Crazy for Living
Poems by Linda Sillitoe

on the cover:
“Sillitoe blusters dust down chimneys, pipes melodies around the moon, and writes her babies into the air. She is the wind.”
—Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, author, A Midwife’s Tale

“Sillitoe writes of dreams and politics, stones and crystals, eagles and mesas, Navajo moons, mothergods, murders and murmurous nights. Sometimes in disguise, sometimes not, these are love poems of both liminal and subliminal power.” —Paul Swenson, Salt Lake Tribune

“These poems are messengers of the heart, mind, and spirit that bring their mystery and magic alive.” —Emma Lou Thayne, author, Things Happen: Poems of Survival

about the poet: Linda Sillitoe, an award-winning writer living in Salt Lake City, has served as poetry editor for Exponent II and Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. Her published works include short fiction, poetry, and a novel. She is currently completing a second novel.

title page:
Crazy for Living
poems by Linda Sillitoe
Signature Books
Salt Lake City

copyright page:
Several of the poems in this collection first appeared in
CityArts, Deseret News, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon
, Exponent II, Network, Sunstone, Utah Holiday,
Weber Studies, and in the anothology Harvest: Contemporary
Mormon Poems
(Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1990).
“November’s End 1979” was first published in Sonia Johnson,
From Housewife to Heretic (Garden City: New York, 1981).

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Crazy for living : poems / by Linda Sillitoe.
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In memory of
May Swenson & Virginia Sorenson,
and for those who journey with me


01 – S e c t i o n   I :   J o u r n a l i s t

driving to work in winter
writing copy
November’s End, 1979
oh how to be the wind
an early elegy in lower case
sonnet for spring
During Recess

02 – S e c t i o n   I I :   J o u r n e y s   i n   T a n d e m

home from the north
the spell
Some Nights
missing persons
Hearing from friends
that their son has been born
with Downs Syndrome
from the laurel
A Lullaby in the New Year
Song of Creation
Charm for a Sick Child
Stairs, Grandma
For my sister, nearing armistice
love song at 17,000 feet
To an ESTJ from an INFP
the hard dance
crazy for living

03 – S e c t i o n   I I I :   J o u r n e y s   B e t w e e n

Words for Cassandra
coming back
October Shoot
Journey Poem I
Journey Poem II
Journey Poem III
The Song
Journey Poem IV
Dearly Oblivious
Vehicle Dreams
Rules for Living