Imagination Comes to Breakfast
poems by Kathy Evans

on the cover:
“One detects in Evans’s poems the necessity to take risks. In her work as in her life, she combines those most enviable qualities: profundity of thought, generosity of feeling.” 
—Thomas Centolella, Stegner Fellow, Stanford University and author, Terra Firma

“Evans’s poems sparkle with energy. Many of her lines are among the most electric I’ve read in years. They are deeply, therapeutically satisfying.” —Elouise Bell, author, Only When I Laugh

about the author: Kathy Evans was born in the small farm town of American Fork, Utah. She received her B.A. in Creative Arts and M.A. in Broadcast Journalism from San Francisco State University and now resides on a houseboat anchored in Kappas Marina, Sausalito. She has taught for the California Poets-in-the-Schools, program and is former Artist-in-Residence, Headlands Center for the Arts. Evans has published in The Berkeley Review, The California Quarterly, The Denver Quarterly, Southern Review, The Pacific Sun, Occident, Dialogue, Ensign magazine and Yellow Silk.

title page:
Imagination Comes to Breakfast
poems by Kathy Evans
Signature Books
Salt Lake City 1992

copyright page:
For my family
Cover illustration and design by Joe Esquibel
The following poems previously appeared in:
California Poets in the Schools Statewide Anthology: “Juke Box”
The California Quarterly: “Lines Loose at Midnight”
Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought: “For the Bishop’s Wife,”
“Nativity,” and “Unfinished Sestina”
The Mariner: “I Know Little of Death”
Occident: “Knocking”
On the Bus: “Staying Home from Work” and “Jacob”
The Pacific Sun: “Daze”
Sunstone: “Combing Her Hair”
Yellow Silk: “Twilight”

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Evans, Kathy.
Imagination Comes to Breakfast : poems / Kathy Evans.
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ISBN: 1-56085-031-0


01 – O n e
Don’t Believe All You’ve Been Told
Bright Waves and Separate Entities
At the End of the Year I Come to a Grove
Field Cat
All Hallow’s Eve
Wednesday Morning
I Know Little of Death
Combing Her Hair 
Ah, Tolstoy
Mill Valley Autumn
Dusk Covenants
Minor Gods
For the Bishop’s Wife  
Elegy for the Soprano 

02 – T w o
After a Storm in February, Napa Valley
Lines Loose at Midnight 
Toward Feminism 
Juke Box 
The Danger of Assignments 
Musings of a Somnambulist 
Unfinished Sestina 
Lunch Break 
Staying Home from Work 
Office Riddles 
Eight Windows 
Twenty-first Century Tales 
Tide Pool
Love to the Second Power