Poems by Lisa Orme Bickmore

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From a life of meditation and memory, legend and language, Lisa Orme Bickmore probes in poems intimate yet inclusive the dark spaces of experience where figures align, collapse, and realign.

Haste is full of carefully wrought, surprisingly imagined poems. Vivid and intense, each one creates a geography as familiar as a lighted house on a snowy evening or a summer lightning storm. Bickmore invests her poetry with images of desire and loss, extravagance and longing, and reminds us how original and strange is the most daily of experiences.” —Susan Elizabeth Howe, professor of English, Brigham Young University

“Having lived beyond the obvious, Bickmore has matured and her poems have repened. She is real, they are real. And brilliant. And moving beyond words.” —Emma Lou Thayne, aughor, Things Happen: Poems of Survival.

about the author: Lisa Orme Bickmore is a Ph.D. candidate in English and American literature at the University of Utah and teaches at Salt Lake Community College. She is the recipient of a Utah Arts Council poetry award and lives in West Jordan, Utah, with her husband Steve and five children.

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Poems by
Lisa Orme Bickmore
Signature Books
Salt Lake City

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But how late to be regretting all this, even bearing in mind
That all regret is late, too late! —John Ashbery

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Bickmore, Lisa Orme
Haste : poems / by Lisa Orme Bickmore.
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PS3552.1318H37          1994
811.54—dc20        94-31753        CIP
ISBN 1-56085-061-2


01 –S m a l l   F i r e s
The Dream-Work
The Suicides
Straight Way Out
Elegy for a Housewife
Doomed, Sick, Selfish, Dumb as Shit
The Glad Quality of the Things Beneath the Sky
Black Ice
Maple Seeds
The Mind Turns to Its Own Figurations
The Road Out of Lewiston
Putting Away the Year
Night’s Last Child
Small Fires
What to Pray for
Love’s Body

02 – L o v e ‘ s    B o d y
My Discontent
A Woman in Her Thirties
in any case
In the Old Way
Late Winter Snow

03 – T h e    S w a n    B r o t h e r s
The Messenger
In the Morning of Time
The Snow Queen
The Swan Brothers