on keeping things small
Poems by Marilyn Bushman-Carlton

on the cover:
“Outweighing what we cannot change, and growing.” Marilyn Bushman-Carlton evokes familiar, intimate landscapes that are quickly fading to memory. Her children are grown and render discordant, plaintive harmonies. Yards display twisted trunks and rare blossoms. The neighborhood is no longer innocent. With equivocal feelings, Bushman-Carlton summons sweet, nostalgic revelry.

on keeping things small achieves exactly what the poet wants. Each poem, small in itself, adds to the extraordinary satisfaction that she gives to her readers. Bushman-Carlton writes with wonder, love, and not a little wit.” — Leslie Norris, author, Sequences

“Bushman-Carlton traces filaments strung between parent and child, between lovers, between gardener and earth, and—infused with thought and vision—lets image open meaning.” —Linda Sillitoe, author, Crazy for Living and Other Poems

“Written from the heart, these poems validate the sanctity of dailiness and the dignity of womaness.” —Sally Smith, founder, A Woman’s Place Bookstores

about the author: Marilyn Bushman-Carlton has published in Iris; Earth’s Daughters; Exponent II; City Art Poetry on the Bus; and Prize Poems of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. She is a graduate of the University of Utah, has taught poetry workshops at Pioneer Craft House, and lives in Salt lake City with her husband, Blaine.

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on keeping things small
Poems by Marilyn Bushman-Carlton
Signature Books
Salt Lake City, 1995

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For Blaine and our children
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Bushman-Carlton, Marilyn.
On keeping things small : poems / by Marilyn Bushman-Carlton.
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01 – I.
Stone Cows
From Wheat
Unsolicited Gift
And God Made Yellow . . .
Summer School, 1960
We Sing with Scarlet Tongues
On Sunday Nights
At Linda’s House
Miss Wolsey
Dance Lesson
Today I Saw the Black Truck
Farmer’s Wife
Because of Cows

02 – II.
Bathing a Child
The Second Time I Held You
Violin Duet
Remembering Teeth
Oldest Daughter, Oldest Son
Claret Wood
Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major
There are No Words
Letter from Home
Voluntary Poverty
I Would Know Them Anywhere
My Daughter Calls
Listening to “Intermezzo”
When the Rhythm Gets Red
Alisa Leaves for Medical School

03 – III.
Wild Trio
Geese on Mill Creek in February
on keeping things small
Woman Bathing
The Pulpit
“Lydia Reading in a Garden”
Wonder Woman
Mount Olympus in September
November 1st
Worth Keeping
While I Wait
Poem to Read in November