed, printed, and bound in the United States.

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Beyond the river a novel/Michael Fillerup.

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