On the Potter’s Wheel
Stanley B. Kimball, editor

Chapter 4
Diary Three
15 May-27 May

[p.59]The following record more clearly resembles a proper diary than Kimball’s earlier efforts and provides interesting and important information about his visits in St. Louis, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, and other eastern cities. We learn of Kimball’s efforts in Washington, D.C., to secure redress for Missouri wrongs to the Mormons, his reaction to the death of Joseph Smith on 27 June 1844, and his return to Nauvoo on 6 August 1844, three months after leaving home. Thereafter we are witness to his detailed account of Nauvoo from the death of Joseph Smith through 27 May 1845.

On the 10 of Sept. [1842; this entry is out of place in the original] I left Nauvoo with my wife fore Lima whare I met B[righam]. Young, G[eorge]. A. Smith, [p.60]Amesa Limon [Amasa Lyman]1 whare we held a two days me[e]ting. 19 Elders ordained, 12 baptised and since 8 more. Our Confrance in Ramos [Ramus] thare was 7 baptised, at Quincy thare was 5 baptised, 3 or 4 in Pason [Payson], on the 26 I retu[r]ned to Quincy. On the 27 Mr. John Carl died.

Nauvoo, May the 15, 1844. And it come to pass that I blest my wife and children and Sealled my blessing on thare Heads in the name of the Lord. I also ordained my son Wm. Henry an Elder. About ten in the morning I went to the landing with my wife, El[d]ers John Pack, Lelery [Ezra T.?] Benson.2 Wm. Carri[e]d us with a waggon. Elder White [Lyman Wight]3 was not ready to go. We went to Elder B. Youngs. Stopt a chort [short] time then came. home, and all was well.

May the 17. A genral convention was held at Nauvoo fore the purpas of chusing Delegate fore to Represent the diffrent State in the union.4

May the 20. Church called to gether by Elder L. White, spok on Pollicks. Called fore a collection. Recived $4050 [$40.50]. In the evning Bishop Whitney and wife come in, had prairs.

21. I left Nauvoo in company with about 50 or sixty of the Elders of Isreal. My wife and daughter and son Wm. went to the Landing to see me start.

22. Reached St. Lewis 10 in the fore noon. I see menny of the Saints. Spent the most of the day in getting some few things to send to my family and rote one leter [p.61]to my wife I will give a bill of the things that I got and the price as follows.

24 P[ounds] of chugar [sugar] Price $ 2 00
15 P of Coffee ………………………. 1 50
4 Pounds of rasons ……………….. 60
1/2 half bushel of aples ………….. 6

[The above are in one box by themselves; in another box are:]

8 Pounds of lump chugar ………… 1 00
15 Pounds of chugar ……………… 1 00
4 P of salaratus  
[saleratus, baking soda]…………… 40
1/2 pound of Tea ……………………. 31
one quarter nutmags ……………… 37
one Pound of nuts ………………….. 25
one doson of Lemmons ……………. 18
2 Jacks nives, fore boys ………….. 25

All of these I sent up by the Ospry in care of Mr. [a] New York store merchant his name Holdrige. $8.54. I also sent my wash by him one cog [keg] of rice 44 Pounds at fore cents, 1.92, two boxes and one cag [keg] 64 [pounds]. $11.14.

On the Evning of the 22 we held meeting in St. Lewis. Elder Young and my self spoke to near 300 saints.

23. We left St. Lewis on the Stemer Louis Philippe at half pas twelve in the after Noon.

24. We reached Cairo at 3 in the Morning, the water High and on the rise. Elder B. Young and my self have a state room by our selves good fare, and a b[ea]utifull boat. Passengers and crew all sivel [civil] and kind.

25. All things past of [off] well. Br[other]. B. Young [p.62]and myself spent the day in maters of worth to us and all men.

26. All well, and peas [peace] reigns. No contention on this boat. I mist Br. Sanders note, caused me to feel oneasy [uneasy]. He said he would take my [words missing].

We reached the foot of the Ohio Falls Eight in the Evning. My dear Vilate how I would wish to speak a work [word] of consolation to her. Dear girl how much she suffers in her mind. O my Father let peas enter her brest. I ask it in the name of Jesus Christ Thy son Amen.

At six in the afternoon we reached Sincinata [Cincinatti]. I [went] direct to Timethy Bakers, found them all well and glad to see me. The Saints had a meeting in the Evning. Elder B. and my self preached to them. I slep on bord of the boat.

Elders at 27. We had a confrance of Timethy Bakers. He, Baker, was appointed to be ordained a high preast, to preside over the Church. We went bord of steamer boat Neptune. Went on bord at 10 Oclock. The Captins name was J. J. Waman. Good man.

28. All well. We reached Portsmouth [Ohio] at half past seven in the morning. All past of[f] well, throughe Elder Wm. Smith5 preached in the Evning.

29. All goes well I do not feel so well. In the evning Elder White spoke on the Book of Mormon.

30. All well. We reached Pitsburgh at six oclock, put up at the American Hotell. Elder Wm. Smith and my self tended meting with Elder Young.

31. On Friday Elder White, Smith and my self [p.63]left and went on bord of steamboat for Browns Ville 60 miles up the Monongahela River. Got thare at three the next morning. Lay bord of the boat.

1 day of June [1844]. We took coach 6 in the morning for Cumberland [Maryland]. We past out of the State of Pensylvania in to Meriland at three in the after Noon. We reached Cumberland at one Oclock at night all safe and sound.

2 of June, Sunday. Went board of [railroad] Cars presise [precisely] at Eight, in the morning. Reached Washington City at 7 in the after noon. We was ten hours going sum over 200 miles. We pute up at the National Hotell. Whare the Profet [Joseph Smith] put up when here in the year 1839. We have to pay two dollars a day. The weather was verry warm.

3 Monday. In the fore noon we went to see one Mister Linsey Adam [Adam Lindsey]. His wife and hired man belongs to the Church. He is one of the richest men in Washington. We shall go thare to morrow. 4 in the after noon Elder [Lyman] Wite went to bed and I went up to the capital, in the Hous of Reprisentives, for the first time. Juge Duglass [Stephen A. Douglas]6 come to our Logins. Had a long chat with us. He wished us to call on him in the morning He would go with us give us an interduction sevrel of the Congressman. He is a man.

4 Tuesday. Commenced five in the morning to rain. Casued me to feel bad. Elder Wite feels poorly. We went to see Judg Dugliss at nine in the morning. He was poorly. They are up most of the night. We have to do our buisness in the night. I finished a let[t]er to my son Wm. and pute it in to the office. We have two beds in our [p.64]room. Evry thing nice a wa[i]ter to tend to us, when wanted.

We went up to the Capital half past twelve, went in to Hous of Reprisentitives. They ware dwelling on politicks. I went to Mr. Lindseys and stad all night.

5 Wensday. I went to the Capital, found Elder White. Stopt a chort [short] time went to our logins. At about five we went to a new logins, at a widow Ellis. We have to pay two dollars a day, one dollar Each. I rote one /leter to/ my wife. In the Evning saw Docter Doward and his mother. The old lady lives oposit of Sincinata. David Donward inquire after Robert Ain [of] New Port, Kentucky. They ware glad to see me.

6 Thursday. I pute three leters in to the office, one to my Br. Solomon, one to my wife. We went to see Judg Sample from Alton.7 We got the petition to coppy it. From thence we went to the Globe office, to see Br. [James C.] Litle.8 Went to the house of Br. Litle. Half past six in the after noon I went up to the Capital, as the Band of Musick had colected fore to play fore the City and Congresman. As thare is nothing else to [a]muse them. The Capital stands on a high plase [and] over looks the city. A very large park sevrel Pales [pools] of pure watter, ornimentded with all kinds of trees. When I see men and thare wives walking out two by two. O that I had my dear Vilate with me. Bless hur dear Heart, soul [p.65]and body. It is 9 Oclock. Elder White has gon to bed. Last nite I clothed my self and offered up the Sines [signs] of the Holy Preasthood and called one the name of the Lord. He hurd me fore my heart was /mad[e]/ comfortable. I inquired by the rod.9 It was said my family was well, that my wife would come to me in the East, and that Congress would not do anny thing fore us. I do not care wheather they do or not. It is none of thares to give. My Father in heaven owns it all and he will give it to, so let them go to thare own place. Good nite. I must go to bed.

7 Friday morning. We are well. We went to the Logins at Judge Sample to present him our petition fore the releaf of saints that was driven from the State of Misouri. He [ap]pears to be a warm friend to our people. He wishes us to have our rits as other Citizens of the United Stats. Requested us to call on him again. The wather is extream warm. I folded [mailed?] two of Genral Smith views on government and sent to Joseph Haywood in Grafton in Mass. All is well. At about Eleven Oclock I got a testamony that Congress would not do anny thing fore us at all, and that my wife would come to me in the East as He the Lord would open the way fore hur. The Lord shall have all the prais. O God helpe me to prais Thy Holy name all the days I live here on this Earth. Help me to be true to Thy Servent Joseph and to the [p.66]twelve and finly all that love The[e]. /May I/ hold them and thares sacred so let it /may it/ be in thare hearts to do the same to me, grant this to me and Thy name shall have all the Glory, and also that all of my family ware all well, and that we had done what was requred of us in this place. At five in the after noon we left Mr. Mosses, being thare two days. We paid fore dollars and went to Br. Litles. He and wife had been baptised by Elder Orson Pratt. They made us free. Two or three come in in the Evning to inqure of our religeon.

8 Sartaday. After Bresfast, we went with Br. Litle to the Globe to see the Presses in operation by steam. Five of them. One of them print 40 in one minits that is 40 sheets. From that we went to the presidents hous, but did not see him. Then returned to Br. Litles. At 4 in the afternoon we went to Adam Linseys. His wife is a full bloded Mormon. We are both well and in good spirrits. The Lord is with us, and the Devle all about. We left Adam Linsley just at sun set. Had not gon over 50 rods [825 feet] toards the Capital, and met Elder Hide. We ware glad to see him and he us. He had just come from Chester County, Pensylvania. We sat down beside of the rode and had a good meeting. From thence went to Br. Litles, stade all night. Spent a plesent Evning to gether. We saw Judge or Genral Sample. He told us that our petition was pute in to the Comity [Committee] of Publick Lands. Wished us to call on him.

9 Sunday morning. We saw something was rong. I asked Br. Litle what the mater was. Said he my wife is tride becaus we taut the principles of revlation, and that the sick ware healled and so forth. So we had to move our quarters to a strang hous. He was [had been] verry anctious [anxious] fore us to go to his hous rather against our wils, we was with him one day and two nits. What a change. [p.67]This is our lot in this Generation. At three oclock Elders Wight, Hide and my self went one mile East of the Capital to Adam Linsleys and helde a meting at 3 oclock. Elder W. and my self spoke left a good impression. After W. and and my self returned to our Logins. Elder Hide stad at Linsey. Went bed Early. We was tired, but well. H. C. K.

10 Monday Morning. Rose in good healht. Elder Hide come in 9 Oclock. At ten Oclock I finished a leter to my daughter Hellen. Elder Hide carred it to the Post Office. O Lord bless my dear family, and give them Health and peas, and let Thy Servent Heber see them all in the flesh again, and have favour in Thy sight and be fore my family and before Thy servents, the Prophets and apostles, that no Alionation [alienation] may ever take place in this world or in the worlds that are to come. I ask it of The[e] O God in the name of Jesus Christ of Nasreth Amen. About 11 oclock I cald on the Lord in the proper way. The answer was to me that Congress had not got it in thare hearts to do the first thing /fore/ his people also my Family ware all well and that they all should be till I should return, and that we ware at liberty to leave this place, and go hence. In the after noon I went to Br. Boids, and ordained him an Elder. George Noelite was ordainded [to the priesthood] and [made] an Elder. After that we went to Adam Linsey to Eat Charys [cherries]. Found O. Hide and White thare. Returned to our Logins about dark, tired out.

11 Tuesday. We rose at fore in the morning took cars 6 in the morning, got to Baltimore at nine. We crossed the Sisquellannah [Susquehanna River] by fary [ferry]—and reached Wilmington, [Delaware] at /two/ oclock. 1.14 mile [114 miles] from six in the morning to two in the after noon—and stopt one hour in Boltimore. We pute up at Ellis M. Sanders in Wilmington, in Delaware thirty miles from Phellidelpha City. The Church come to gether in the Evning. Elder Whight in forepart of the meeting, and I followed him. We ordained one Isac Brown an Elder by the vote of the Church. They had a good spirrit, and recieved our testamony.

12 Wensday. The morning was cold. I felt bad and chilly simtons of the Ague. Br. Sanders and I went to the depo to get our trucnk. Went in /to/ the ship yard to see some Iron Steam chips. The Iron was near half an inch thick. Br. and Sister Sanders and family are verry kind. It seames like home. The Lord bless them fore ever. At 12 oclock I finished a leter to my wife and pute it in to the office. Saw the Perade of the Whigs, sevrel thousand in procession, papers on thare hats in[s]cribed with Large leters “Polk.” Began to fire cannon/ad/ before daylite and kep it till nine in the morning. Foolry to me I went to Elder Browns, and lay down, and dremt I could /fly/ like unto a bird. It is said to be a good dreem. It signifies that you will prosper. It now sundown, and I will go up stares and coll [call] on the Lord my God that He will keepe me and my dear family from the Evles of this world. Held meeting in the Evning at Br. Joseph Ball. I spoke on the mammon of unrichousness. Elder Wight spoke mostly [about the] saints.

13. Rose in the morning I had the Bowles complaint. We went to viset some few of the Brethren. I had a dream last Evning. I flew in a bautifull manner. Saw a great convultion, in water one man and hors fell in, but was saved. At 2 oclock, we went on bord of a steamboat, and went up the Delaware to Ph — Philadelphia] got thare 5 in the after. Took cab to Wm. Smiths. Before we got thare I was taken with the chill and frever. I was verry sick, had good care taken of me. Sister Caroline [p.69]Smith was tapt [tapped]. She had two gallons taken from hur. It wuld way [weigh] 20 pounds. She come out of hur chamber to see me.

14 Fridy I had a bad bowel complaint. Had hard simtoms. Went to meeting in the Evning, Elder Whight preached.

15 Sartaday. We went to George Jeffers [Jeffrey?]. Took dinner. Elder White and Smith went with me. Some better.

16 Sunday. Preached in the morning. Had good liberty. Went to Jeffers to dinner. Elder Whight pres [preached] in the Evning and after noon.

/June/ 17, Monday. Went to see the sick. Was poorly myself. Went to Sisters McMin[n]. Stade all night. They ware verry kind to me. Elder Wm. Smith went to New York. Beter in health.

18 Tusday. Morning we went to Elder Smiths. His wife was about the Hous. Went down near the Navy to Eat Ice cream, being invited by George Jeffers, Elder Whight, Sisters McMin daughter10 went with [us for] with ice cream. Stade at Sisters McMin all night.

19 Wensday. Rote a long leter to President Smith. Elder Forgens rote. I rote one. The day was verry warm. We stade in dors. Good health and peas.

20 Thursday. We rote in the Morning. In tolarable health. Sister McMin and family are very kind. In the after noon we went to viset Br. and Sister West. Sister McMin, daughter, and Sister Poltry, Elder Wharton and wife. In the Evning Elder Wright Preached. The [p.70]Saints ware cold on to know wheather they would sustain the Prophets and Apoltes [apostles]. It was unanimus good feeling.

21 Friday. Went to see Sister Smith, all well. At fore Oclock we toock the steamer Baloon fore Wilmington, at the foot of Chesnut St. We reached at half past six, in company with Sister Min and daughter, Sister Poltry and son. Put up at Br. Browns.

22 of June. Being at Br. Browns at Wilmington on Sartaday. The first day of the Confrance ranny [rainy] morning all well. We had a good time ordained 10 Elders. The Church Covented that they would sustain the Prophet, and the twelve. Had a good time.

23 Sunday. My health poorly. I Preach in the morning to a tentaive [tentative?] congration [congregation], had a chill after I got through. Elder Wigh spoke in the after noon.

24 Monday. Nothin of importance only went back to Ph.

25 Tuesday. Went a ride in compain [company] with Sisters Mckmin, daugheter, Sister Jeffers, had a splendid view. All right.

26 Wensday. Went to Jeffers, stade all night at McMins. Br. Helison come up from Wilmington. Went to the Post Office found no letters.

27 Thursday. Took cars sevn in the morning in company with Elder L. Wight, and Sister Smith. We got to New Brunswick [New Jersey] at Eleven Oclock, by cares and Stam. We take dinner. Take steam boat at 1 Oclock. We reached New York at six in the evning at The Prophets office.11 From thence we went [to] 17 Domnock [p.71]St. As to my self I pute up at David Rogers.

28 Friday, June. At 4 Oclock in the after noon. I took steam boat for Boston, in company with El. L. Wights, Wm. Smith and his wife. Went by steam boat to Woster [Worcester], whare we toock cars at 1 Oclock, reached Boston at 6 in the morning. Went direct to Br. Phelps, whare we got refreshment. We met Elders B. Young, W. Woodruff, and O. Hide, and Orson Pratt.

29 Sartaday morning. Met in confrance at 10 Oclock, 7 of the Twelve present. Gave instruction to the Chruch on religeon and the polisy of government. In the evning Elder Wm. Smith preached the other six met in council at Br. Phelps.

30 Sunday. Meet in Franklin Hall in Franklin St. No. 16. at Half past 10. Elder O. Pratt preached. Hous was full. All wright. The text was, “Add not to the words of this Book.” At 2 in the afternoon hous was full to over flowing. Elder Whight spoke on on different subject. In the Evning Elder W. Woodruff spoke. I got a bad cold.

July the 1, 1844. We met in the Mcladam Hall at 9 Oclock. A convention fore the perpus of chusen delagats fore [at]tending the Baltimore Convention [to nominate Joseph Smith for president on the Mormon ticket]. Elder B. Young was called to the Chare [chair]. The first cald on to speak was L. Wight, 2 was O. Hide, 3 Daniel Spencer,12 4 Wm. Smith, delagats chosen. At Half past 2 in the after noon, sevrel speeches from the Br. The meting well tended. Come to gether at 8 in the Evning hous full. Elder Young Spake in the Evning. Confusion brock out half past nine. The mob hurt one polceec [policeman?] verry badd, brock up at 10 Oclock all confusion but much good done.

[p.72]2 Tusday. We met in confrance, at the usual place of worship at Eight in the morning, 24 Elders present, two ordained. Most of our time spent making preperations fore our political meetings and so forth.

3 Wensday. I spent the day with or the forenoon, Wm. Smith and wife, had a good time. In the after noon spent in viseting saints. Stade at McAllester over night with Elder Young. In the Evning went to the Boston Museum [to see the “comedietta” Husbands, Wives, and Lovers] in company fore others.

4 Thursday. This morning went to the Tailors to get a suit of Clo[th]es. All of the City in confusion. O Lord bless my dear Vilate and my Children, and Thy name shall have all the glory. At 9 in the Evning went in the Commons, and saw the Fire works. Thare was thought to be one hundred thousand people present. It was boutifull to see.

5 Friday. At 12 Oc took cars to Linn [Lynn, Massachusetts], to the House of Sister Lewis. Stade all night. Elder B. Young was with. We had rest to our bodies. I inquired [of the] Lord if my family was well, my wife on hur way to the East. I meet hur at Ph – [Philadelphia] when I returned from Boltimore, had much rest.

6 Sartaday. Went to Depo at 9 to take care fore Salam [Massachusetts]. All well. My Father in Heaven bless my Vilate, and dear Children For O Lord I am Thy srvent I wish to be one with my dear family, that we abide in The[e], and be one. We reached Salem, at 10 met in Confrance, few S[ain]ts present. I spoke in the fore noon. Great stuper on the saints, and but few of the world present. Met in the Consert Hall, dismissed at 12. Went with Nathaniel Ashbey to dine at his Brothers, they are Jews. Salam has 30 thousand inhabitence. Menny of her inhabitence are Kimballs. Its one of the /oldest/ settle-[p.73]lers [settlements] or the first. Elder O. Pratt spake in the after noon. Elder White in the evning.

7 Sunday. In the morning Elder Young spake. In the after noon Elder White. O. Pratt in the Evning house full. All went of well.

8 Monday. In the morning Elder Haywood13 went with me to South Danvers, as I have some connection [relatives?] thare, did not find them. We returned and took dinner with Br. Braint. Met in concert Hall 2 in the afternoon fore our Politacal meting. We held till 10 in the Evning. Hous full good feelings. All right.

9 Tuesday. We took cares fore Boston at half past Eight, reached at 10, all right. Left quater before five fore New York, got thare at 7 in the morning of the 10. Elder White left fore Phellidelpha at 9 in the morning, and I left at 2 in the after[noon] in the company with Br. Wm. Smith. The papers ware full of News of the death of our Prophet [Joseph Smith].14 I was not willen to believe it, fore it was to much to bare. The first news I got of his death was on Tuesday morning in Salum of the 9. It struck me at the heart. We got to Phel …. [Philadelphia] at /half/ past past 11 at Night.

11 Thursday. We went to Wilmington, preached in the Evning, sevrel from Chester County. The Saints gave us 13 dollars.

12 Friday. We went to Boltimore in Company with delegats from Pensyvania, Deliware, and Meriland, 3 from Pen[nsylvania]. We got thare at 2 Oclock, pute up at the Eagle Hous. We found Elder Holister at the Depot. Holister went with me. At the Post Office I found t[w]o leters ad-[p.74]vertised, one from my dear wife and one from Sarah [Peak]. Up to the 19 Joseph was clean out of the Hands of the mob. Elder White and my self went in to our closet and offered up the Singhn [signs] and praied that we might get some definite news pertaining the death of the Prophets. Toords [Towards] night one of the Brethren went to the office and got one leter from my wife up the [to] the 24 which day he gave Him Self up in company with Hiyrum, [Willard] Richards, and J. Tailor three days before they ware killed. This leter satisfide us that the Brethren ware dead. O Lord what feelings we had.

13 Sartaday. In the Later part of the night Elder Forges come to me, and said be up and out of this place. We left at nine fore Ph — [Phildelphia] stopt at Wilmington, got to Ph — [Phildelphia] at 7 at the hous of Sister Mcmin. They Had recieved a leter from Elder Forges, riten from Lewis Ville, Kentucky. That gave us the pearticulers of the death of our brethren.

14 Sunday morning went to meting. Red the news to the saints. Great sorrow prevailed and agreed to dress in mourning. O Lord How can we part with our dear Br., O Lord save the Twelve.

15 Monday morning at Sister McMin. Elder Holister left fore Home. Elder White come in and [said that he] saw Br. Joseph. He said we had done all things wright.15 In the after noon, I went to Jerman [German] Town in comany with Sisters McMin, and Daughter. When returned went to Elder Wm. Smiths. Elder Grant16 had just returned from Nauvoo. 2 weeks on the [p.75]road. Things are composed. Then returned to McMins.

16 Tuesday, morning Sister Armstron recieved a leter from Br. Sims, Sister Jeffers come in, said Hur Husband was going to give me a gold peas [piece]. Elder Grant reached Ph — [Phildelphia] with his wife two weeks from Nauvoo.

17 Wensday. I went to New York.

18 Left New York at five in the after noon. Paid fore dollars. All a lone.

19 Reached Bost[on] at six in the morning. Went to McCalisers. Found Elder B. Young, [Orson] Hide, O. Prat, and [Wilford] Woodruff, and felt sorrwfull fore the Loss of our Prophet and Partiarch.

19. I went to Salem. I was recieved with much good feelings. Preached in the Evning a good spirrit preveilled. Stad at Jacob C. Felts.

20. In the morning Early Br. Braint brought me a pare of boots. I left Salem at half past Eight in the morning. Got to Br. McColeslers at 10 found Elder O. Hide and O. Prat. We are all well.

21. Sunday morning I preached. In the after noon administered the sacrement, in the Evning Elder Young preached. I never saw the people more attentive.

22. Monday morning went to sister Polly Vose. I rote a line to Sister Anny Sympson by Sister Ruth Seares. The Lo[r]d Bless hur.

23 Tuesday morning. I took Brekfast at Mr. Appletons 39 Beacon St. [Boston] in company Ruth Wellington,17 B. Young, Sister Cobb. From thence went to Br. McCalister. Found Elders Wight and Adams, from thence I went to Br. Phelpses. Elder Adams Brought me [p.76]two leter one from my wife June 30. In the evning church came to gether, thare 32 Elders ordained.

24. Wensday morning we took cars at 7 in the morning. Reached Albany at 6 in the after noon. Stopt one hour took tea left at half past 7 in the Evning. Reached Buffalow on the next day on Evning at 9. On the day of the 25 I past all of my kindred.18 A quick passage 34 hours from Boston to Buffalow.19 The distance six hundred miles. In Bufalow we pute up at Hoofs inn.

26. We went on bord of the steam Boat Buffalo, fore Detriot. We toock Deck passage, fore one dollar. We reached Fareport [Ohio] at 12 Oclock at night. Elder Hide left.

27. Slp [slept] well all night. I have a bad cold. The name of those with [me] are as follows: B. Young, L. Wight, W. Woodruff, O. Pratt, Wm. Hide,20 Ruth Sears. Good feelings preveil. I went to the wash hous but I was not alowed to wash becaus I was a Deck passenger. Sed we have not ben known as Mormons. We reached Sanduskey [Ohio] at 10 in the fore noon. Quite a smart plase. O Lord bless me Thy servent Heber and his Brethren the 12 and help us to be one in The[e] as Christ is in the Father, and as the 12 that was with Christ ware one so let us be with The[e]. O Lord keep me in Thy own care, and leave me not. Fore I am not anny thing of my self. 22 to five in the after noon, we ware driven on deck, then drove down one by one like a flock of sheep that ware driven to slaughter. Sevrel persons in the shape of men looked on with snears and contempt as though we [p.77]ware not human beings, but they may see the day when they will come to us fore favours. We reached Detroit at 10 in the Evning, put up at the Railroad Hotell.

28 Sunday. Went on board of the Hurculus [Hercules] bound fore Chacaugo [Chicago], fore 7 dollars. We went on bord at 10 set Sail at half past ten. We ware in the Lake St. Clean [St. Clair] when we took dinner. This boat is compelled by a wheel in the hind end.

29 Monday. Did not stop at anny port. All went on well. Rote one leter. Sailled all day in Lake Huren [Huron] water Verry clear.

30 Tuesday. Rote two leter one to Br. McCalisters. We t[o]uched Meanny [Mackinac Island] at 12 oclock. A great fish market. A garisson keep menny of the Lamonits [American Indians].21 It is an iland, verry burren. Stopt half an hour. All well. Drempt of being dressed in uniform, in a splendid manner.

31. I rote two leters all well. The mate seams to[o] mean. Found folt [fault] becaus [I] was kind to Sister Ruth Seagers, caused others to slite us. They have thare own folly. All got along with.

August the 1, 1844, Thrusday. We left Millwaca [Milwaukee] 6 in the morning, have made two other stops in Wisconsen Teritory. Splendid places. All goes well I sealed Six leters. O Lord bless my dear Vilate and my dear Children and all my fri[e]nds.

Pute up at Lake St. Hous Chacauga [Chicago] Thursday Evning. All well. Hansom place. Went to the office paid our fare to Galeena [Galena, Illinois] $4.00 dollars a peas, 7 of us.

[p.78]Au 2. Toock Brexfast at half past 6, at 7 in the morning started. 2 other passengers, had to get out and go foot crost menny muud Holes. Let Wm. Hide 5 00 dollars.

3 Sartady. All well. No sleepe. Had to look out fore muud holes cross them on foot or get [stuck] fast. Meet with ill treatment.

4 Sunday. Got to Galeena nine in the morning. Pute up at the Merican [American] Hous. One dollar per day. Most sick, felt [feet?] swelled. Head ack.

5 Monday morning. Sick. Dremp of speaking before a large congration on the polesy of the Nation and the pollicy of our Religeon and that Joseph Smith the Prophet had laid the foundation of it and we had got to pute the masures in practice. He the Propet was present and heard it all, and sanction it all. All seamed Natural, as life. Let L. Wight have ten dollars. Left Galleny at 6 in the after noon. Went down the [Galena] River 7 miles into the Missipy [Mississippi].

6 Tusday morning. Reach Rock Island [Illinois] at 7 oclock. We reach Burlington [Iowa], at half past five. All went on well threw the day. This Steam Boat is called the St. Croix, the Capt name in Bursee. I drempt of my wife. When we got to Burlington sevrel come on bord that knew us. Landed at Nauvoo just at dark. Found my family all well.

7 Wensday. The Lord is on our side. The heads of the Church come together at the Sevnties Hall. Elder Rigdon gave us a history of his mission to Pitsburgh, and of his Vission.22 The Twelve assembled at Elder John Tailors. In the fore noon, Mr. Latrip from Buffalow come [p.79]in, gave him a history of what we suffered by Governor Ford. All past of well. Wm. Law was in town.

8 Thursday. In the fore noon the Twelve met in Joseph chamber. On the same day the Church come together from diffrent parts of the country, to Organise the church. Elder Rigdon wished to pute him self forward fore President of the Church, but the Church chose the Twelve to be thare Leaders. They ware presented, and recieved unanimus Vote. All seem pleassed. Menny other things ware done on the same day. I payd Emma one thousand dollars in cash that I Recieved from Ellis Sanders of Meriland in Wilmington, and took up my Reciept in presents of Elder Willard Richards and Elder [William] Clayton,23 which men help count the money. Thunder shower in the Evning.

9 Friday. Took my wife in my /wagon/ and went on the Hill to see the Temple. From thence went to B. Young and set in council with the Twelve and menny others, the Temple and Nauvoo Commites, in order to setle the maters of the church.

10 Sartaday. Sat in city council, all day. Gave five dollars to the Polees [police].

11 Sunday. Went to meeting in the fore noon. Elder Wights Preached. In the after noon we met in the Holly Order24 at B. Young. All well.

Friends that are baptised Fore the dead, Solomon F. Kimball, Ann Kimball, Charls S. Kimball, Judeth Kimball, Jane Campbell, George Ann Campbell, Mary [p.80]Campbell, Charlott Fitch, Vilate Ellis, Eliza Fitch, Samwell Ellis.25

My Family, H. C. Kimball, Judeth M. Kimball, Roswell H. Kimball, Wm. H. Kimball, Helen M. Kimball, Heber P. Kimball, David P. Kimball, Charls S. Kimball.26

12 Monday. The Twelve met in council at 10 Oclock at B. Young.

14 [13] Tuesday. Met in council with the Twelve till 2 in the afternoon then I went to Br. Winchesters27 with my wife. Went to see the Raft.

15th [14] Wensday. Met in coucil with the Temple Commity and the stone cutters. Had a good time. The affect was good.

16th [15] Thursday. Met in council with the Twelve. G. Phelps spoke of the Harde ware and Merchandize and so forth.

17 [16] Friday. Mr. Woods [a] Layer sent for me in the after noon. I went to see Mr. Woods. Elder Hide went in with Emma – said some of the money I let her have was stollen. She wanted to have me give my honor if I would not tell me [?]. I did not give my honor. The same day Mr. Ralston gave a speech in the City Council.

20 [19] Monday morning. Br. Sayers came and gave me some onions. Wished me to speak to Elder Cla[y]ton bout a note that the Prophet held against him.

17 Sarterday. Elder Young came to my Hous and [p.81]we went to see the Temple and went on the wals with Elder [Reynolds] Cahoon, then Elder Charls Rich28 went with me to Esry [Ezra] Bensons. All well.

18. Met in council at B. Young. Sunday. Elder B. Young made a motion and good feelings.

19 Monday. Met in council at B. Youngs, the Twelve present. Emma forbid the Temple Comity of taking the paperrs on the Secetary. I dremp of ketchin fish with my hands. Moved a hous. Had a trouble to rite [right, straighten] it up. Elder Dunham spoke of the Indians coming to the city of Nauvoo in Sept. to trade sevrel hundreds of them.

August 20, Tuesday. I went and spent a chort time with Hiram Smith widow.29 Was called to Lay hands on Arther Millican. He was healled. I dremp the following dreames. I was on my wheel molding vessels on the wheel. They ware of a pure nature. Then an other thing is thare was a man come along to run, he went ahead of me, and run into a slow hole, and I on the drie land. He suak [sank] out of my sight.

21 August, Wensday. Went to Elder Richards hous, then went to the Printing office. From thence to B. Youngs. The Twelve met in Council. Elder Tailor and my self went after Elder Wight. He was sick and did not come. In the after noon Elder Young and my self went to the Temple. My wife went to Elder W. Woodruff, Elder Richards, and Tailor and thare wives. We took Tea with them.

22 Au., Thursday. In the Morning went down to Father Stones to get chaved [shaved] and have my head [p.82]bathed with Tonick then went home. About one dosen come in among the number was three of the Twelve, B. Young, Richards, and G. A. Smith. The same day had my likeness taken by Br. Foster. From thence went to B. Youngs with Father Molby. Elder Richards come in with Jacson [Jackson] pamplet.30

August the 23, Friday. Got Ready to go with my family to Father Mikesels to get peaches. The children went. The Twelve went to Elder L. Wights. All sick. Tau[gh]t them go North fore to setle. In the after noon went to Br. Geens31 with my Vilate. Sevrel presssent. Bles sevrel.

24 Au., Sartaday. Went B. Young. Met in council. Talked on maters pertaining to the Temple, and so forth. In the Evning went to Elder W. Richards, met with sevrel of the Twelve, to Baptise fore the dead Elders B. Young, G. A. Smith, A. Limon [Amasa Lyman], W. Richards. I was Baptis by G. A. Smith and W. Richards fore 5 of dead friends, and my wife fore 2 of hur friends. Thare names as follows, Solomon F. Kimball, Ann Kimball, Charls S. Kimball, Judeth Kimball, Mary Campbell, Roswell Murrey, Susannah Murrey.32

August the 25, Sunday. Met at the Stand at half past 10. Of the Twelve present B. Young, P. Pratt, O. Hide, O. Pratt, W. Woodruff, John Tailor, G. A. Smith. [p.83]Elder Woodruff spake in the Morning as he intends to start fore England on Tuesday. O. Hide will preach in the after noon, as he intends to start on the same day fore Kirtland and Parley ses [says] it is soul reviving and sin killing time. Elder W. Woodruff did not speak long. Elder Young spake a chort time. Elder Tailor bore testimony against those that murded Josph Smith and Hiram. He said they should be cursed and the Congration said Amen. Elder Hide bore testimony of what Joesph had Said when he was alive. He said Joseph said the Keys of the Kingdom would hang on the Twell [Twelve]. Elder Phelps and Cahoon bore testamony of the same as they hurd it from the Prophets lips.

Au. the 26, Monday. Tended council at B. Young. Letter read from Elder [James] Strang.33 Ses he is a sucessor of Joseph. Went to see Elder Wight at five in the after noon at the Masonick Hall, to a Cort Marchal [Court Martial]. I dremp that I saw a large snake. Elder Young was with me I believe.

27 August. Br. Seayers and his wife come to my hous. I gave them a reccormmend [for the temple]. Then went to the landing with them, as they took the steamer Osprey [Ospray] on thare way to Boston. At 10 in the morning I met at the Masonick Hall with the officers of the Legion with the Twelve. Elder Young was nominated Liutenant General and Charls Rich Major Genral. When I went home. I found Sister Williams and hur Daughter Lavina Rigs. From thence I went to B. Young and met in council with the Twelve.

28 Au., the Wensday. Elder W. Woodruff started fore [p.84]England in company with Hiram Clark and Captin [Dan] Jones. I went in to see Emma.

29 Au., Thursday. In the fore noon Elder Marks met in council with Twelve. Thare was a fast kepe [held] in the after noon at the stand. I went to viset the sick.

30 Au., Friday. All well. Went to Farther Mixels to feest on Peaches and dinner in company with fore of the Twelve, B. Young, A. Smith, John Tailor, Hide. It was ranny [raining].

August the 31, 1844. All well. Went Home with the Mair [Mayor], Daniel Spencer. We rode on the Hill over Lorance. Toock dinner [with] P. Perrey. At 2 Oclock in the afternoon the offcers of the Legion met in the Seventies Hall. Elected Liutenant Genral, and Magor Genral, of the Legion. Elder B. Young was Elected Liutenant Gen., Charls Rich Magor Genral. After Elected we had a speach from the two.

September the 1, 1844. Elder Rigdon gave us a lecter. Samwell [Samuel] James spoke in the after noon.

Sept. 2. Went to see Elder Richards verry sick. Had a talk with Br. Housten and wife. We had a talk with Br. Emmit [James Emmett]. Baptised 25 fore the dead.

3 Sept. I baptised 25 fore the dead. My wife was baptised four as follows Samwell Ellis and wife Ellen Fitch and Judeth my Daughter, Wm. E. Murray and wife was bapt.34

3 Tusday. Went to John Packs and eat turky.

4 Sept., Wensday. The Holly Preasthood met in the Evning. I took up a note from John Smith of fifty dollars paid the cash. We Praid as follows, to overcome the smit [?] fore the Temple of the Church.

[p.85]5 Thursday. Prair meeting in the after noon, the Twelve spoke of the wickness of Elder Rigdon. Went home and used the Rod. I got a witness Elder Richards would live, that we would over come our enimes. Rigdon, Bennet [John C. Bennett], Higbied [Higbees]35 ware combineing.

6 Sept., Friday. Went to B. Youngs with my wife then to Mary Smith, Hirum Widow. From that to Elder Richards, he was beter. After Elder B. Young and my self went to viset the sick at Levi Richards. When we got to my hous, Alonso [Alonzo] M. Whitne[y] come to my hous and told Elder B. Young and my self the plans that ware working by Elder Rigdon and others against the Church.

7 Sartady. Much buiness. All rite.

8 Sunday. Our meeting was turned into a confrance. Elder Rigdon was cut off [excommunicated] with fore others. Meeting held 6 or 7 hours. Great union. Fore Hands in favour of Elder Rigdon.

9 of Sept., Monday. The Twelve had council at my hous. Brock up at 2 in the after noon. Then I went [to] John Packs, from thence to the Temple, from thence to Elder Babits36 office, to Br. Woolies. Elder B. Young was with me.

10 Tuesday. I was sick. Went to B. Young. He and my self went to the foot of Main St. The Ospra[y] Landed thare. Elder Hide left fore Ohio, Elder Ri[g]don left. We held a council at B. Young. Judg Demming37 met with us. Went Br. Lyons. Elder Limon sick. From thence went to Br. Geens, then to Br. Cheaces [Ezra [p.86]Chase?].38 They ware sealled. All wright. Held a council at B. Youngs concerning Legion & Arsnal.

11 Sept., Wensday. Went to find location fore to sit the arsnell, tended council at Erastus Snows in company with B. Young and six others.

12 Thursday. Fore part of the day spent in teaching. At two in the after noon I tended funral at Elder Pammers. A little girl dead. My wife went with [me]. We had pleassure to gether in ta[l]king of things of the Kingdom. Had a Dream last night sayling [sailing] in a ship on a small boat [lake?].

13. Sept., Friday. Went to the offercers drill in the fore noon. Spent some time at the Temple.

14. Nothing New –

15 Sunday. Elder P. Pratt preached in the fore noon. O. Pratt in the after noon.

16 Sept., Monday. Picked out a spot fore the arsnell.

17 Tusday. Traning of the Legion.

18 Wensday. Elder B. Young Recived a later from Wm. Smith one from Elder Grant. Spent the after noon at Sarah Allies [Alley, a recent convert] with my wife, Elder B. Young, Erastus Snow, B. Nobles, and thare wives.

19 Thursday. Went to Br. Wm. E. Murray, Elder Winchesters, and carried the leter El. B. Young had recieved from Elder Grant, concerning Elder Winchester. Saw Silvester Smith and Bat B. Nobles [Joseph B. Noble?].

[p.87]20 Friday, Sept. Went to the Temple. Elder Claton rote me a leter to Sister Ruth Seyers. Sister Evens was sealled to hur Husband fore time and Eternity. Took dinner with Sarah Ally. It rained hard and become cold.

21 Saturday. Went to Br. Haltons and Sealled Him to his dead wife, and gave the family council. From thence went to Winser Lyons [Windsor P. Lyons], found B. Young, A. Limon, had a smart chat.

22 Sept., Sunday. Elder B. Young preached in the fore noon. Went [to?] El[der]. Cahoon, then to the Seventies. and spake to them. From thence went to E[lder]. Tailors. Mr. Conal come from Scot[t] Co. to take those men that had murdered Joseph Smith.

23 Monday. Went to the Temple. From thence went to Sariah Allies. In the after noon went on the Hill with my wife to the hous of hur Brother Wm. Murry. Went to Bed at 11 in the Evning. At one in the Morning, the Marchal cald on me, to tend a council at B. Youngs. Whather we should send some of our men to Take Charp [Thomas C. Sharp] and [Levi?] Wiliams.39

24 Tuesday. Went to B. Youngs. From thence to Winsers Lyons, whare thare six of the Twleve met in council. Joseph Young40 met with us. We selected Seventy Presidints to preside over the Seventies, as it takes seven Presentice [presidents] to preside over Each seventy. We selected fifty High Preas to Preside over different sections of the Country. I went on the Hill to Br. Rolce. Sealled them to gether fore time and Eternity

25 Sept., Wensday. Went to the Temple, with my son Wm. got 2 gunes.

[p.88]26 Thursday. Spent the fore noon at B. Young held council, B. Winchester cut of[f] and his wife. Tended prair meeting in the after noon, had council at the Temple, the Governers tro[o]ps ware in Town.

27 Friday. The Governer [Thomas Ford] come in to the City with fore or five hundred troops formed in to a hollow square. Stopt fore two hours. Laid in fore provisions. He the Governer stopt at the Mansion, they marched threw the city all civel.

28 Sartaday. The Legion was cold [called] out. It was reviewed by Governer Ford, Genrall Harden41 and others. The day went of well. We are desmised at 5 in the after noon.

29 Sunday. Held metings at the Stand. Elder P. Pratt preached. Elder Yong spoke. I held meting at Sisters Bullards on a funral acation [occasion]. Had a good time.

30 Last day of Sept., Monday. Viseted sevrel houses Sister Closens, Sister Bullards, went [to] B. Youngs. Went to see Mother Smiths.42 Mrs. Harris was sealled to Mr. Jacob on the 10, an other sealled to Br. Jacob for time and Eternity. The same day Jessa was sealled to his wife. We held council of the Twelve in the Masonic Hall in the Evning.

Oct. the 1 Tusday, 1844. Spent the fore noon in visiting the sick. Charp and Wiliams was Taken by the Governer. Had a meeting at my hous in the evning of the Holy Order. Praied fore the sick and fore the Governer.

The 2 of Oct., Wensday. All well. The Council of the Twelve conviened at my house at ten. Layer Woods [p.89]came in to restore [rehearse?] what he had been said [told?]. In a chort time Elder Babbit come in, read a leter from Oliver Cowdry.

3 of Oct. Thursday. In the morning went to Mr. Weathers store and laid in for groc[er]ies. El. B. Young and myself went to Br. Marcoms [Markham] Spent some time at the Temple.

4 Friday. Met in council at Sister Emma Smith in company with my Br. [Brethren] of the Twelve, the Bishops over the Temple commity and expressed our feelings to [her]. She seamed [thought?] our intentions ware to be pleased with our course. It seemed like old times. I had a dream that I flew.

5 Oct., Sartaday. I wnt out to Esry [Ezra] Chases to viset the sick. Br. Rockwell43 went with me. Sister Adams came to my hous.

6 Oct., Sunday. Met in Confrance at the Stand at 10 Oct. I should think ten thousand present. Elder Young spoke. Orson Pratt opened by prair. Elder Tailor spoke in the afternoon. A bad night.

7 Oct., Monday. The Heads of the Church were laid before the church. They all past [passed] except Elder Marks. John Tailor spoke in the after noon. All past off well.

8 Oct., Tuesday. Thare was five hundred Seventys and High Preas ordained. 11 Seventies [quorums] Oganised with Presidents over them. A heavenly time. All things went on well.

9 Wensday. Had a council at B. Young. Went to Deckers. In the Evning B. Young, P. P. Pratt and my self went to the Concert Hall. Had a good time.

[p.90]10 Thursday. Spent the day in visiting the sick. Father Esra Chase was sealed to his wife by B. Young.

11 Friday. Went to the Temple, to Br. Geens. Waggon was thare, all things were right.

12 Sartaday, Oct. Got a barel of flower [flour] of B. Young. I was complained of [to state authorities for helping to build an arsenal and for treason].

13 Sunday. Elder P. Pratt preached.

14 Monday. Elder B. Young and my self went Over to Esra Chase and stade all nite. Br. Scofield carried us in his Buggy. No one knew whare we ware gon.

15 Tuesday. Br. Dikes [George P. Dykes], and Br. Busurd come to Br. Chases after us at 10 Oclock, they ware full. We went and got Elder Lorenso Young.44 We left Nauvoo at 4 Oclock in the after noon. Got to Br., we got to Erastus Bingham at 8 Oclock in Ramus. Stopt all night.

16 Monday. We started in company with Br. Busard and Br. Anderson. and Dikes, with Elder Dikes, the Teames and thare wives. We traveled 40 miles. Staid over nit, at Br. Ames. Got thare in the evning had a good supper.

Knox County. 17 Thrusday, Oct. Went to Stark County. Stopt at the hous of Br. Gillet and Grant.

18 Friday Oct. Went to Providence, Buron [Bureau] county. It Rained and snowed all day, fell 4 inches, verry cold and windy.

19 Sartuday, Oct. We reached Ottaway [Ottawa]45 at 11 Oclock at the house of Br. Busard drove 44 miles. Got to bed at 12 oclock. All past of well.

20 Sunday, Oct. The Brethren come in to Br. [p.91]Busards. Elder Pratt preached in after noon. In the Evning the Brethren come to gether. Good saints. Ottaway Lies on the Illinois Rivever. The Fox River and the Kankakee makes the Illinois River. A fine country, two hundred housses, Elder B. Young, P. P. Pratt, and my self ware to gether this Evning. Thare was 21 Brethren present. All rite. So let the Lord be praised fore His kind love to me.

Oct the 21, 1844. Slep at Br. Lumars. Took Brexfast at Br. Nursses. Fine day. It is a splendid place. Left fore the Norway Society 10 Oclock. Took dinner at Br. Millers. Put up at night at an inn, at Wm. Dunavan. He and wife ware members of the Church.

22. We went and looked out a Location fore a meeting hous and the Center of the City. The church of the Norwegan Number 50. Found them feling well. Had a meeting in the Evning at Br. Andersons. Slep at the same place.

23 Wensday, Oct. The Br. come to gether at 10 Oclock. We concluded [to] set of[f] a town, and call it Norway. We dedicated it to the Lord. We traveled forty two [miles] at [to] the House of Anson Pratt, the farm of P. P. Pratt.

24 Oct. We ware roused in the night by six men wa[t]ching the hous. We got up loded our firelocks. A fine day. The Lord be praised fore His kindness to me and my Brethren. We put up at a hous 3 miles from Peora [Peoria]. All rite.

25. Started Eight in the morning. Travld 42 miles [to] Allis Burgh on Spone [Spoon] River. At Mr. Smiths our bill was 250 [$2.50].

26 Sunday. Started and went 2 miles and Lorenso [Young] had to go back after one of our horses that run [p.92]back. We reached Ramos in the Evning and pute up at the hous of Br. Bingham.

27 Monday. Left in the morning and reached Nauvoo 2 in the after noon. Found my family well.

28 Oct., Tuesday. Thanks be unto the God of Abraham, Isac and Jacob fore He is good to His servent H. C. Kimball in listen to the the praises of Thy servent. Drew som logs fore my hous.

29 Wensday. Went to Br. Winchester.

So on to the 6 of November. I spent my time in visiting the sick and couciling the Saints.

To [on] the 5 I took steam boat fore Quincy in company with my wife, Elder Babbit and wife. Crost over to Mont Rose [Montrose, Iowa], and went bord of St. Croix.

6 this morning we left Kear [Keokuk, Iowa] & in the morning, left fore Quincy. Reached Quincy 2 in the after noon. Stopt in Quincy two days, returned back on the Mermade to Kerkerk [Keokuk]. Took waggon to Mont Rose, 5 in company. My Health bad from the time I left home till I returned home Sartudy night. I went on to my bed and sufferd about ten days pain. This day I begin to feel considerable beter.

It is No [now] the 22 [of November?]. A B[ea]utifull day and I feel to say the Lord be praised.



On the 21 Jan. I had a dream, that I flew and cot [caught] fish in company of B. Young.

January the 21, 1845. B. Young and my self spent our time with the Temple Commity Archtecter. In the Evning Had council at Elder Richards. In the evning spent at Br. Wooderds in company with B. Young, G. A. [p.93]Smith, John Tailor, W. Phelps, and sevrel others, with our wives.

24 Jan, 1845. N. K. Whitney, B. Young, and my self met at B. Young. Spent the after noon in washing and inointing [anointing] our bodies, and fore prair. The Lord was with us.

Jan. 24. I had a dream concerning Father Cullon. He was Besmeared.

January the 25, 1845. In the Evning fore persons, females recieved thare Anointing [including?] Hellen Kimball. The same Evning I sat down in my hous in the presents of my wife and inquired of the Lord by the Rod as follows, If we should finish the Temple, it was verly yes, that my sins ware fore given and that I should over come, and get my Apointment of my inheritence while in the probation and that the Temple commity ware not Enimes to the Twelve Apostles.

Jan. the 25. Elder B. Young gave /me/ five Pounds [English money].

Jan. the 26. I preached in the Musick Hall. In the evning the Holly Preast hood meet over Elder Parly P. Pratt store. Elder Page Recieved his admitence in to the Holy Order.

Jan. the 27. I preached the funral of Perry Green [Perrigrine] Sessions wife.

Jan. the 28. Quarter past 12 in the morning my wife was delivered of a fine boy [Brigham Willard]. The wives of Titas Billins [Titus Billings] and Winslow Far[r] ware present with my self. The Lord God of Isreal was with us and He shall have the Gloory. Just at day light Brother Cooedy come after me. I went and laid hands on his wife. She was delivered in minits. Went to B. Youngs this day. The serculers [circulars] come out fore the agents that ware pointed to collect Tithing. Elder B. Young and [p.94]my self went to the Trustee office, met in council J. Tailor, J. Page, N. K. Whitney, George Miller, R. Cahoon, Wm. Claton, Elias Smith. A letter read by Clayton from Wm. P. Richards.

Jan. the 10 [30?]. Sister Elisa Chase the wife of Charles Chase, come to my hous and brought me one chic[k]en, two roles of butter, that I might remember him.

Jan. the 10 [30?]. Ebenezer Brown, Jams S. Kimball, James Rawlins fetch me a load of Provisions, Sidney A. Nolton, Andrew Olever Stratton, Bengamin Frost, Isack Stuart.

Jan. the 29, 1845. And it came to pass that B. Young and my self met in council at Elder Richards in company with others. Hurd a leter read from [Jacob B.] Backenstos.46 From thence met in council with the Temple Commity and trus[te]es with the Clurk. We the Twlve desided that they should have 200 dollars a day fore 6 days, and have thare Tithing reccored.

Jan the 31. Fredrick M. Vanluven [Van Leuven] Brought 16 p. of Pork. Perry Kise one bushel of wheet. Joseph Fleshen one bushel of Meal. Jacob Bigler half bushel of Meal.

Febuary the 1 [1845]. Went to the Temple. Also to Genral Riches. At 10 Oclock in the evning Elder B. Young and myself went and saw Joseph and Hiram.47

Feb. the 2. In morning went to Titas Billings, seeled him to his wife. In the Evning preached at Brother [p.95]Gullies hous. John Smith48 and Bishop [George] Miller spoke.

Feb. the 3. Spent the [day] in visiting at difrent places. Went to the Music Hall to pute in my votes fore to elect the City officers.

February the 4, 1845. The Kingdom of God [the Council of Fifty] met in the Seventies Hall. The same day I viseted Mother Smith, the Prohets Joseph mother.

Nauvoo, January the 29, 1845. [This entry is out of order in the original.] Brigham Wilard Kimball, Janu. 28. My wife taken sick on the morning of the 29 quarter past twelve. She was deliverd of the above son of Promise, the above [following?] revlation. Verly thus saith the Lord, the Lad shall be grate Like unto his Father Even a Prophet Seer and Prophet from his youth on whoom the Priasthood shall rest from his birth to all Eternity even so Amen. Given by Brigham Young.

Feb. the 5. Nothing new. Went to the Temple. Had a good viset [with] N. K. Whitney.

6 of Feb. Went to the Temple with P. [Phineas Young] and B. Young. From thence to the Musick Hall to the funral of Br. Whitney. B. Young Preached. The day fare. Last Night I was to work on my wheel with others in the Potterry and Putting vessels in the Kil[n] fore to burn as thare [are] sevrel of them. The work was great. Took Tea with Sariah A. [Sarah Ann] Whitney49 in company with B. Young. In the Evning clothed my self.

[p.96]7 Feb. In the morning went to the Temple, with my son Wm. Last night I dremp of fruit, Aples and Peaches. I was on the water saw menny fish.

8. Simmon P. Comfort come from Bare Crick [Bear Creek]50 brought me some provisions. The Lord reward him.

9 Feb. At 9 in the Morning I went to viset Mother Smith. From thence went to the Propets old store whare the City council convened, and the New Council took thare place. Last night I drempt that I flew. Saw a freshet[?]. O Lord save Thy servent Heber from all snares that m[a]y be laid [be]fore him and not let him fall and all Thy glory shall be given to The[e] threw Thy son, Jesus Christ, amen.

10. Went to the Temple. Talked with Bishop Whitney.

11. Went to B. Young. From thence to the Printing Office. The Polees [police] took a man that helped murder Joseph and is now in charge [of the agitation]. From thence went to Elder John Tailor whare thare was a council conviened who had entered in to an order of Agrculter [Agricultural] Society of Twelve men, with 3 at thare head of the Twelve.

12. Eleet [John Elliot] Had his Trail [trial]. B. Young and my Self went to the Temple. In the Evning Br. Pack come after me and I went to his hous.

13. And it came to pass that I stopt at home half of [?] as so ses my wife. Went to the Temple in the Evning. B. Young, W. Richards, G. A. Smith, Br. Woodard, Br. Vance, with thare wives come and spent the Evning. Had a good time.

[p.97]14. Father [Isaac] Morly51 sent fore B. Young and my self to come to [see] Br. Coles as he was ran from Lima as some of the Brethren [had] been [charged with] steeling.

Monday the 24. Went to Ramus in company with 9 others. Stopt 2 nits. Settle the Church afares. Had a good time. Eight Brethren come after us. The Saints supposed we ware in Gale [jail].

On the 28 held a council at Elder Richards on the case of Emit [James Emmett, who had led a group of Saints out of Nauvoo against counsel] and [John] Smith [who was sick].

March the 1, 1845. In the morning it thunderd and rained and hailed. At 9 in the Morning it come of clear. At 10 the Kingdom [Council of Fifty52] was in Session. 13 more Added. Held till night. Thare was nine chosen to go in serch of a Land fore the Saints.

2 of March. I preached at the Musick Hall. Elder Page spoke after.

10 of March. Elder B. Young and my self spent the day in part with Elder Richards. All of us quite unwell.

11 March. The K[ingdom] met at the Seventis Hall at 10 Oclock, 40 in Number. The day fare Silas [Cyrus?] Daniels was Recieved as one of our Number. Meting /opened/ at 10. We adjourned for one hour. I went to Mary Smiths to dine. My wife was viseting.

[p.98]12. The day plesent. Took my wife [to] sisters Fanies. Went to Aron Fares. Took diner [at] Winchesters.

13 March. At 6 Oclcok Wm. [Kimball’s] wife was deliverd of A Daughter just as sun set by Sister Bilins [Billings] and Sester [Patty] Sessions who are our most skilful Midwives in Isreal. Sister Kimbal and Sister Lion assisted. The God of Isreal was with us, and His name shall have all the Glory, and may peas rest down on Thine Hanmads [handmaidens], that they may always be blest in all such Caces [cases], from hens forth all of thare days and Thy name shall have all the Glory.

[Benjamin B.] Brackenbarry [a grand jury witness in the Smith murders investigation] went to Augusta with 7 of the Brethren [on charge of perjury].

14. Peek [Sarah Peak] left the city on the Evning of the 14. I Joined Br. Jones to Rebeca Burten in Mariage.

15. of March. Went to Temple with the Twelve and commity and Bishops, to urge on the Temple. At 1 oclock at the Seventies Hall whare the high Council met on the case of Elder P. Adams. 5 of the Twelve present and the 2 Bishops.

16. Held meting at the stand. I preached at Br. Luces on the case of Br. Horn that was killed with a stone. In the evning met the singers.

17. In the Evning Elder B. Young and my self met the Singers in the Concert Hall to put them at peas.

18. The Kingdom met in the Seventies Hall.

19. The Brethren come home with B. Brackenbury from thare last trial. [The Prosecution was not prepared and asked for a delay.]

20. Spent part of the time at the Temple. The Holly Order met in the Evning at B. Nobles.

[p.99]21. In the morning went to the Temple. Went to B. Clarks store with my wife. In the Evning met with the Holy Order [at] B. Nobles.

22. Elder J. Page went with me to Daniel Cahoons to lay hands on his wife. At 9 Oclock at the Seventies Hall the Kingdom met in council 39 present. O Lord bless my dear Brethren and remember Thy Servent H. C. K. for he is redy and wants Thy grace to helpe him to be faithfull. Bless his dear wife V. M. [Vilate Murray] and his children and spare them to see old age. My Father in heaven, Strengthen my faith and my Body to indure to the end, and that to an old age and that I may never go astray from The[e] in anny thing while he [I] shall live or anny one of his [my] Brethren the Twelve.

23. I went to the Music Hall with my wife and Daughter. Spoke one haur and a half on Temple and Nauvoo Hous. Good felings in the Saints.

24. In the morning went to B. Youngs. At 2 Oclock at the Masonick Hall, with the Brick Makers. Thence to the Temple. Went to Brother Millers at 4 Oclock and took super in company B. Young, N[ewell]. K. W[hitney]., P. Young. In the Evning the Bishops come to gether to reorganise the Bishops in the diffrent wards of the City.

25 of March. The Council of 50 met in the Seventies Hall at 10 Oclock, 47 members present. A plesent day.

26. Went to Aron Fars. At the Temple. Part of the Amos Fielding [company of emigrants] Landed from England.53

[p.100]27. Went to B. Youngs. [Saw?] Amos Fieldind. Then went to the Temple. Held Council at Father Cutler,54 Twelve, Bishops, Temple Commity. In the Evning recieved the washing of my feet by Sarah N.55

28. The morning fine. Family well. In the Evning went to the Mansion [House] took supper. 90 persons. The band present.

29. In the morning went to the Temple, with B. Young. Recieved a Leter from Elder Woodruff dated Liverpool, Jan the 13, 1845.

30. I went to the stand, being on the Sabath day. Very windy. Elder B. Young and Babbit spoke.

31. Monday. Windy Last night rained. I also dreamed of Swiming. Viseted the Patr[i]arch John Smith. His health poor.

[p.101]Apriel the first day [1845]. The weather clear. Went to the Temple. From thence in Willard Ricards office, present B. Young, W. Richards, G. A. Smith, J. Tailor, and my self. Elder Richards began to read the history of the Church or the History of Joseph for corection, as Joseph had only corrected 42 pages.56

Apriel the 2. Stade at Aron Fars, last Night, with my wife. We reached hom at 10 Oclock. Thence went direct to Elder W. Richards whare I found B. Young, And G. A. Smith. Continued reading the history of the church fore correction.

Marters [Matters] to Lay before our confrance on the 6 of Apriel[:]

1, Temple. 2, the Nauvoo hous. 3, The Heads of Isreal Presented. 4, Saints to tarry in the country both Male and Feemale, and imploy [employ? implore?] each other. Cultivate the Earth both in the city and out. Old Nots [notes] and Debts.

Ap. the 3. Went to the Temple. In company fore of the Twelve B. Young, G. A. Smith, A. Limon, W. Richrds, O. Pratt. The Masons met at 4 Oclock. B. Young, A. Limon, 300 present for the purpos of rasen [raising] money.

Janury the 29, 1845. [This entry is out of place in the original.] A Revlation given by B. Young. Verly thus saith the Lord the Lad shall be great like unto his Father even a Prophet Seer and Revalater from his youth on whom the Preasthood shall rest from his burth to all Eternity. Even so Amen. My wife was delivered of this son January the 29 quater past 12 in the morning. I gave him the following name Brigham Willard Kimball. A child of promis.

4 of Apriel. The morning Pleasent. Return [of] J. Reden [Jackson Redden?]. [He] Made me a Present of a Six Choter [shooter]. My Father bless him with /peas [peace]/ and plenty fore Ever. Last Evning the Holly Order met at W. Richards. We felt the power of God. Just at night Br. More got chot by a Pistol by Br. Robinson. A mistake.

[p.102]5 of Apriel. At Nine Oclock the Kingdom met, and Journed to next Sartaday one week at the Sevnties Hall. My health is poor, a Bowel complaint.

Apriel the 6. The Saints conviened at 10 Oclock at the Stand being fifteen years since the Organised of this Church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints. And one thurd more people then even before, at anny confrance before since the Church began. Windy and dusty I call the meting to order, and made Prair. B. Young preached on the Baptism for the dead and Adjourned till 2 oclcok. The Saints Look well and helthy and in good Spirrits. O My Father bless Thy Saints. Meeting met at two Oclock. Two Acres covered as thick as they could stand. Fore on a square yard. Recon to be Twenty Thousand saints. Meting open by Orson Hide. Then the Children was Blest. We a Come to a Close at 5 in the after noon. The wind blew hard and verry Dusty.

7 Monday. Met at ten Oclock in the field of Bundo [?] among the Hilles. Spent the forenoon on Temple and Nauvoo hous. In the after noon, the Revlation on the Nauvoo House, and one on Tithing by Elder Pratt. Then Elder B. Young spoke. Adjourned at 5. All went of well. For to morrow the saints to stay in the county both Male and female.

Ap the 8. The Confrance commended [commenced] at 10. I spoke in the morning one hour. Elder B. Young filled up the time. The After noon was Occupide by B. Young, O. Hide. At five Oclock the Confrance Adjourned till next October. All went of well.

9 The Chorums [Quorums] of the Seventies met at the Stand. At 10 B. Young and my self met with them. The Twelve met in council with the Trustees, in the upper room. In the Evning met in the Music Hall, had butifull music in Hall. Brock up at 11 Oclock.

[p.103]10 Thursday. The mornig Plesant. Sold a hou[se] and lot belonging to Br. Chase, 250 dollars. The Twelve met in council at the Hous of W. Richards in his upper Room, present B. Young, W. Richards, J. Tailor, A. Limon, G. A. Smith, O. Hide, G. J. Adams, Samwell Brannon57 was caut of from the Church and cut of fore bad conduct. In the after noon John Page come in. Rote a leter to P. P. Pratt to New York. We cold [called] Lucious [Lucius] N. Scovil in to get the Masonic Hall [set up] fore Printing office, and to stop making Masons, only as times shall permit. He being the Master, which Lodge was Organised on the 15 day of March 1842 with forty members. Joseph was made a Mason on the same Eve. Abraham Jonas58 was present and Acted as Master. The first nite took the 1 and 2 degree. The next night took the 3 degree Elder George Watt59 come in and read the speach of B. Youn[g] that he delivered on the first day of our confrance. On the Baptism of the Dead.

11 of Apriel. Sarah Hudson [donated?] 10 Dollars on Temple. At 9 Oclock the Kingdom met in council at the Masonick Hall, 47 Present. The day Plesent. I recieved one hundred and Twenty dollars in gold toards a Lot and hous that I sold Sarah Hudson Late from Boston. She was to give me 2 hundred and fifty dollars. Last Eve the Boys Whisel [whistled] a man out of the city.60 Adjourned at one Oclock, fore hour. Come to gether at 2.

[p.104]Sartuday Ap. the 9. Went to Br. Clark with my wife to trade. Bishop Whitney went to St. Lewis fore goods.

Sunday, Ap. the 10, 1845. I tended meting at the stand. The congregation was Large. The day fare [fair]. I addressed the meting one hour and quarter, then Elder John Tailor spoke. At 2 Oclock tended the High Pres Chorum at the Masonick Hall. In the Eve 10 or 12 of the chorum of the Twelve. Spent the Evening at the Mansion to see the Marchal of the States [federal marshall] as he had rits fore sevrel of the Brethren, on the [failure of the] old Bank [in Kirtland, Ohio] and New York depts [debts]. He tended our meting on the Sabath.

14 Ap. Went to the Temple in the Evning my self and wife, Wm. Murray.61 Cald up to go and lay hands on a sister at the Mansion [House], that become crasy. Hur ear hurt with a pin. Elder B. and my self went to B. Snows.

12 Ap. In the morning went to B. Young. He and my self and others went to Hulets, and to Filo Dibles [Philo Dibble]. He was very sick. From thence went to the Temple. Held a council at Higbees office to tend to organised our town. Then went to the Arsnell [arsenal]. G. A. Smith was with us. From thence went to John Smiths. Docter Cannon present. Elder Young and my self went [to] Sitle [settle] with the Docter and fore him to have Uncle Jons place in Ramus, and for John Smith to give him a Deed. Went to Bishop Whitney to Lay hands on his wife as she was very sick. From thence went to the Seventies Hall at 1 O clock. As the Kingdom met in council 44 members present. Brother [Jonathan] Dunham, [Phineas] Young, Dany [Lewis Dana], [Charles] Shumway, [p.105]go Sunday.62

13. Went to the Temple. The Twelve had council at Br. Bent. Went to Limon White company to carry An Epistle to them to preswade [persuade] them not to [go] west.

14. of Apriel. In the Morning went to the Temple. At one Oclock Met in council at the Seventies Hall. The K[ingdom] met. After council I went Geents [Gheen?]. In the Evning my wife went to P. Youngs with Sister Whitney fore to anoint.

15. In the Morning went with my wife to the Brewry. From thence to the Temple. In the Eve met with the Holy Order at Willard Richards.

17. In the Morning went to G. A. Smiths whare B. Young, John Tailor, A. Limon, O. Pratt, and my self commensed the [study of] Phonography.63 Taut by George Watt. In the after noon went to the Temple with B. Young to give directions about the wall and gat[e]s about the Temple. In the Evning the Holy Order met at John Smiths and gave A. Limon and his wife thare [second?] Annonting.64

20 Sartaday. Went to Aron Fars to see Peek [Sarah Peak]. In the Eve went to the Concert Hall with my wife. All past of well. [Took] my son Wm. and my Daughter Hellen with 3 otheres to Carthage to see the Gale [jail] whare our Prophet and Patrarch ware killed.

[p.106]20 Sunday. Went to the Stand with my wife and two of my children. O. Pratt, P. Young, and B. Young. The Twelve went to Seventies Hall. Set 4 of our Brethren a part [for a mission] to the Red men.

Ap. the 21, 1845. Went to the Seventies Hall in company with B. Young, A. Limon, G. A. Smith, George Watt our [school]master. From thence went to the Temple. Saw the First star [stone] pout on the South East Cornor at 3 Oclock. In the evening went to concert, with G. A. Smith. We had a chower [shower].

22. The morning fare as the Earth was weet. Went [to] Wm. E. Murries with my wife as he was sick. From thence went to the Temple. At 10 Oclock the Council of Fifty met in the Seventies Hall. Brother Joseph Tomson gave me one dollar in cash as a Token of his love to me.

23. Elder B. Young sent fore me to come to the Seventies Hall fore studey. Bishop N. K. Whitney come in. Took Diner at B. Young. In the after part of the day went to the Temple. Tended a funral at Edwards. The red boys [missionaries to the Indians?] started 6 oclock.

24. Last night had Thunder shower. I thank my Father in heaven. Br. Daniel Spencer crost the River this morning. Went to the Bisop N. K. Whiteneys. From thence went to our Chools [school] at the Seventies Hall. It rains hard, thunders and Litning. Last Evning I had a pare of Pistols given me [by] Dr. G. Mott. Cleared of[f] 12 Oclock and the Eart was weet. Warm.

25. of Apriel. Assembled at the Mansion in company with 5 of the 12, Sister Emma, Docter Barhisel [John M. Bernhisel] to see the giant Fredrick W. Rondol and his Lady. From thence went to Br. Laton. From then to Esry Case. The weather fine. Went to Arron Fars. Stpt [stopped?] 2 hours. Aron carred me home.

[p.107] Cold [Called] up [to] Consecrate a botle of oil fore Liive L. Went to the Temple with N. K. Whitney. Stopt a short time. Saw Edward Hunter.65 A fare day. Evry man buissey. From thence back to Elder W. Richrds. To our chool [school?], at 10 Oclock 5 of the Twelve present. In the after noon went to Temple. Brother Alva Tipits moved. My son Wm. went in to his hous. In the eve went to B. Youngs. Bishop Haywood [Joseph L. Heywood] come in with B. Dunby.

27. Ap., Sunday. Morning cloudy. Took my wife to hur Brothers, Wm. E. Murrays. I returned home and went direct to Elder Willard Richards, whare I found in council, as follows B. Young, Willard Richards, G. A. Smith, O. Hide, Wm. Claton, Thomas Bullock, both clurks, to correct the confrance minits. Br. Cornelius Lot recieved one present of the Lord. In the evening nine met to Elder W. Richards fore prair. Cald on the Father to confuse our Enimes, and flustrate thare plans, and give us power as a people.

23. Ap., Monday. Went and made a viset with Emma. From thence went to the Seventis Hall and met my Brethren fore study. From thence went home took hors and buggy and went to the temple in company with B. Young. A raft of lumber purchased.

29. Went to the Potters hous with my wife. I mad a pot on the wheel the firs one fore 9 years. Went Clarks store to get things fore my son Wm. P. Left my wife at the store. From thence went to our School at O. Pratt. Got A wagon at the Temple. It was not painted. The wether fare and warm.

[p.108]30. Went to Arron Fars. Vilate was very sick with chill and fever. David got a cournal [kernel] of corn in his ear. Went to doctor Benhisal [Bernhisel] and got it out.

May the 1, 1845, Thursday. Tended School at Orson Pratts. Went to the river with B. Young, Bishop Whitney, Wm. Claton, Cutler, got two Rots [rafts?] of Pine Lumber. B. Young and my self gethered teams to draw Lumber to the Temple. In the Even the Holy Order met at W. Richards fore Prair.

May the 2. Drawed [drew lumber for] my joice [joist] of[f] from the hill, 84 Peaces.66 B. [Ellis M.] Sanders come in to Nauvoo with his family. In the after noon I cold [called] in to see Charls Hide. Was Anointed in the Evning.

May the 3. Br. Maryweather come to see me in the morning. Br. Ellis Sanders let the church have one Thousand dollars in cash on Sartaday. All goes well. Last Evning I sealed the cople, and blest the children. I took up a note of one hundred dollars. Turned in to the Temple. Alma [Alva] L. Tippets, 49 1/2 wants a deed. Planted more than Half and Acre of Potatoes. I Babptized Sevn in the Evning.

May the 4, Sunday. Mr. Bunnel come to me for men to [build] ditch [i.e., bulwarks in case of attack by surrounding settlers]. Br. Wm. Smith come in to town with his family. Went to B. Youngs in the morning. Went to the Stand in company with B. Young and G. A. Smith. Orson Spencer was speking. After he got threw Elder B. [p.109]Young spoke. From thence went to viset the sick. From thence went to El. Richards. Rote leters to Boston.

5 Monday. The morning Plesent. Went with G. A. Smith to see Ellis Sanders, he taks one chare [share] in the Nauvoo Hous. Then went to Davis Store with my wife and Daughter. From thence to Sevnties Hall to our School. From thence B. Young and my self went to the Mansion [House], and from thence I went to Emma Smiths to see Wm. Smith. From thence the Twelve met in counciels at B. Youngs on the case of Branen [Samuel Brannan] and maters in the east.

6. In the Morning I went to Clark store with my wife and Daughter. Went to the Temple met B. Young. From thence he and my self went to Masonick Hall and met the old poleas [police?] to call the officers to gether to enter in to measurers against the mob. I saw General Deman [Deming]. From thence went to the Seventies Hall as the Kingdom met at half past six, went and got the Archetect to draw a plan of my [house]67 I saw Thomas Dugan, [of] Stark Co.

7 May. The weather warm. Spent the day at the Temple. Setled with B. Clark. Ode [owed] him one hundred and fifty Seven dollars. The officers of the Legion met at the Masonick Hall 4 Oclock. In the Evning the Holly Order met fore prayer at the hous of Elder Richards in the Eve.

8 May. Went to the Temple. Got a barel of flower. T[w]o joiners come from the Temple and made a dore in my Brick room. Backstos come to town. In the Evning the Holy Order met fore prair at the hous of W. Richards. The Lord was with us.

[p.110]9 May, 1845. Met in council at the house of W. Richards. Preset of the Twelve, B. Young, W. Richards, J. Page, G. A. Smith, J. Tailor, A. Limon, N. K. Whiteney, J. B. Bakenstos, W. W. Phelps. The weather plesent. My family well. Moved out of the Log room [into a new brick addition].

10 of May. In the fore noon spent at home and visiting the sick. At one Oclock Kindom met in Council at the Seventies Hall, journed at three Oclock. Rote a leter to Wm. Smith. Last Evning I drep [dreamed] of fliing, and driving Hogs. My mind was complosed [composed]. The weath fine and warm.

11 of May. Last night dremp [dreamed] of going up a step place with a carriage B. Young with me. Went to the Stand in the morning with my wife and Daughter Elders Wm. Smith, B. Young Occopide the time. The day windy. The Saints feel well. O Lord save Thy peopl from our Enimes, and help us to build Thine housses, and Thy name shall have all the glory, even so Amen.

12 Monday. The weather fine. Spent part of the fore noon at home. Went to the Temple. Bishop Whitney gave me five dollars. Took dinner with Joseph Kingsbury. Mad a chort viset with Brothe and Sister [Alpheus] Cutler. Went home at five Oclock. Told my family that I had got to hide up with my Brethren to keepe way from rits, as thare is sevreal out for us.68 Went to Edwards Hunters in company with B. Young and W. Richards with the history of the Church and hid up in this upper room. Went to rest at 12 Oclock–thare was two of the Hodg69 [p.111]family taken up fore roberry [robbery], killed one man and wounded one.

13 Tuesday. Had a good nits rest. B. Young dremp of seeing a vessel blown on to dry land. I dremp of saving some persons from being drowned. Took Brexfast at nine Oclock. G. A. Smith come to us. Commenced reading history at half past 10. The morning pleasent. We red all day, that is B. Young, G. A. Smith, and my self read all day taken turns. Elder Richards was sick with the chill and fever. When it come nite B. Young went home. Found my family well, but lonsom, as sevrel of them hid up. Returned to my logins.

14, 1845, Wensday. Took Brexfast at 8. Elder Richards was beter. Elder B. Young quite porly. The day cold and chilly. Commenced reding history. Rote a line to my wife. G. A. Smith come to us at 9 in the morning. This day the Hodges have thare trial fore murder. At 1 Oclock in the after noon my wife come to me. Took diner with us, brought me leter. I had a good viset with hur. She left at fore in the Evning. Elder Richards recieved leter from Elder Anson [Call], [in] Tuobonai.70 [Posted?] Sept. the 20, 1844. Went to the Temple office whare I found my wife with Saraan [Sarah Ann Whitney] whare we stopt all night.

15. Thursday. Had a dream saw menny serprents, jumpt at me but did not bit. At fore in the morning Joseph Kingsbury took me in his Buggy and carrid met [me] to Arron Fars. My wife come to me at two Oclock with Sarah Kings [Sarah Ann Whitney].71 Went in to the for-[p.112]rest and praied twice, once with my wife. Left in the aye [eye] of the Eve. Met with the Holly Order at W. Richards, went home. From thence went back to Br. Hunters in company with W. Richards and B. Young. Went to bed at 2 oclock. This day was fast day for the whole church. No labour done. The peo[p]le brought food fore [the] poor.

May the 16, 1845. Rose from our beds at Eight Oclock. Took Brexfast at ten. Thomas Bulluck [Bullock] and G. A. Smith come in. Bullock red histry for us. Commenced with the first Book A, Page 304, 16 line. The day plesent. At half 11 we have one thing Laken [lacking] in the House of the Lord, that is a stone in the wast End fore [the] super cription. Holyness to the Lord. Rote a leter to the Architect. At 1 Oclock Isac Chase come in to our room, greede [agreed] to let the Church have one thousand dollars. At half past one Bishop Whitney come in to our room to assis us in the history. Elder O. Pratt come in to see us 5 in the after noon. Informed us that thare fore hundred men went up on the opsit side of the river [to Carthage].72 We red till sunset. Page 374.

May the 17, 1845, Sartuday. Began to read at 10 Oclock. Present B. Bulark [Bullock], B. Young, W. Richards, G. A. Smith. The weather fine. All at peas in the City. Last Eve I went to Genral Charls Riches in company with the Architect I Sealled B. Sanderson and [p.113]his wife fore time and Eternity. This was on the Eve of the 16. He gave me three franks[?]. He shall be blest. At half past 10 B. Markem come in to see if he should go to Carthag and keepe bording hous [to watch the agitators who had gathered at the trial of the accused murderers of Joseph and Hyrum Smith]. He was conciled not to go. Elder John Tailer and B. Rockwell come in at 11. Sister Young come in about the same time. We red history till five in the after noon, to Page 5 hundred and 11. We ware wearry. We red 132 Pages went home sta[ye]d with family.

May the 18, 1845, Sunday. At my son Wm. got rest. The Sa[i]nts met at the Stand. The Saints ware Addressed by Elder O. Pratt. He read An Epistle from us to the Saints. In the Evning the Holy Order met at W. Richards fore prair, present B. Young, W. Richards, Bishops Whitney, Miller, G. A. Smith, Joseph Young, and my self. Went home at 2 Oclock.

19 Monday. Dremp of seing the Prophet Joseph. V. K. [Vilate Kimball], L. L. K.[?] took me in a buggy and carrid me to Rolant Piers whare I found B. Young, John Tailor, and G. A. Smith. We rested all day. Feld [felt] refreshed. Recieved great kindness from sister Pears and hur two Daughters. May the Lord bless them with peas and plenty. After dark went threw the city, disgised.73 Saw menny of the Saints, but they [k]new me not. Went home at ten in the Eve. Found my wife and Sister Marian Sheflin [Mary Ann Shefflin].74 Went back to my Logins, at 11. All most as Light as day. May the 20, 1845, Tuesday. All well. The day plesent. Elder [p.114]Richards come with us with the history Book B. At about ten in the morning my dear wife and Sister Saraan K. [Sarah Ann Whitney] come to see me. May the Lord bless the dear woman that she may have peas and health, left in one hour. At 12 my Daughter and Sarian K. come with hur. Lavine K. H. [?] come in. Took Lunch at 2 Oclock. At three Oclock Elders A. Limon and Lorenso Young come in. O Lord bless my dear wife and children, that they may be all richous from the oldest to the youngest, that they may never fall till they become old. Stopt at hom.

May the 21. This morning I was cald up at 3 went to the Trustees offic[e]. B. Mires [Myers] went with me. Went to bed. Rose at Sevn then laid down again and rested my body till in the after noon. I felt refreshed. My mind calm and composed. The Lord be praised for His name shall have all the Glory. I rote a leter to my wife. In the Evning rode down with Bishop Whitney and laid hands on his wife and two children, and July [Julia] Durphy as they all sick. At ten Oclock Elder B. Young and G. A. Smith come in for me to go to Docter Richards to rite a leter to Carthage to the Court. They had refused to exe[m]pt the Jury. Doctler Calston house burnt by the Rigdonites. The leter that was riten Josi[a]h Lamborn, the State Eterny [attorney].

22 of May. In the Morning went to Elder Cahoons. I got his son Andrew to go after Vilate. She come at ten Oclock. It rained smart. Sister Cahooh fixed me up [in a disguise] and I went the office of the Trustees in Trust found B. Young, O. Hide, J. Page, took dinner with Sarann [Sarah Ann Whitney]. B. Young stopt last night. Seald B. to Lile.

May the 23, 1845. Went to Bishop Whitney. Sister Whitney told me that Wm. Smith come thare on yes[p.115]terday, expressed enmity against Br. Young and my self, that we had taken rights from him. O Lord Thou knowest our works, and we are in Thine hands, and Thou wilt do rite and we will be Clay in Thine hands. Do mak us Vessels of honor, and bring us in to Thy Kingdom, and Thy name shall have all the Glory. Amen.

Last Evning met at the office of W. Richards, fore prair, present B. Y. [Brigham Young], W. R. [Willard Richards], J. Page, G. A. [Smith], George Miller, Levi Richards, Joseph Young. Continude till 12 Oclock. We met at J. Tailors to read history. Last night I dremp that I saw two Lions let loos, but they had no power

May the 23, 1845. In the after noon Bishop Whitney, Wm. Smith, and Samwell Branen [Samuel Brannan], come direct from New Yoork. Brought a leter from P. Pratt. Concencreate [consecrated] a botle of Oil for Bishop Whitney, his child very sick Wm. Smith wife died this Morning. In the Evning went [to] Joseph Kingsbury. Stopt all nite with wife and Daughter.

Elder B. Young wants Br. Haywood [one of four Council of Fifty members serving as trustees-in-trust of church assets] to send him a harnis and a stove to cook with. Emma [Smith] wants Br. Haywood send hur some Oats and to sell hur wheet. Solomon Lorance [Lawrence] wants to take the Mansion [House] and Joseph[‘s] Store. Sister Haywood wants H. C. Kimball to get hur a girl 12 or 14 years of age. S. K. Loranc.

May the 24, 1845. Rose at five in the morning. My wife and my Daughter Hellen and Sarian [Sarah Ann Whitney] went to the Temple. I went on to the wals at Six found the Twelve or most of them. The Twelve Laid the Last Stone, the band present, when it was laid the congration gave a chout [shout] Hosannah three time, I thank the Most High for His goodness. In the after noon met in council at the [p.116]hous of John Tailor, 9 of the Twelv. Br. Branen, Br. Wallis and Luis Robins, on a case of Branen.

25 Sunday. Spent the fore noon at home. Elder Page preached at the Stand in the fore noon. In the after noon Carried Vilate to hur Brothers Wm. E. Murries as he was sick with the Ague. From thence I went to see Sarah Peet [Peak] at Arons Fars.75 In the Evning met at the office of W. Richards for prair till 12 Oclock. The Lord was with us. Prais His holy name.

26 All well. Bishop Miller come down after B. Young and mi self with his carrage and took to his hous whare we met in council of the Twlve and Bishops, Temple commity, and Br. Wix [William Weeks] the Archetect. Councilled on maters of the Temple.

May the 27, 1845. Went to the Trustey Office. Had a chill. In the After part of the day /this Journal full./ Met in council at Lorensoes Youngs. Present B. Young, A. Limon, G. Miller, [and] Orson Spenser on his and Branen going to Springfield.


1. Amasa Lyman (1813-78) became an apostle in 1842.

2. Ezra T. Benson (1811-69) would become an apostle in 1856.

3. Lyman Wight (1796-1858) became an apostle in 1841.

4. This is a reference to campaigning for Joseph Smith as president of the United States.

5. William Smith (1811-96), a younger brother of Joseph Smith, became an apostle in 1835. As Kimball’s diary shows, he was often at odds with other church leaders.

6. Douglas was then in the United States House of Representatives from Illinois.

7. This is Judge James Sample of the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois and a U. S. senator from Illinois. Kimball went to see Senator Sample to try to present to Congress a petition for redress for losses against the State of Missouri. This petition was placed before the Committee on Public Lands, but nothing was done about it.

8. James Little (1815-93) was then, or sometime later, appointed to preside over the Eastern States Mission of the LDS church and eventually became Brigham Young’s representative in Washington, D. C.

9. This was a rod about three and a half feet in length given to Kimball by Joseph Smith. Kimball believed that when he wanted to find out anything that was his right to know, “all he had to do was to kneel down with the rod in his hands, and . . . sometimes the Lord would answer his questions” by causing the rod to move (Solomon F. Kimball, “Sacred History,” archives, Historical Department, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah; see also D. Michael Quinn, Early Mormonism and the Magic World View [Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1987], pp. 204-206, 227-28.)

10. Margaret McMinn (1829-?), born in Philadelphia to Robert and Mary Dull McMinn, is usually listed as one of Kimball’s plural wives. Certainly he could have become acquainted with her during the fourteen days he was associated with “Sister McMinn” during 17-26 June and 13-16 July 1844 in Philadelphia.

11. The Prophet (also known as The New York Messenger) was a semi-official organ of the Mormon church published in New York City and Boston from 8 May 1844 to 15 December 1845.

12. Daniel Spencer (1794-1868) was mayor of Nauvoo, Illinois.

13. Joseph L. Heywood (1815-?) was a bishop in Nauvoo.

14. Joseph and his brother Hyrum Smith were murdered on 27 June 1844 in the Carthage Jail, Carthage, Illinois.

15. I am unable to explain how Wight “saw Br. Joseph,” as Wight was in the east at this time. Perhaps he claimed to have seen the prophet in a dream.

16. This is most likely Jedediah M. Grant (1816-56), ordained an apostle in 1845.

17. Ruth Wellington (1809-?) was one of Kimball’s plural wives. They were sealed for eternity in 1846 but may have married in Philadelphia on this date. Today’s rules for Mormon missionaries are considerably more stringent.

18. This may be a reference to his former homes in Bloomfield and Mendon, New York.

19. Kimball’s itinerary is a little mixed up between Buffalo and Nauvoo, but the general route is clear.

20. William Hyde was a missionary.

21. Mackinac Island had long served as a garrison, a post of the American Fur Company, and in Kimball’s diary was still visited by many Indians.

22. Sidney Rigdon claimed that he should act as guardian of the church and succeed Joseph Smith as president.

23. William Clayton (1814-79) was an early convert of Kimball’s and a church clerk in Nauvoo.

24. The Holy Order, or Quorum of Anointed, was composed of men and women who had received the washings, anointings, and other rituals prior to the completion of the Nauvoo Temple that would eventually form the major part of the temple endowment ceremony.

25. Solomon F. Kimball (1770-1825) was Heber Kimball’s father, Ann Kimball (c.1780-1825) his mother, and Judith Marvin (1823-24) his daughter. Vilate Kimball’s mother was a Fitch.

26. These are all Heber Kimball’s children. Judith Marvin and Rosewell Heber (1831-31) had died.

27. This was most likely Stephen Winchester, father of Nancy Maria (1829-76) who married Kimball in 1844.

28. Charles C. Rich (1809-83) was ordained an apostle in 1849.

29. Mary Fielding Smith (1801-52), widow of Hyrum Smith, became one of Kimball’s plural wives in 1846.

30. In 1844, Joseph H. Jackson had visited Nauvoo and feigned friendship for Joseph Smith and other church leaders. He then went to Warsaw, Illinois, and published a thirty-two-page pamphlet purporting to expose Mormonism, entitled A Narrative of the Adventures and Experience of Joseph H. Jackson, Disclosing the Depths of Mormon Villany [sic] Practiced in Nauvoo (1844).

31. This is probably William A. Gheen, father of Amanda (1830-1904) and Ann Alice (1827-79), two of Kimball’s plural wives whom he married in 1844 and 1845.

32. Solomon, Ann, Charles, and Judith were Kimball’s relatives; Roswell and Susannah Murray were Vilate’s parents.

33. James Strang (1813-56), one of the many claimants to succeed Joseph Smith, subsequently founded the “Strangite” church in Michigan.

34. Vilate’s mother was a Fitch. William E. was Vilate’s brother.

35. John C. Bennett (1804-67) was an apostate Mormon; the Higbees were probably the anti- Mormons Chauncey and Francis.

36. Almon W. Babbitt (1813-56) was a Mormon representative in the Illinois State Assembly in 1844.

37. This is probably Miner R. Demming, brigadier general in the Illinois State Militia, one time sheriff of Hancock County, Illinois, and friendly to the Mormons.

38. This is probably Ezra Chase, father of Charlotte (1825-1904), one of Kimball’s plural wives whom he married in 1844.

39. Thomas Sharp was the editor of the anti-Mormon Warsaw Signal; Levi Williams was an anti- Mormon committee member from Warsaw, Illinois.

40. Joseph Young (1797-?) was a brother to Brigham Young.

41. John J. Hardin, a lawyer, served as brigadier general in the Illinois Volunteers to keep order in Hancock County.

42. Lucy Mack Smith (1776-1855) was the mother of Joseph Smith.

43. Orrin Porter Rockwell (1813-78) was at one time a bodyguard of Joseph Smith.

44. Lorenzo Young (1807-95) was a brother to Brigham Young.

45. There was a Norwegian branch of Mormons at Ottawa.

46. Jacob Backenstos was sympathetic to the Mormons and succeeded Miner Demming as sheriff of Hancock County.

47. This apparently refers to an exhumation.

48. John Smith (1781-1854), an uncle to Joseph Smith, was the LDS church patriarch.

49. Sarah Ann Whitney (1825-73) was a daughter of Newell Kimball and Elizabeth Ann Whitney. She was one of Kimball’s plural wives; they married in 1845.

50. This was a Mormon settlement twenty-eight miles south of Nauvoo.

51. Isaac Morley (1786-1865) was a stake president at Lima, also known as the Yelrome (Morley spelled backwards) settlement.

52. This refers to the Council of Fifty, first mentioned by Kimball on 4 February 1845, a partly secret group of leading church members and citizens of Nauvoo which Joseph Smith had organized in 1844. Its purpose was to function as the political arm of the church. Its existence reflected the belief of early Mormons that a literal, physical kingdom of God was soon to be established on earth.

53. This is a reference to the twenty-ninth organized company of emigrants from Europe. The company of 200 sailed on 17 January 1845 in the ship Palmyra from Liverpool under the direction of Amos Fielding and landed at New Orleans.

54. This is Alpheus Cutler (1784-1864), father of Emily (1828-52) and Clarissa (1824-52, and my great-great-grandmother, incidently), two of Kimball’s plural wives whom he married in 1845. Cutler later founded the Mormon schismatic “Cutlerite” church.

55. This seems to be a reference to Kimball’s first plural wife, Sarah Peak.

56. For the “History of the Church,” or “History of Joseph Smith,” which was then appearing in the church’s Times and Seasons periodical in Nauvoo, Willard Richards compiled an account of a certain period as well as he could from the records he inherited and then read it aloud to Kimball, Brigham Young, and others, who corrected errors and added information. Unfortunately for later researchers, much of what Richards learned from others was added to the record in the first person, giving the impression that Joseph Smith himself had said or written it.

57. Samuel Brannan was later restored to full fellowship and led a company of Saints from New York City to San Francisco.

58. Abraham Jonas was Jewish and the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Masons of Illinois.

59. George Watt was the first person Kimball baptized in England.

60. The young men’s Whistling and Whittling Brigade of Nauvoo would dog the footsteps of undesirables, whistling and whittling with large knives to intimidate them.

61. This would be Vilate’s brother.

62. They left on a mission to the Indians.

63. Diary three contains examples of Kimball’s attempts at phonography, phonetic, or Pittman shorthand writing. There is no evidence he ever mastered or used this technique. The exercises in his diary consist mainly of his attempts to write the Lord’s Prayer phonetically.

64. When Mormons receive their temple endowments, the blessings they are promised are conditional. Through the second anointing, the blessings become actual, to be effected for the most part in the next life.

65. Edward Hunter (1793-1883) became presiding bishop of the LDS church in 1851.

66. This was lumber for Kimball’s new home in Nauvoo which the LDS church or church members built for him. The location of this house is presently unknown.

67. On the back fly leaves of diary three are three rough sketches of the floor plan of this new home.

68. Church leaders were sought to testify at the trial of Joseph and Hyrum Smith’s assailants but feared insufficient security while in Carthage.

69. William and Stephen Hodges were tried for murder.

70. This is a reference to the Society Island Mission (in French Polynesia) of 1844. The proper spelling is Tubuai.

71. Of Kimball’s forty-three marriages, his relationship to Sarah Ann Whitney was the most complicated. It may also be one of the most complicated in Mormon history. Sarah Ann first married Joseph Smith on 27 July 1842. Nine months later, on 28 April 1843, she pretended to marry Joseph C. Kingsbury (then a widower) to conceal her marriage to Smith. Subsequently, she married Kimball on 17 March 1845. If this reference to “Sarah King” is to Sarah Ann Whitney Smith Kingsbury Kimball, it is one of the few allusions to this pretended marriage.

72. Presumably these were Missourians or antagonistic Illinois residents who wanted to intimidate Mormon witnesses at the trial of the accused murderers of Joseph Smith.

73. Church leaders were often hounded by anti-Mormons.

74. Mary Ann Shefflin would become one of Kimball’s plural wives in 1846.

75. Kimball’s plural wives lived at various places in Nauvoo as polygamy was kept secret.