Evil Among Us
by Ken Driggs


Mark Fischer and Barbara BakewellMark Fischer and his girlfriend, Barbara Bakewell, at a high school dance before his mission. Bakewell testified at the murder trial about how she came to have samples of Mark’s hair which matched those found on the band saw. (Courtesy Jim and Cathy Fischer.)

Mark FischerMark Fischer just before his mission. (Courtesy Jim and Cathy Fischer.)

Gary DarleyGary Darley on his mission to Texas. (Courtesy David K. Darley.)

Bob KleasenBob Kleasen posing in the Austin Taxidermy Studio in 1974 for a Mormon missionary. (Courtesy Larry Doty.)

Frank McCulloughFrank McCullough, a University of Texas professor, served as bishop of the Austin, Texas, Ward of the LDS church at the time of the murders of Mark Fischer and Gary Darley. (Courtesy Frank McCullough.)

Dick MurphyDick Murphy, a Buffalo, New York, police officer and investigator with Buffalo’s district attorney’s office, followed Kleasen’s activities for years. (Courtesy Dick Murphy.)

Kleasen with Linda MillerKleasen talks with girlfriend Linda Miller during his 1975 trial. (AS-75-90284-8, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library.)

KleasenKleasen answers questions during a break in his 1975 trial. Note the bandsaw in the foreground. (AS-75-90284-30, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library.)

Karrie Lynn Hampton and Barbara BakewellKarrie Lynn Hampton (left), Gary Darley’s girlfriend, and Barbara Bakewell (right), Mark Fischer’s girlfriend, during a break in Kleasen’s 1975 trial. (AAS 90261, #11, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library.)

Kleasen in handcuffsKleasen in handcuffs, with two court officers, before his 1975 hearing for a new trial. (AS-75-90892-14, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library.)

KleasenKleasen (center, in handcuffs) heading into the Austin, Texas, federal courthouse during his 1978 trial for federal firearm charges. (AS-78-98955-3, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library.)

KleasenKleason’s booking photo on Texas’s death row.

Marie Longley and Bob KleasenMarie Longley and Bob Kleasen at the time of their marriage in England in early 1991. Note the medals Kleasen is wearing, including his “Congressional Medal of Honor” at his neck. (Courtesy Marie Longley.)

home of Marie LongleyMarie Longley’s eighteen-century home in Barton-upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire, England, where Kleasen resided beginning in 1990. (Courtesy Marie Longley.)

Fischer FamilyFischer Family after Mark’s death. (Left to right:) Martin, Michael, Cathy (mother), Jim (father), Matthew, and Melissa. (Courtesy Jim and Cathy Fischer.)