On the Potter’s Wheel
Stanley B. Kimball, editor

Chapter 5
Diary Two, Part Three

[p.117]28 May-20 November

Diary two, part three, picks up where diary three ends. Kimball continues his detailed account of personal and corporate troubles in Nauvoo: building his house, completing the temple, and defending against anti-Mormon activities.

May the 28, 1845, Wensday. The weather plesent and warm. Stopt at home the fore part of the day. W. W. Philps1 come in acknowledge a Deed, that I give to Sister Ann Simpson of of New York. This day the timbers ware raising in the At[t]ic story of the Temple. On the Dome or Steepl. My wife under tem[p]tation had a dream. Sau [Saw] Evels Spirrits winding strings around hur neck, but I brock them and rent them a sunder, and she was delivered.

[p.118]29 Thursday. I spent the for part of the day at home hand diging seller [cellar] and Laying stone in back hous. Spent a chort [short] time at Bish. Whitney. Had a good time talking about the order of Salvation. Went down with me a chort [short time]. At the same plase in the after part of the day went to Joseph Kingsbury took tea. In the Evning we met at W. Richards offic in whare we met fore prair of the Holly Order. Called on the Lord for Rain for the Brethren on the Ilsland of Sea2 and those that has gon west,3 for the sick, and fore union. Great peas [peace] and union prevails Brock up at half past 1 in the morning. Went to bed at 2 Oclock.

May the 30, 1845. Friday. Sariann K. [Sarah Ann Whitney] come to my house and with Buggy took me and wife an[d] carried us East. I got out at Warsaw St. went to Genral Riches. Stopt a few minits. Br. Hendrick took me to Elder John Tailor, whare I found the Twelve preset, with Bishop Miller and Genral Rich, 9 of the Twelve present. Wm. Smith not sattisfid other wise the Twelve are one. Twok [took] dinner with Elder Tailor. Mother Smith com in to our council at two Oclock, to Express hur feelins, before the Twelve. Cold [called] us hur children. The feelins of the Twelve ware expressed by our president to[w]ards the familes of the Smiths that we would do all we could for them.

31 of May, Sartaday. In the morning went to B. Youngs. From thence went to Exries [Ezra] Chase in company with Br. B and three others. When we come back called to Aaron Fars to see Peek [Sarah Peak].

June the 1, 1845. Sundy. Went to the Stand, at half past 10 meting was opened. I was called on to speek [p.119]by our President, spoke one half our. Gorge Wott [George Watt] rote [transcribed] the Speach. Elder John Tailor followed. Then Elder B. Young spoke fore some time. Thare was much Joy among the Saints as we had not been on the Stand fore three weeks, as we had ben hid up. In the Evning the Holly Order met at Elder Richards for prair Praid for Rain, had a good time. Brock up at half past one in the morning. The Lord be Praised. My wife was 39 years old.

June the 2, Monday. In the morning five of the Seventies come to dig in my Seller, Wm. Hide, Br. Whitesids. Went to B. Youngs. Great meny of the Brethren called to See us for council, one Br. from Sincinato [Cincinnati]. From thence went to Bishop Millers. Held council, all of the Twelve present. Some Brethren from the South going back. In the Evning I went and baptised two, Carlos, and Neoma Murray. Carlos was ordained to be one of the Seventies. Joseph Young Present. All well thank the Lord.

The rest of those that worked on my seller was a follows, Hirum Daton, Samwell More, Daniel Tomas. It rained, a fine shower to answer to prair. We praised the Lord for his great goodness.

June the 3, Tuesday. Of the Seventies that come to work on my seller [w]as Samwell Hore, Daniel Tomson, Hirum Daton. Spent part of the day at the Temple. Brother G. N. Reyser began to lay stone in my seller as he come to bord with me. The day plesent and warm. All pease and harmony in our City.

4 of June. Wensday after Brexfast I went to B. Youngs. Father Morly and two Brethren from Lima come to get council, about Warren Snow, and Domincos [Dominicus] Carter as thare [they] ware in jail in Quincy for sleling [selling] and pasing counterfit money, to see if [p.120]was best to bale them out. We saw Bishop Haywood and he said the ware gilty. From thence I went hom /from/ thence to the Temple. Had council with the Bishops. From thare I went to Arron Fars to see the sick, so back to Hirum Kimballs4 whare I found my wife, they caried us home in thare carrage. My wife and my self went in the Eve to see Sister Richards as she was very sick. The weather warm and plesent. And all pease and quirtness [quiet]. The Lord be praised for his goodness to me and mine.

June the 5 1845. Thursdy. The fore part of the day went to the Temple. In the after noon went [to] Robart Perces with my wife in company with B. Young, John Tailor and thare wives. In the Eve the Holy Order met at W. Richards. Cold [called] on the Lord that He would come out in Jugmet against Jade [Judge Richard M.] Young [of Quincy, presiding at the trial of the accused in the Smith murders hearing] and others.

June 6, Friday. Spent the day at Bishop Millers in Council. 9 of the Twelve present with the Bishops and architect present with sevrel others. Councilled about the Tabnicle [Tabernacle; i.e., a tent]. June the 7, Sartaday. Spent the day at home. Caried my wife out. Went to Clarks store to trade.

June 8, Sunday. Went to the stand both fore part of the day and after. In the after part the Sacrament was given to the saints. In the even the Holy Order met at W. Richards. We praid fore rain as the Earth was drie and fore the sick.

[p.121]June 9, Monday. In the morning it began to thunder. At 9 it began to Reighn [rain]. We felt [thankful?]

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17. From the tenth to the 17 I spent my time in labour on my house. In one fast day. Two day met in the after noons for prair and chil fever one day which was on Thrusday. Made thurty dollars on a peas of land I sold to Br. Sanders. All thing have gone on well except my family have been sick.

17. The Morning plesent. I dremp of a snake trying to bit me, but I killed him. Spent part of the day at the Temple, and had a council at G[eorge]. A. Smiths concerning John Mackby and Shadwick. Mackbye was cut of[f], got 50 dollars of Sanders. He let G. A. Smith have 50 dollars for Nauvoo hous. Had fore men to work on my hous.

18. Began to reign in the morning, had to stop work. At 10 went to John Tailors to read history, present B. Young, G. A. Smith, and John Tailor, and my self. Br. Benson red for us.

This Morning Phineas Young and Charls Shumway got home from the western mission. Come in to our Council at fore Oclock to prais the Lord for His goodness to us as a peopl. Met in council at Bishop Millers to council about the Tabnercal [tabernacle, which was a tent]. The Twelve present in the after part of the day. B. Young, N. K. Whitney, and my self viseted the sick. James Robinson had his trial fore whipping and burning a child.

18. We stopt re[a]ding history to hear thare [Young’s and Sumway’s] story [report]. Still clowdy. A leter from P. [Jonathan?] Dunham. They /gave/ us a history of thare travels.5

Some difficals [difficulties] but all will work rite [p.122]in the End. The Lord be praised. My wife was quite onwell. Raineway and cold.

June the 19, 1845. This morning Brothers Phelps and Hurvy come to work on my seller. My wife porly. Br. come to work on my timber. Went to work reding history at W. Richards, B. Young, G. A. Smith. Br. Benson red for us. Sister Richards sent for us to Cloth us [in the robes of the Holy Order] and pray for hur as she felt as she should not live long. We offered up the Signs and praided for my wife; after dinner B. Young, G. A. and my self went to the Temple to see how things ware going on. The Rafters most on. All things going will. At fore in the after noon, we met at W. R. for prair, may the Lord bless His people. Present to this meting of the twelve B. Y. [Brigham Young], G. A. [George A. Smith], J. T. [John Taylor], Orson Pratt, Bishop Miller, Wm. Claton, W. R[ichards]. and my Self, Elder Levi Richards, A. Limon, O. Hide. We offerd prair Br. Whitney as he had gon to St. Lewis, that he might proper [prosper], also for Sister Richards, and for my wife that they might recover, that Elder Hide might prosper in the East, and that Jugment to come on Juge Young, that our Enimes might be cursed. Returned home found my wifee quite sick with fowing[?]. Sister Whitney come in annointed hur and sung in Toungs [tongues]. I also sung. The Lord blest us.

June the 20, 1845. My wife did not rest much I went to Lions [Variety] Store with Brother Phelps and got him some clothes. When I returned Elder B. Young, G. A. Smith, O. Pratt, Willner Benson red history fore us. We ware in the part of Jacson [Jackson County, Missouri] Percicution [persecution]. It rained till Eleven Oclock. The Crops ware revived and all things were revived and evry thing looked blooming.

[p.123]My Father in heaven I feel greatfull to The[e] for Thy kindness, for Thou dost bless me and mine and Thy name shall have all the glory Amen. We stopt reding at 2 Oclock in the after noon. My wife wors[e]. I sent for Sister Whitney, she com. We Clothed our selves, and Anointed hur and praid. The Lord hurd. She was beter.

June the 21, 1845. Had a good nits rest. Also my wife. The Lord shall have the Glory. Rained most all nite. Very wet and rainny this morning in the fore part of day I wen [to] W. Richards to get council. Laid hands on Sister Richards. She was beter. O Lord save our wives and children that they be a blessing to Thy servents, and all the glory shall be Thine. Amen.

In the after noon went to the Temple with my Son Wm. Got a barrel of Flower [flour] of the Trustees. My wife was beter. I feel gratfull to my Father in Heaven. All is quiet in our City except some feelings has risen from what Wm. Smith said last Sabath on the stand, that he and his connection had been neglected and so forth. This was fols [false] as they had all they wanted, when they asked for it. This gives me sorrow, but the Lord will caus all things to go rite.

Just at nite I went to Br. Grants to get some clothes cut. Then went with Br. Hawes to Nauvoo Hous to see his Brick, then to the Mansion. Had a talk with Br. Pack. While thare the Poleas [police] come up with a Amon Hody for Robing the Ioway [Indians?]. My wife is beter.

June the 22, Sunday. In the fore part of the day I went to Aron Fars with my son Wm. Br. Whitney got back from St. Lewis at 4 oclock. Wm. Smith was Marrid by B. Young. From thence we went back to W. Richards, as the Holy Order met for prair. 13 present. Had a good time.

June the 23. My wife was better the day plesent [p.124]and warm. Fore hands to work on my Seller. Had five teames drawing brick they held 1400 thousand. Went to the trustees office with my wife. Bishop and B. Young and wives.

Last Eve Ervine Hody was Stabed about 10 Oclock. O Lord save Thy people from mobs.

June the 24. This morning five teames come to draw brick. 2 Masons. Br. Plaer come to set my base stone with five others. At about 9 oclock B. Young, G. A. Smith come for me to go with them to Docters’ Richards for to read History. We red till fore Oclock then we went to the Temple. In the Eve I went to Br. Winchesters.6 Genral Demmen [Minor Deming] chot [shot] Marcral [Sam Marshall] with a six chuter [shooter].7

June the 25, 1845. Met in Council at W. Richards, B. Young, G. A. Smith, Bishop Whitney, George Miller, Page and Tailor. Sevrel leters read. One genrel Demman, and one form Wm. Smith. Genral Demmen was in Prisson. Closed at 12. At three we met at the same plase for prair. Nine present. Offerd up the Signs. and praid that the Lord would bless Demmen and deliver him from his enimes, that our Enimes might be cursed. At six we went to the Masonick Hall, met with the Poliece. Wm. Wright present, said he was fraid of his life. The Poliece all present, the Bishops and menny others. Wm. [Smith] recieved a rebuke from B. Young.

June the 26, 1845. The Morning plesent. Had [p.125]sevrel hands come to work on my house. The base stones set and the dore Steps set and the front dore frame set by Br. Player, and timber laid on the first flore by Br. Walles. Went to Br. Winchesters [to] get 35 bushels of lime at Mcentires [MacEntire]. At 4 Oclocks at W. Richards for prair. 12 present. 6 of the Twelve present, the two bishops, Uncle John [Smith], Levi Richards, Wm. Claton, Joseph Young.

Clothed our selves and offerd up our praiers for the prosperity of the Saints and for destruction to our Enimes. A perfect union in corum [quorum]. Orson Pratt being Mouth. After we got threw My Wife and Sister Whitney with our little children of Promise [came in?]. We then offerd the Sings [signs]. B. Young, W. Richards Laid hands on my Litle son Brigham Willard Heber C. Kimball, and sealled the Blessing of Life and health should rest on him and the holy Preast hood rested on him from his Mothers womb. Jane Whiteny then on Mary and simelor things. Then they left the room. Then we offered the signs, and concrated [consecrated] three botels of oil, 2 for me and one fore John Smith, I being mouth. We then praid onece more B. Young being mouth. We had a good time and the Lord was with us. He shall have the glory. In the Even[ing] went to Br. Winchester.

June the 27, 1845. Met in Council at W. Richards. One year ago Joseph and Hirum was killed in Carthage Jail. So we met in coucil to pray that God would curs[e] those that had spilt thare B[l]ood and all those /that/ percicute the Saints. O Lord I thank Thy holy name that Thou dost hear Thy servents and bring trouble on them. Even now they are dum, and cannot do business and are all thrown in to confusion, in answer to the prairs of Thy servents, as we have felt to pleede with The[e] with uplifted hands in token of our regard to The[e]. I do thank [p.126]The[e] O my Father, for Thou dost hear us in all things when we are agreeed, and this blessing Thou hast granted to Thy servents this day is set a part by Thy servents to fast and pray Thou woulst bless us with peas [peace] and prosperity, and that this blessing may rest on all of They saints, Even so Amen.

This morning it was rainny. My hands had to stopt work. Went to Davis and Clarks Store with my wife, now present B. Young, G. A. Smith, W. Richrds, A. Limon, O. Pratt, George Miller, Wm. Claton. All well, John E. Page.

At half past 10 B. Young, A. Limon, and my self went and Laid hands on P[hineas]. Young. From thence went to the Temple to direct, about the meting ground. Went see about the [temple] Font as they had just began to Lay the first stones. Eight botles of oil to be concrated for to Anoint the sick. It is now 12 Oclock. The weather fare.

Took Dinner with Docter Richard. I also had one botle of Oil, which made 9 botles. Br. Claton went back to the Temple for one for me. I feel to bless him in the name of the Lord. Elder John Tailor come in 2 in the after noon. At 4 in the after noon we clothed our selves and concecrated 9 Botles of Oil, then gave thanks to the Lord, for His goodness to us.

June the 28. The day plesent Sartady prepared the old Stand. The Twelve present. Spent most of the day at the Temple. Took a ride out on the Prarig [prairie] in company with the Two Bishops, B. Young, G. A. [George A. Smith], A. Limon, O. Pratt, and George Grant. All things past of well, and the Lord be Praised.

June the 29, 1845. Sunday meting held at the old stand, west of the stand it seamed like old times as we used to hear from the Prophet Joesph and Hirum. The [p.127]congration very large. Elder Ezry Benson spoke in the fore noon. Elder B. Young had come to say in the after noon. B. Young, John Tailor, A. Limon. The day past of well. Heaven blessings was with us. In the Eve went and baptized 5.

June the 30. Monday. The day plesent. Had five masons and fore tinders [tenders, i.e. helpers]. Br. Brown come to frime your window frames. Our little Brigham was very sick. John Smith, G. A., B. Young laid hands on. At about went to W. Richards to see Br. Richerson from London. B. Young, G. A., W. Richards present. B. Richerson wanted council.

July the 1, 1845. Tusday. The day plesent. Had Six Masons, and fore tenders. Our little Brigham was verry sick, gave us much sorrow to see him in such paign. Bishop Witney, Joseph Young, A. Limon, Wilard Richards come in to Join me in prair, in the Holly Order to prair. Sister Jane Young, Sister Whitney, present. The Lord was with us. I felt to prais His holy name for His kindess to me and family in giving us health.

July the 2, 1845. Wensday. My litle babe stil verry bad. Much peign [pain] and fiver [fever]. W. Richards, come by my Request to give me council what might be best fore my litle babe. Doct. Braby come in by the requent [request] of Wm. E. Murray, my Brother in Law. Six Masons come to work fore me, and fore tenders. I called in Sevrel of my Brethren. Sister Whitney and Jane Young spent much time with us to minister to our Babe. He seamed to be better. I feel to prais the Lord for his goodness to his servant.

July the 3. Thursday. Verry plesent. Brigham Willard Heber C. Kimball is concider [considerably] beter. I and my Dear Vilate feel to rejoice and to prais the Lord. Six Masons come to work three tenders. This day got the [p.128]first story up and the Midle wals up the some h[e]ight, got the caps on the first windows. All goes on well. At 4 Oclock in the after noon met for prair at the Hous of W. Richards. Present B. Young, W. Richards, O. Pratt, G. A. Smith, J. Tailor, A. Limon, Bishops Whitney and Miller, Levi Richards, Wm. Claton Read a leter to Elder Woodruff to England. It was approved of by the council.

July the 4, Friday. My litle Brigham was beter. Had six Mason come to work and fore tenders. The day plesent. Brothers Wallis and Solen Foster come and pute the Jois [joists] on the 2 flores of my house. Menny of the Saints spent the day riding and music, and in diffrent ways to muse them selves. The Divernon come up from St. Lewis, Quincy and others places for plessure. Stopt in our city they went all over the city. Very sivel [civil?]. Thar was near 150. All things past of well and the Lord was with us. Genral Demmes and Backen Stos8 come in to my hous in the Eve.

July the 5, [18]45, Sartaday. My little Brigham still beter. Six Mason and three tenders, one of the Brick Layers Carrid Brick. Went on wall. Carrid it 12 cources [courses] above the 2 flore. The day plesent. Went to the Temple to get some poles. Saw Genral Demmen. B. Young come to my house just at Eve. I went hom with him. P[hineas]. Young come to see me with his wife.

July the 6, 45, Sunday. My family tolarble will [tolerably well]. Brigham feble. At 9 in the morning my sun Wm. went with me to Br. Winchester, from thence went to the Stand. Wm. Smith was speaking. Then I was cold [called] on, and spoke a chort time. Then B. Young, [p.129]then the 12 Oclock meting Adjourned till one Oclock. The Congragation very large, and interreseted. Went /home/. From thence went to the Masonick Hall at the High Prease quorum, gethered Money for Acel [Axail] Smith[‘s] widow to build a house for hur at half past three in the after noon. From thence to W. Richards for prair and council. Present B. Young, W. Richards, Levi Richards, G. A. Smith, Joseph Kingsbury, Wm. Claton, John Tailor, Bishop Whitney, George Miller, O. Pratt.

July the 7, Monday. Twelve men come to work on my house 6 of them Masons. The weather Exreem warm. Much work done went to Wr. Richards to read history in company with B. Young, G. A. Smith. There was a Brother [Joseph Toronto], come and gave up all he had which was Twenty Six hundred dollars. All things past of well.

July the 8, Tusday. Verry warm. 14 men on my hous. Went on well. B. Young, W. Richards went to the Temple had council with the Trustes gave the 2600 to the Bishops. This was had from Italian Brother [Joseph Toronto]. Visited some sick. Rode out in the Evning with my Dear Vilate.

July the 9, Wensday. Verry plesent. Ten persons come to work on my hous. W. Richards sent fore me to Lay hands on his wife. She appeared as though she was diing. At about 10 in the Morning I went thare again to clothe and pray for hur again. Present G. A. Smith, Levi Richards, John Smith, J. Tailor. We praied after the Holy Order and annointed her. She died in about half an hour after, this was in the fore part of the day. Sent to John Paks [Pack] to wate [wait] on the Smith family as the Bishops made a feast, about 100 present. It began to reign at about 5 Oclock. all things past of well.

July the /10/, Thursday. Eleven hands come to [p.130]work on my house continued till 10 in the Morning, then spent the rest of the day at fast meting. Not much work done in the City. The Saints gave Alms to the poor. I spoke at the Stand, also B. Young, G. A., John Page, O. Pratt ajurned at two in the after noon as it was very hot. Met for prair praid for rain after the Holly Order.

July the 11, Friday. Ten hands come to work on my walls, very hot, great many sick. Little Brigham poorly. Sister [Jennetta] Richards buried at 6 in the after noon. Brigham and my self spoke a short time menny present.

July the 12, Sartady. 5 Masons 4 Tenders come to work on my house, very hot. The Thermometer stood at 117. Got the South and North walls finished. Sister Sarah [Sarah Ann Whitney] was very sick at Brother Winchesters. I stade thare Most of the night. B. Young and my self got 350 dollars of Sister Mariah Bishop.

July the 13, Sunday. It began to rain in the Morning very hard, a beautifull shower. This was in answer to our prairs on the 10. The Lord be praised for His goodness. I had a fine rest. At fore we met fore prair at W. Richards. B. Young and my self went Laid hands on B. G[h]een.

14 Mondy. Hands work on house, the day plesent. The South side of my hous began to be pasnilled[?].

15 Tuesday. Br. Wm. [Gheen] died. 7 Oclock in the evening went to Thomas Grovers. Laid hands on menny sick.

16 Wensday. Spent part of the day at the Temple. B. Young and my self got teames to draw Lumber. At 6 Ockock Wm. Geen was buried most of the Twelve present. After dark I went to the River and Baptized Sarah [Ann Whitney] and Si[s]ter Winchester.

17 Thrusday. Went to the Temple and Ar[se]nsal a as the roof was put on. Present B. Young, W. Richards, [p.131]A. Limon, G. A. Smith, O. Pratt. 43 Teames come to draw Lumber. The Holy Order met at the usul place. The old company present.

18 19 20 and twen[ty-]first was spent on my hous, Vising [visiting] the sick, and two councils and a Veriity [variety] of others things. The Carivan [carnival] come in to our city, a hard storn [storm] blew down thare canvas.

22 Tusday. Work on my hous vising, the sick, went to the Temple.

23 Wensday. B. Young, G. A. [Smith], A. L. [Amasa Lyman], Bishops Whitney, Miller, and my self went up the River to see som Land and wood.

24 Thrusday. Plesent. Went to the Temple. Hands got my brick work done. The Lord be praised. The Holly Order met at the usual place for prair. This day all things past of well and the Lord is on our side.

25 Friday. The day fare. My family well. Commenced shingling my roof. Br. Wallis, Br. Dun[n], Samwell Phelps.

26 Sartady. Got the South and west side of my hous done. All well, the Lord be praised. Viseted menny sick, tended Council at W. Richards, and Nominated Sevrel officers for our August Election. All goes well. The Prais be to our God for Ever.

27 Sunday. Very warm wen[t] to the Stand with my Vilate and Daughter Hellen. A few words from George Miller, A. Limon on the Nauvoo hous, and a word B. Young and Wm. Smith. All went on well.

28 Monday. Spent the day in Visiting the sick, red history.

29 Tuesday. Viseted the sick, went to the Temple, read history.

30 Wensday. B. Young and my self tended a funral of Sister Tomas. Took diner at Br. Beaches. Laid hands [p.132]on Joseph Huren. Went on the top of Temple, viseted menny sick, went to Br. Bensons.

31 Thursday. Went to Br. Clarks Store with B. Young, had council at W. Richards at 2 Ocl., Genral Demmen present. At fore we held our prair meting. Rode in the new Coach, in Company with B. Young and W. Richards.

August the 1, /1845/ Fri. B. Young come to me in the Morning to my hous with his carrage, drove to W. Richards, held a council with Emmet9 and others, from thence went to Ezry Chase. Willard went with us went back to the Trustees office, from thence went with the Bishops to see two Blocks that they was going to have of Emma, fore 5.50 dol.

August the 2, Saturday at the Temple. In counc[il] with the Twelve. All peas [peace].

The 3 Sunday. The weather plesent. All things prosper.

The 4 Monday. B. Young preached in the fore part of the day. Warned the Saints to beware and not forget thare God.

August the 4. Monday. Our County Election, had a bea [bee] for to get wood for the Nauvoo hous. 156 teames.

The 5 Tuesday. Went to John Benbows in company with about 50, took dinner.

The 6. Spent the fore part of the day getting bords and lath for hous. In the after part of the day went to Br. Lots with Bishop Whitney, Miller and B. Young and our wives.

[p.133]August the 8, Thursday. In the Morning ingaged in getting Materials for my hous. At 10 held a council at W. Richards. And again at 4 in the after noon the Holy Order met for prair. Sealled Sister Hunter to Edward Hunter. B. Young and my self went [to] Wm. Geens. The day streem [extremely] warm. In the evning John Pack sent for me to come and Lay hands on him. Josep Young went with me. He was beter the Lord be praised.

9. On Friday, Br. Pack sent a botle of Oil to be concrated. Bishop Whitney went with me and Laid hands on [Sister] Dominecus [Dominicas] Carter. She was very Low. We told her in the name of the Lord she would Live if faithfull. From thence went to the Temple. I sealled Sister R. to Alfus [Alpheus] Cutler. Then went to W. Richards to read history. Georg Smith present. In the part on the Missoury war.

August the 10 11, 12 13 14 15. Spent in council with the Twelve, in Church maters. The weather warm. Peas [Peace] prevales.

Monday the 18. All well. Plarsting [plastering] my hous. Viseted menny sick.

Tuesday the 19. Read history at W. Ri[chards] in company with G. A. Smith till 2 O Clock. Went to see some sick.

Wensday the 20. Rained hard Last night. Br. Frank was killed with Litning. Went to Br. Winchesters. Went to the Nauvoo Hous, with B. Young. Thay had got Eight courses on two sides.

Sept the 15, 1845. Monday. Plesent. Went to W. Richards to council, went to the Temple, held council, at Joseph Kingsbury. B. Young, H. C. Kimball, G. A. Smith, P. Pratt. Two Sherriffs come after 12 persons, as follows B, Young, H. C. Kimball, P. Pratt, G. A. Smith, John Tailor, W. Richards, G. Miller, John Karns, Orson [p.134]Praat, Orson Hide, H. Page, and Wm. Smith, who the Sherriff said he was reqaested [requested] not to serve a rit on Wm. Smith. They did not find us. So they went back went to Arron Fars. Went with my wife to Steven Winch[ester]. In the Eve went with B. Young. Bound M. to Y., the Mob burnt [homes] west of Carthage [at Lima].

Sept. the 16, Tuesday, Bishop Whitney come and got my buggy. Met in coucil at W. Richards, to concult [consult] about what Masures to Enter in to what to do. Mr. Gridley and B. Durbey come in to our council. Our council was for the Nauvoo Hous to stop and the work go on, and the Br. come out armed [against the arsons]. Adjourned at 12 Oclock. At two Oclock met in council at W. Richards. Had not been in more then 10 minits befor J. B. Backenstos come in. Porter Rockwell chassed [anti-Mormons] from Warsaw [who had gathered] at the Railway. Porter shot one. Orders sent to the Presints [precincts?] by the shirrif, to be in rediness. My Father in Heaven with Thou help Thy people and deliver us from our enimes as Thou art our Father and our God.

17 Wensday. Ware [warm?]. Backenstos killed one or two persons nem [named] Wiliams [when] they rushed upon them of suden. Gernal Marcum [Stephen Markham]10 went down with fifty [to assist Backenstos].

18 Thursday. Sevrel companies went [to] out take prisoners. Mr. Chambers the Editer, Mr. Chambers from St. Lewis [arrived]. My son Wm. went down [to meet him]. Had prair and council. Readfield [Redfield] come in in the Evning with tidings from Lima. One blessing on the Prophet Joseph by B. Young, as I become the Agent.

19 Friday. The Mob fled in to State of Missouri, [p.135]shot one young Man by accident, by the name of Tippen. The Twelve ware in council most all day at Bishop Miller. Viseted the camp about tenn Oclock. Tippen died about that time as we ware going to see him.

20 Sartaday. Rose Early in the Morning went to the council room, 200 men went in Wagons to meet Backenstos at the Junction. Tippen was burrd, had a chort discourse by B. Young and my self on the publick Square. Most of the Army come home. Went to bed early. All things prosper.

Sept the 22, Sunday. I had good nits rest. W. E. Murray come and cold me up early. Went with my wife to see them. From thence went to the stand. B. Young and my self spoke at 2 Oclock went to W. R. for council and prair. Present the following persons B. Y. [Brigham Young], H. C. K. [Heber C. Kimball], G. A. [George A. Smith], A. L. [Amasa Lyman], P. P. [Parley P. Pratt], two Bishops. Two leters one from P. Pratt, 1 W. Woodruff, good tidings. Lara [Alarum?] just at nite. Cournal Marcum went with 50 men to Carthage. Started at about 10 in the Evning. Went to bed at about Eleven Oclock.

Sept the /22/, Monday. The day plesent. Held council with 5 [man] commity from Medonna [Mc Donough?] County at John Tailors. Chose three to met them at Mecome [Macomb], as follow, A. Babbit, Badell and Wels to met them on Tuesday. Went to the Temple, to stop my son Wm. from going out. From thence went to W. Rich to council. Perkins come with tidings from Laharp [La Harpe].

23. Tuesday. The day plesent. Much Rumers [rumors] from Camp Crick. Spent most of the day in council. Went on the Temple with B. Young, W. Richards. Continued in council and Recieving letters from diffrent parts of the county. Rits [Writs] out for 12 or 13 Men.

[p.136]Sept. the 24. Wensday. All the Twelve and about 30 others went to Carthage to give our selfs up for Trial. Went before Square Barns [Squire Barnes], and ware Dissmist [dismissed]. We went to see the Jail whare Joseph and Hirum ware killed. Most of the people ware Left. We got home about sunset, Seven. Commity from Quincy. We met in council at John Tailors, rote a Proposition to the Mob. Brock up at 1 Oclock in the Morning.

25 Thursday. Met at 9 Oclock at John Tailors, till 12 Oclock. Took dinner at Winser Lion With B. Young. At 2 Oclock had prair and council at W. Richards. Backenstos come in.

Sept. the 26, Friday. Had council at John Tailors. The 5 Proclamation come out. At 1 Oclock met for prair and council at W. Richards. From thence went on the publick Square. Saw 100 familes come in from Camp Creek and others places. B. Young spok to them. Then we went and Laid hands on the sick 18 of them.

27 Sartaday. Went to John Tailors, found the Br[ethren]. in council, from thence Genral Rich and I went to viset the sick. Seald Sister Low to hur husband John Low, from thence to W. Richards for prair and council, five of the Twelve and Bishop Miller present. Got through at 3 Oclock. We then went to the Mansion. Mr. Rose come in with news from Beardstown. He saw Genral Harden [John J. Hardin] with 250 men [state militia] on his way to our City. From thence went to the Temple, and to see the trops on the square. My health Poor. Went home early.

28 Sunday. Rainny. Went to see the sick, Sister Wolley and others. Few met to the stand. B. Young spok a few words by council to get in thare grain and other things. Spent a chort time at the New York store [William Allen’s store at “New York prices”], from thence home. [p.137]Thence went to W. Richards, met in council. Badell got back from Springfield. The news good from the Govner. Backenstos went to Carthage to meet Genral Harden, the tide of the Mob is Low at this time. Got through just at dark. Wm. Claton com in with a procclation from Gen. Harden [prohibiting any gathering of armed men within the county], and a leter Mr. Faris. Genral Harden is now in Carthage with his trops. Doctor Colston come in.

29 Monday. Ranny. At 9 Oclock Met in council at Daniel Spencers. Five Laminit[e]s [American Indians] presents. Adjourned at 12. At 1 met at W. Richards for prair and council. Adjourned at 4 in the after. Br. Bent and Isa[a]c Morl[e]y met with us to present the names of those to go to the west. In the Eve went down to the River. B. Young Baptised three Red men and confurmed at the water age.

30 Sept., Tudesday. The Kingdom [Council of Fifty] met at the Sevntis Hall, adjourned at 12 Oclock as Genral Harden had come in to town with his Possa to serch for property and lost men. He wished to have a council with the Twelve, so we went to his camp on the Hill. He read his orders to us that he had recieved form the govner. After which they serched the Temple, Masonick Hall, and the Nauvoo Barn then went down the River to camp. The Twelve and Bishops met at W. Richards for prair and council. We asked the Lord to flustrat [frustrate] the designs of our Enimes, and to blind there Eis [eyes] and caus the trops to leave our City. Soon got through about 4 in the after noon. Held council in the Eve at John Tailors. Rote an other propersition [proposition] to people of the State, that we was going way, and come and purches [purchase] our Lands and houses, we would Leave.

Sept the 31, Wensday. The Last day of the Month. [p.138]Met in council at John Tailors. Genral Harden, Judg Duglis [Stephen A. Douglas], McDougle [Attorney General McDougall], Kirnal [Colonel] Warren.11 After much conversation adjourned about 11. Then went to the Temple with them and thare Army, went all over the Temple. Took dinner at Br. Tailors. Met in council in the after part of day. Continued in council with the same men [representatives of the state]. I discovered a spirrit in them not to do much for us. Went back to thare camp 4 or five Oclock. We met again in the Eve. Br. Andrew Perkins, and Docter Colston come in from Carthage. Said thare 300 mob.

October 1st. Engaged in Council &c Visiting Sick.

October the 2, Thursdy. The Twelve and others met in council with Genrall Harden’s staff. His Rigiment Left Early in the Morning and the Genral Left about 11 Oclock for Carthage. B. Young and my self went to viset the sick. Went in to the Temple. They ware Laying the Lower flower [floor] for the Confrance. Took dinner with Joseph Kingsbury. Then we went to Danil Spencers to tend funral as his wife was dead. From thence to W. Richards for council and prair. Great union prevailled . Br. Arther Smith come in to our council. He is a water proff [proofer] of Cloth againts water.

3 Friday. Went to Clarks store, Steven Winchesters with my wife. Viseted sevrel sick. Had council at W. Richards for council and prair, in the Eve we[n]t to Bishop Whitnies. Br. Hu[gh] went home at 8 in the Eve.

4 Sartady. This morning Rainny. At 9 Oclock went to the Sevnties Hall. Kingdom met in council. From thence went to W. Richards for prair and council.

[At this point in the diary, another hand records [p.139]thirteen pages of events through 2 November 1845, giving an account of the first General Conference in the temple, preparation for the exodus west, and some personal items. The holographic account recommences 3 November.]

Monday [November] 3. Met in council at J. Tailor. B. Young not present quit sick, so we dissmested in the Eve met for prair.

4 Tuesday. In Council at J. Tailors. Visited the Sick in the Eve for prair, pease in our City. Heavens Blessings ar visable in Isreal. At 4 in the after noon met for prair at W. Richards.

Wensday No. the 5, 1845. The Morning plesent, the Twelve met at the Temple with the Bishops, and the Archateck [architect], to se how to seet the pous [posts] and concerning how menny Allies [aisles]. The conclusion was to have two Allies. At Fore Oclock met at W. Richards, for council and prair.

Thursday No. the 6. In the Morning went to the Temple. Sealled a sister to W. Smith. My family beter. My Journer [joiner] work done. 3 Painters come to work. James Smithes litle Boy died. Elaxder [Alexander] Winchester Died. The council met at W. Richards Praid, after the Holly Order. Laid hands on Marian Washburn. Spent the Eve at home.

Friday the 7. Went to the Temple in the morning. A Raft of Pine Lumber of 100 thoussand [boardfeet?]. At 11 Oclo. I help burry James Smithes Litle boy. At 2 in the after noon, went to Br. Winchester to tend the furnal of Elaxander his son. Br. Hide and John Smith and my self spoke. Got back to Council at W. Richards and prair. Brock up in the Eve. Elder J. Grant got to Nauvoo. Preached at James Smithes in the Eve.

Sartaday the 8, 1845. The Morning plesent. After Brexfast went to B. Young, and Joseph his Brother. Saw Br. Grant, from thence went to W. Richards, to Read History, Present B. Young, W. Richards, G. A. Smith, Br. J. Grant, Br. Benson. I pute my Draggon [drawing?] Hors away to a Br. Slade and got his span of grays gave him Eighty dollars. Took dinner with Docter at 4. In the Eve met at W. Richards for prair and council.

9 Sunday, Nov. the 9. The Morning plesent. After [p.140]Brexfast went to Br. Winchester to give them council. The males members met to organised the companies to go west. No females present. I pute a stove [in my home?]. At 4 in the after /noon/ the council met for prair at W. Richards. Two leters from Governer [Thomas] Ford To J. B. Backenstos, he read them to us. After council I went with B. Young to Sisters Haws. Hur Daughter was sealled to Br. Tupper. Then went to Br. Fultens, a wife sealled to him, from thence went to Br. Snows, got home at 10.

10 Monday. 6 Painters come to work on my house, verry plesent, at 11 Oclock went to W. Richards to Read history. G. A. Smith present. B. Young come in with Br. Kent. Went to the New York store, as the Trustees moved thare office on Last sabath, read history till 4, when the Council come in, for prair. Brock up at dark. B. Young, George Miller, and my Self went and Borrowed Six hundred dollars and paid to Br. Russel, as he had Just bought one hundred thousant feet of Pine bords. This will finish the Temple.

November the 11, Tuesday. The Morning verry plesent. B. Young come to my hous, with his coach. We went and borrowed 400 dollars, to pay Br. Haywood, that we borowed of him last nought. B. Young and wife took dinner with me. At 3 Oclock went to W. Richards to read history. B. Young, G. A. Smith, W. Richards. At [p.141]fore the Brethen come in for council and prair; [material between back slashes is not in Kimball’s hand] \about 9 oclock in the evening Porter Rockwell came after me, and I went with him to visit the sick at Sister Greens and also to hire a room. The Young people had a dance at the Mansion. J. B. Backenstos and myself took supper with them by the request of Bejn. Johnson from thence returned home.

Wednesday 12th. The Morning very pleasant. Last evening I dreamed of seeing a large quentity of honey Bees, they were following me being loaded heavily with honey; they were very peacibly with me. Brother Nickolls and Brown came to paint at my house, made a finish of the same which makes a completion both inside and out, and for which I feel grateful to my heavenly Father for the same.12 Spent the day mostly until about 4 oclock visiting the Sick, teaching and exhorting the saints to faithfulness. At 4 P M met with the Council at Elder Richards\ for prair, present G. A. Smith, O. Hide, P. Pratt, J. Tailor, Georg Miller, W. Philps, Dr. Spencer, Elder Richards, and my self. Clo[t]hed our selvs and praid as follows that our enimes be flustrated, to sell our posessions, and so forth. Brock up at dark. Amasa Bonny [Amos Bonney] come to my hous in the Eve and said his Brother Edwin Bonny [Edward Bonney]13 was sentance to be hung. If so it is in answer to prair. Went to bed Early. The mob burnt Br. Rois [Rice] hous.14 30 men ingaged in it.

[p.142]Thrusday the 13. Plesent in the Morn. Went with my wife and Son, Wm. to Judies and Davis store, and also to the New York store. From thence home. G. A. Smith come a long and we went on the hill again. I took dinner at Joseph Kingsbury. Went to Father Cutlers. Saraan [Sarah Ann Whitney] come in had a quite [quiet] talk. Got home again at half past 3. At 4 went to W. Richards, met in council. Prese 5, Young, W. Richards, G. A. Smith, P. Pratt, Georg Miller, W. Philps, Ors Spencer, B. Woodworth, N. K. Whitney. Brock up at dark. Went home. Br. Brown and wife. Br. Dikes and wife, sealed Sister Brown to hur husband. The day past of well. The great Aclips [eclipse] on the Moon.

Friday the 14. Plesent. Did not sleep much as our little Brigham Willard was sick with the Huping Coff, much Pressive at the Longs. Went to the Temple with B. Young, El. Richards to see how the Pulpits should be built. Went to the Trustees office. We took dinner with J. Kingsbury. Held Council with B. Young, G. A. Smith, El. Richards, J. Grant. At fore met for prair at El. R[ichards].

Letter from Uriah Brown. Present. B. Y. [Brigham Young], G. A. [George A. Smith], P. P. [Parley P. Pratt], O. H. [Orson Hyde], W. R. [Willard Richards], H. C. K. [Heber C. Kimball], Wm. Claton, Orson Spencer, W. W. Phelps, G. Miller. Had a good time. I thank the Lord.

Sartaday the 15. Plesent. In the Morning went to the Landing with B. Young, O Hide, George Grant, from thence to the Temple. Went to two Potters chops [shops], to see if we could get them to make some Wampum[?]. Took dinner, J. Kingsbury. From thence home. Viseted some sick. At fore went to El. Richards, for prair and council. All the saints buissey in Making Waggons for [p.143]going west. Present G. A. [George A. Smith], W. W. [Wilford Woodruff], G. Miller, Corneilus Lott, P. P. [Parley P. Pratt] After we praid, W. Richards and B. Young come, continued in council. J. B. Bockenstos come in to our council. Just from Carthage.

Sunday the 16, 1845. Litle Brigham W. Kimball was poorly through the nite. Not much sleep. The Morning plesent. Went to the old stand, a Lorg [large group of] people come to gether, meting opened by Elder Hide. He spoke a chort time after which I gave some council on the subject of helping the poor, that we did not believe in common stock buisness and so forth. After I got threw. B. Young spoke some time on the same subject, and gave much Council. The Saints felt well then come to a close by a prair by Elder P. Pratt.

At 2 in the after noon, the Males come to gether. Much council by P. Young. How to prepare them selves to go west. The names of the first company war [were] colled [called] by Wm. Claton. They Now numbers amount to 300 Jedadiah Grant pointed to be captin over the third hundred. From thence went W. Richards for council and prair. Alford [Alfred] Corden and James Grugark come in to council. Edmond Durphy [Durfee, Sr.] was just brought into our city dead. Chot by the mob at Lima Last nite. Had a leter red from Wm. Smith to Lewis Robins, it was filled with rath against the Twelve. I had a Leter from Samwell Brannen, one from the Moons.

J. B. Backenstos come in gave us the perticulers of the death of Durphy. Present B. Y., G. A., O. Hide, J. Tailor, W. Richards, P. P., Br. [Lucien] Woodworth, O. Spencer, Br. Magor [William Major?], G. Miller.

Monday the 17. Rained most of the nite. Not much rest, our babe porly. I went to the Temple with my son Wm. to carry a stove. From thence went to Br. Cahon [p.144]and seelled [sealed] a sister to his honor. From thence went to the Trustees office went to the Seventis Hall, to J. Youngs, to Snows. Went to W. Richards for cou[ncil] and prair. Present B. Y., O. H., P. P., G. A. S., W. W., G. Miller, Woodworth, J. T., W. Claton, and H. C. Kimball, O. Spencer come in. Had prair G. A. Smith being mouth. Some Rumer of trouble.

Tuesday 18, Pleasant. This morning went to Clarks Store to trade. Plastering fell of[f] over head of my lower room. Egan and Latrip [Lathrop?] got home Last nite from St. Lewis. The[y] ware hunted by /enimes/ at every port. Theordore Turly was cot [caught] at Alton by Hate. Letter from Bramon [Mason Brayman] Stats Eterny [Attorney]. The Council met in council at 4 at W. Richards for priair. Present of the Twelve: B. Y., O. H., P. P., H. C. K., G. A. Smith, J. Tailor, J. Page, Richards, Bishops Whitney and Miller, W. Woodworth, El. Claton. Sent Witnesses to Carthage [for the trial of Durfee’s assailants]. B. Marcum, Rockwood to gether [as] witnesses. Got through priar [prayer] Eigh [eight] in the Eve. Bishop Joseph Heywood come in to give us some council about the Catholicks.15 Went home had a good time. I feel grateful to my Father in Heaven for his kindness to me and mine.

Wenesday the 19. The morning Pleasant. My family tolarbel [tolerably] well. Went to see G. A. Smith, had a chort visit with him and fmaily. Went to the Temple office. Spent a chort time. The Trustees sent me a barrel of flower. From thence went to the Temple. Went into the upper loft, on in the Attick. The rooms most [p.145]done. Went to Andersons gave some instructions on matters of the Kingdom.

From thence went to W. Richards and met my brethren in the Council. Present of Twelve: P. P., J. Tailor, G. A. Smith, Willard Richards, [and] Levi Richards, O[rson]. Spencer,16 W. W. Phelps, George Miller, O. Hide. Elder Pratt read a sercular just come out to give the perticulers of the Death of Edmond Durphy and the burning of Rice haus. Elder Richards confined to his bed. B. Young came in just at dark. We Clothed our selves and offered up prair. I was mouth. Got threw at seven in the Eve. We conversed much on the California Mission17 and many other matters. P. Young come into our Council.

Thursday the 20. The morning pleasant and Drye. After Brexfast I went to Br. Tuttles to see Abiga[i]l Buc[h]annan and Ruth Wellington18 to visit them. I borrowed two hundred [dollars], one hundred and fify from Abbagal and fifty from Ruth. Went home from thence. Went to Amos Davis. He said he was friend to the Twelve. From thence went to the Trustees Office. I let N. K. Whiteny have one hundred and fifty. Got some dinner then went to the Temple. After which I met the council at W. Richards, Had priars. P. P. was mouth. Present: B. Y. [Brigham Young], O. H. [Orson Hyde], G. A. S. [George A. Smith], H. C. K. [Heber C. Kimball], Bishop N. K. [Newell K. Whitney], G. M. [George Miller], Levi Richard, O. Spencer, W. W. Phelps. We praid for the prosperity of Isreal. We talked much of the west. Chose [p.146]men to go to England, as follows Franklin and Samwell Richards. Elder W. Richards sick abed. Bishop Whitney and Levi Rich quite porly.


1. William Wine Phelps (1792-1872) was an essayist, hymnist, and editor of church publications.

2. This is a reference to the Society Islands Mission.

3. This is a reference to the mission to the Indians.

4. Hiram Kimball (1806-63) was a land speculator from Vermont living in Nauvoo since before the arrival of the Mormons. He was a cousin to Heber C. Kimball.

5. This is another reference to the mission to the Indians.

6. This may be a reference to Nancy Maria Winchester whom Kimball married in 1844.

7. Minor Deming, county sheriff, vowed to protect witnesses testifying in the Smith murders case. On the first day of the trial, Deming was accosted by a group of men in the lobby of the court house. He shot and killed one of them. He was immediately indicted, resigned as sheriff, and died three months later of natural causes.

8. Jacob B. Backenstos was a non-Mormon clerk in the circuit court for Hancock County, Illinois. He was elected a member of the Illinois state legislature in 1844 and Nauvoo sheriff in 1845.

9. James Emmett had led an expedition of approximately one hundred Mormons to explore Oregon and California without the sanction of the Twelve Apostles in September 1844. He had been disfellowshipped from the church.

10. Stephen Markham was a colonel in the Nauvoo Legion.

11. This was Major William B. Warren of the Illinois Volunteers.

12. This was the first adequate home the Kimballs had had for twelve years. They were to live in it only four months and five days. It would be another six years of tents, wagon boxes, and log cabins before they had another suitable home.

13. William Bonney had a reputation for associating with Mississippi River counterfeiters and thieves. His book The Banditti of the Prairies (1850) made him famous.

14. Rice lived at Camp Creek.

15. Mormon leaders had hoped to rent or sell Nauvoo property to the Catholic church in Detroit and Cincinnati. This is one reason church members finished the Nauvoo Temple while preparing to abandon it.

16. Orson Spencer was mayor of Nauvoo.

18. Abigail Buchannan (1802-?) and Ruth Wellington (1809-?) became two of Kimball’s plural wives in 1846.