On the Potter’s Wheel
Stanley B. Kimball, editor

Chapter 6
Diary Four

21 November-9 December

[p.147]We now come to the last of the extant Heber C. Kimball holographic diaries. The record book in which this diary was written consists of 378 pages, of which only the first twenty-seven pages, or 7 percent of the total number of pages, are in Kimball’s hand. On 10 December 1845, William Clayton began his own daily account of Nauvoo Temple and other activities. Since diary four starts immediately after diary two, part three, no transition is required. This last Kimball diary is perhaps unique in that it details final work on the Nauvoo Temple and arrangements for the transmission of temple endowments to church members.

Friday the 21, November [1845]. The morning plesent. Kep wak with my wife last night with our little Brigham as he is quite poorly witt the Hooping coff. Borrowed 10 00 dollards of Elder Orson Hide for the Trustees. B. Young and my self went and paid sister Bornum 40 dollars, that we had borrowed for the Trustees, then [p.148]went back to the Trustees offic. Took dinner with J. Kingsbury. I went home and Laid hands on my babe, then returned back to the office. Handed Elder Wm. Claton 45 dollars. Got a coverlead [coverlet] of N. K. Whitney. Went home found my Litle son better. Got in to a buggy with B. Young. Went to W Richards. Met the Brethren in council. Present B. Y. [Brigham Young], P. P. [Parley P. Pratt], O[rson]. Hide, W. R. [Willard Richards], H. C. K. [Heber C. Kimball], and others W. Phelps, G[eorge]. Miller, G. A. [George A. Smith], J. T. [John Taylor], Br[other]. [Lucien] Woodwordth, David Yearsl[e]y.1 Much said about the west mishon [mission]. A sherrif in to day after Br. Fellers. The cherrif name was Stigall. Because Br. Fellers drove of[f] his own cattle. This is wonderfull.2

At 7 in the Eve we got through prair, B. Young being mouth. After L. B. Backenstos come in he said Magaur [Major] Warren [of the governor’s commission] swore if the Anties [anti-Mormons] would not Help him bring those that killed Durphy he would leave the county and [turn] Backensos on them with his forses [forces]. Things seam to be in our favour. I thank the Lord our God — A Request from the old Jackson Brethren [who had lost their property when they were run out of the Missouri] for to have the Twelve met them at some place, to give them council. The Twelve Agreed to meet them at the New York Store on [in] the trustees office at 2 Oc in the after noon. Brock up at Eight. Recieved a Leter from Roswell Fich wishing to sell us some land in Tenesee, and a bank, [and] Meteriels and all the pertains thare to.

[p.149]22 No., Sartdady. Winday. In Morning went to the Trustees office. Soon after I got thare Elder B. Young come in. Took dinner with J. Kingsbury, after which we went to the temple. Went in to the Top of the Tower. The wind ca[u]sed it to tremble. Went in to the attick story. Mason work done this day and commenced painting. Thare is forteen rooms, 7 on Each side of the main Hall. It is splended. Went back to the office. 36 of the old Jackson Brethren had met in the upper part of the office. 6 of the Twelve present, that is B. Young, H. C. K. [Heber C. Kimball], O. Hide, P. P. Pratt, G. A. S. [George A. Smith], John Tailor, Bishops N. K. [Newell K. Whitney], G. Miller sevrel of them spoke, and said they thaut [thought] they ware neglected and cast of[f] poor. B. Young spoke a chort [short] time to shoe [show] that they had been slothfull, or some of them. This is the reason why your are not more notised [noticed] that they had not preached. This is the reson why you are not more concpaas [conspicuous].

Fron thence the Twelve went to Elder Richards whare we had had prair. 9 present had some council on the weston [western] mission then went [home?]. Cold and windy

Sunday 23. Cold. Got a good sleep last night. Got up twice or three times with our babe. Sister Wilkey come in full of trouble, husban had left hur. Lucien Woodruff [Woodworth] come after me to go to his hous to lay hands on his daughter Flory. Spent 2 hours with them in conversation. From thence went Joseph Huvies. Went home got supper and went to council at El. Richards. Sevrel Leters read, 2 from Br. Turly, one from Roswell Fitch, 1 Ruben Miller. Edward Hunter come in. Much rumer of threats by our enimes. Had prair at about dark. The usual Brethren present. From thence went to the [p.150]Musick Hall whare the Capttins of Each company met to assertain how meny families [were prepared], and wageons mad[e], and how meny on the stoks [being built]. The numbers of families Organised 32. 65 waggons on hand, 1504 on the stoks, 1492. Present of the Twelve B. Young, H. C. K. [Heber C. Kimball], P. P. P. [Parley P. Pratt], President Young gave much council. Got through at 9.

Monday, the 24. Plesent. My family tolarable well. After Brexfast I went to G. A. Smith. Elder B. Young come in with Wm. Draper. Gave him council on maters of his family. From thence we went W. Richards. A leter riten to Theradoe [Theodore] Turly, one to Roswell Fitch. Present B. Young, W. Richards, G. A. Smith, W. W. Phelps, John Scot, P. Grant. Sevrel come in for council.

After Council President B. Young, W. Phelps and my self went to the Trustees office. B. Young handed one hundred dollars to the Bishops. Took dinner with J. Kingbury after which we went to the Temple. Went in to the Attick and on the Roof. Painters all to work. Most done, two stoves up in the Large room. Cleaning out the upper part of the hous. The Font going on. Sevrel of the Oxon [Oxen] done, the horns on. From thence we went to Br. Carters to pay some money to a sister. My son Wm. H. Kimball carried us. From thence we went to W. Richards and met in Council. Present B. Y. [Brigham Young], W. R. [Willard Richards], G. A. S. [George A. Smith], P. P. P. [Parley P. Pratt], Bishop Miller, L. Woodworth, W. Phelps. The Docter3 still on well [unwell]. Much council on the west. O. Spencer come in O. Hide come in and read a ltter from Silas Hate [Haight].4 [p.151]He wishing to see the Head of the Church. J. Tailor, L[orenzo]. Richards come. Got through Just at dark. J. Tailor mouth in prair.

Tuesday 25. Plesent. B. Young and my self spent most of the fore noon in Raising money fore the purpos to send to St. Lewis to get Iron and Clothin fore the Temple hands, as they are suffering much for the want.

At 2 Oclock I went to Bishop Georg Millers to a wedding of his son Joshaway.

My wife and my son Wm. and Hellen went with me. President B. Young present. They ware Married by John Bullen in Publick—before this B. Young Sealled them for time and Eternity. Hur name was Sariah Anderson. About 60 present. Took dinner. Good Musick, had a good time. In the Eve we met at W. Richards for council and prair. B. Phelps was Mouth. Peas and union is constant with us. We spent some time in the Temple.

Wensday 26. Cold and plesent. In the morning Early Elder P. Pratt come to my hous and he and my self went got 100 dollars in Cash. Then went and paid it to the Tustees in Trust. B. Young, G. A. Smith and my self raised thirteen hundred dollars, for to sind [send] to St. Lewis by Hirum Kimball. Edwards Hunter, Sister Clark, B. Young and my self went to Br. Clarks, from thence to the Temple. Went in to the Attick story. The painters had got three co[a]ts on. We concluded that would do for the present. In the Eve Cou[ncil] met At W. Richards for prair and council. The usual persons present. O. Hide was mouth. Great union prevailed. J. B. Backenstos come in after prair for council. All maters go on well. Bless the Lord.

Thursday 27. Verry Cold. After Brexfast I went to Wisder Lion. Spent a chort time, them went to Br. Felts chop [shop]. After I went to the Trustees Office [p.152]found President B. Young. We took dinner with J. Kingsbury. From thence went El. P. Pratt to have a conversation with him and wife. Maters rather dismal and unhappy. After we went to Warren Smiths, he being rather dissatisfied and had thoughts of leaving. Some one had Poisened two horses for him. This trouble him much. B. Young told him to stay and all things should go wright with him. He felt comfortable from thence. I went back to Fathers Cutlers. Took supper. From thence went to W. Richards found the Breth[ren] in council. Present B. Young, O. Hide, P. P. Pratt, G. A. Smith, W. Phelps, G. Miller, L. Richards, J. Young. Silus Hate and Haskins Tailor come in to our city to hunt after Bogus [counterfeit] Presses and to take some of the Brethren, he being Orthorised by the United States. We had prair. Elder W. Phelps being mouth. We praid for the prosperity of Zion that our enimes might be keep Back till we can finished the Temple and get all things Ready for going west, and that fear should come on our Enimes. Brock up at About Eight in the Eve. Great union in our council and the Lord hears His Servents. His Name shall have all the Praise. My family tolarble well. My three youngest Have got the Huping Coff. Thare Names are David P. Kimball, Charls, and Brigham W. Kimball.

Friday 28. Cold and snowy. After Brexfast, I went with Vilate, Sister Whitney and my son Wm., went to Wm. E. Murray—as his wife is quite sick. From thence went to Bro. Winchester, also to Latrup [Lathrop] Store. Then to the Trustees Office found President Young. Toock dinner with J. Kingsbury. We let the Trustees have some money for Doctoer Deramus [Doramus]. N. K. Whitney let me have a Lambs skin fore some chues [shoes]. Sariah Ann [Whitney] cut them out fore me. Went to Sister Geens to give council. Went home. Stopt a chort time and went [p.153]to W. Richards. Met the Brethren in council as follows, President B. Young, O. Hide, P. P. Pratt, J. Tailor, G. A. Smith, O. Spencer, W. W. Phelps, Livi Richards, G. Miller, J. Young. Hate and Hakings left the Citty in answer to prair. Thank the Lord our God. J. Young did not dress [in the robes of the Holy Order] as his hand was lame. The Br. all feel well. The doctor in beed, porly. It was moved and secconed that Benjamin S. Clapp, A. P. Rockwood and Jeddediah Grant Should form three of of the first Preidents of the first Seventies. It was proposed that Br. Pulsifer should go in to the High Preas Chorum. This was carrid. Had prair. O. Hide was mouth. The Lord was with us and His name shall have all the praise.

Sartaday, 29. Cold and dry At 10 in the Morning I met the Brethren at the Temple in the Attick Story to lay down the Carpits in the sefrels [sealing?] rooms, as it was set apart for that perpus [purpose]. Those present ware B. Young, G. A. Smith, and my self. Spent the day in the Temple. Elders John Tailor, O. Hide, P. Pratt, was present some of the time, others W. Phelps, George Miller, N. K. Whiteny, J. Grant, J. Young, Charls Rich and others. Vilate my wife, Sister Ann Whitney, Sariah Ann hur Daughter, Sister Barsha [Bathsheba] Smith the wife of G. A. Smith come to helpe us put up our rooms. We had carpit in plenty to lay down in all the rooms. The carpit lent by diffrent ones for the present. Towards nite G. A. Smith went after our clothing at W. Richards. After dark the following persons went in to the Room of B. Young, which is the south East Cornor [of the temple],5 and Bowed our selves before the Lord and gave Him thanks for his goodness to us in sparing our lives to finish this hous thus far, and menny other things, B. [p.154]Young being mouth. Present H. C. Kimball, O. Hide, P. Pratt, G. A. Smith, O. Spencer, L[ucien]. Woodworth, G. Miller, W. Phelps, L. Richards, A. P. Rockwood. We did not Clothe ourselves, as others wished to be with us the first time in the Lords Hous when we should Offer up the Sign of the Holy Preasthood. After prair we left the hous and went direct to B. Young as the band of Musick had met at his hous to play. We had fine time. B. Young, J. Young, Levi Hancock and my self danced a French fore,6 gave much plessure to the crowd. My son Wm. and myself went home about 10 in the Eve. Wm. Wife quite sick taken with pain in hur head.

Sunday the 30. Plesent. Menny quite ill. All thing comfortable at Home. Went to the Temple at 10 in the Morning. Stopt at J. Kingsbury all well. When I got in to the Hous of the Lord most of the Brethren Present. No ones admitted only those that had recieved the Preasthood, those present are as follows, President B. Young, H. C. Kimball, O. Hide, P. P. Pratt, J. Tailor, G. A. Smith, W. Richards, A. Limon, others, Bishops Whitney and Miller, A. Cutler, R. Cahoon, W. Phelps, Wm. Claton, John Smith, C[ornelius P.]. Lott, O. Spencer, I. Morly, L. Woodworth, J. Young. Evry thing seams to go on in peas. At about 12 Oclock we clothed our selves for prair and council. Levi Richards come in at About Half past one in the after noon. We offered up the Signs of the Holy Presthood. Joseph Kingsbury, B. Young being Mouth offered up the dedacation of the Hall and small rooms. Set a chort time then H. C. Kimball was mouth, then praid once more [and] Joseph Young was mouth. We then clothed our selvs. The Twelve war called to gether By the [p.155]President in his room. P. P. Pratt had maters to lay before the Twelve. Doctor Richards and A. Limon quite sick. They ware praid for and ware beter. We onclothed [unclothed] our selves. About 4 Oclock most of the Brethren left. B. Young, G. A. Smith, O. Hide wated fore a carrage to take the Docter home. We left about sun down. I went to J. Kingsbury and stpt [stopped? slept?] till after eight in the Eve when I went home.

Monday, Deceber the 1, 1845. This morning Plesent and cold. I Went with my son Wiliam to Br. Felts, to get massured [measured] fore some clothes. Went [to] Haywood [Dry Goods] Store for cloth. Then to Erastus Snows. From thence went to the Trustees Office met the following Brethren B. Young, H. C. K. [Heber C. Kimball], P. P. P. [Parley P. Pratt], O. Hide, G. A. S. [George A. Smith], Bishops Whitney and Miller, Wm. Claton, A. Cutler, R. Cahoon, J. Young, A. P. Rockwood, I. Morly, W. W. Phelps, and A. Babbit who had Just got home from Detroit as he had been on a mishon to the Cathalicks. The tiding ware good and Cheering. Said some of them would be here in a few days, to rent some of our Publick buildings.

A. P. Rockwood Laid some maters before the Council. Said menny of [the] hand[s] on the Temple [had] to get thare own wood becaus the Saints had become slack to pay thare Tithing. Elder Cahoon said he would see that teems should be forth coming. The upper grist mill come before the council, it was agreeed that we would hir it fore fore months. Brock up at one. Br. Young toock dinner at J. Kingsbury. From thence went to the Temple, in company with the Twelve except J. Tailor, John Page, and Orson Pratt. About 4 in the after noon John Tailor come in with his wife Sister Haywood and hur sister. John M. Bernhisel come in for the first time. We had [p.156]prair in Presidents Young Room about five Oclock then closed and went home. V[ilate] and my self went to se[e] Sarah K. [Sarah Ann Whitney], and also Bishop N. K. W. [Newell K. Whitney] Went home and had Musick, danced. So closed the day.

Tusday, Dec the 2, 1845. Plesent. After Brexfast I went to the Trustees Office, spent a chort time. My Wm. come with the wagon and then we went down to Hirum Kimballs and got about 25 or thirty Flower Potts with Ever greens in them to adorn our garden [room in the temple]. I got back to the Temple about one Oclock found the following Brethren that is B. Young, O. Hide, P. P. Pratt, H. C. K. [Heber C. Kimball], G. A. Smith, Bishop Miller and Whitney, L. Woodworth. My Wm. went Home and brought in to the attick my Daughter Hellen, Wm., Mary, and Mary Ann She[f]flin. This was at 3 Oclock I twock [took] them threw all the Roomes. Then they went in to the Top of the Tower. From thence went home. Recieved a leter from Phelidepha, forom a Company wishing to purchas our City. This is all in answer to the prairs of His Servents as they Call on His name dayly, that Men will come and purches our farms and lots. This leter was riten from Bloomington, H. H. Duncan in [and] Company and anser Returned, riten by O. Hide. We clothed our selvs just as dark. Present in prair of the Twelve B. Young, H. C. Kimball, O. Hide, P. Pratt, G. A. Smith, High Pres. John Smith, /P. P. Pratt was mouth/ George Miler, Isac Morly, W. Phelps. After which Brothers A. P. Rockwood, Bengamin L. Clapp, and J. Grant come in and we five fore mentioned ordained them to be three of the First Presidency of the Seventies, the three oldest of the Twelve being mouth. Then we come to a close soon after dark. The High Preas [Priests] ware in thare Room in prair. When my son [p.157]Wm., Mary his wife, [and] Mary Cheflin [Shefflin] come to see me in my room I Bowed before the Lord and called on His name and asked His blessing on our heads and thanked Him that He had given us this privledg.

Wensday the 3 Plesent and cold. My Health porly, Verry bad cold, our babe sick all nite not much rest. After Brexfast I went to Br. Felts after his Soffa. From thence went the Temple, no one but George Miller in. Soon after sevrel come in, B. Young, P. Pratt, G. A. Smith. About 12 females come in to see and went to the top of the Dome. Wm. Smiths goods ware sold. J. Grant bid [auctioned] them. This was done by the Twelve to save them from other Depts [debts]. They ware sold on Lalrifs dept [by sherrif’s order]. It is now 1 Oclock. We are now putting up the petitions [partitions] in the big Hall. B. Young and my self toock dinner at Mrs. Powers. Br. Cutler and Thomas Grover are going over the [river to Iowa] to morrow morning to Borrow some money. Recieved a leter from May Ann Jefforeys of Philidel. Menny Store Looking glasses and other things Brought in to day. Those of the Twelve present this Eve, B. Young, H. C. Kimball, O. Hide, P. Pratt, G. A. Smith, John Tailor, George Miller, R. Cahoon, A. Cutler, Wm. Claton, Isack Morly. J. M. Grant spent a chort time, he has not recieved his washings. Some part of petitions finished. The News come to us that Wm. Smith and George Adams7 was giving thare Affidavits against the Twelve, as being treaseners [treasonous] &c. Br. Criestion Hanson [Hans Christian Hansen] a Dane is our Dore Keeper and fire Maker. His Brother is Translating the Book of Mormon. His Name is Hanes Christian Hanson, the other Peter Olsen Hanson [Hansen], two Brothers. They both from Denamrk. B. [p.158]Young, H. C. K., O. Hide, P. Pratt, G. A. Smith, John Tailor, met in the 2 Room. Clothed and praid, Elder O. Hide being Mouth. Asked the Lord to bless His people and to open our way to go west, and to over come our enemies and let them fall in to the snars they lay for his servents.

Thrusday the 4. Cold and Plesent. My health poor and also my Family. Confined to my bed the fore part of the day. Done some work in my seller to keepe out the Frost. About 2 in the after noon went to the Temple, found President B. Young, G. A. Smith, A. Limon, G. Miller, John T., Truman Angel,8 Br. Wicks [Weeks]. Soon after P. Pratt, O. Hide ingaged in putting up canvas and other things to prepare our room. W. W. Phelps brought in some seders [cedar] trees to adorn our garden [room in the temple]. About sun set Bishop N. K. come in with the [temple] Vail, the old one and new one. The holes ware cut by B. Young and others assisted. Present this Evening B. Young, H. C. Kimball, O. Hide, P. Pratt, G. A. Smith, John Tailor, A. Limon.

High Preas Present, John Smith, Isack Morley, Georg Miller, R. Cahoon, Bishop Whitney, O. Spencer, L. Woodworth, Joseph Kingsbury, one of the Seventies, Present J. Young. Two nits that are past the Twelve have praid by them selves, and the High Preas by them selvs. This order will continue fore the present. Hanes Cristien Hanson is our fire man and dore keeper. His Brother name Hanes Peter Hanson. He is transl[at]ing the Book of Mormon, two thirds through. They Natives of Denmark. Wm. Claton High Preast Levi Richards.

Prosperity seames to be prevlent in our City. The [p.159]Lord be praised for His goodness in preserving His people forom time to time. We Clothed our selvs half past 7. The Twelve and High Preas come to gether and sung two hymns, being 19 present. Br. B. Young praid—we all knelt before the Lord then offered up the sign. Isack Morly was mouth. Had a good time.

This day a Large Looking Glass fell in the room of the First Pridency of the Seventies and Brock all to preaces. Some thought is a token of the Seventies being scatterd in all the world. Praid again. P. P. Pratt being mouth. We had a glorious time. The Brethren felt to prais the Lord for His goodness and great mercy, that we had got a place to worship and begin to give Endewments [endowments].

The meeting Closed at Eight. Very cold but Plesent. Found my family Beter. Then when I left them Edward Hunter, Hirum Kimball and Sister Clark got home from Quincy. They got thare goods at Quincy. All well.

Friday the 5. Cold and plesent After I rose from my bed I went down to Bishop Whitneys, thare met with B. Young. We went to my hous and toock Brexfast, then went to see Docter Richards, found him in bed quite porly. From thence to the Temple being the first on the ground being 10 in the morning. In a chort time O. Hide, P. P. Pratt, A. Limon, Bishop Whitney and Miller, L. Woodworth. Wicks [Weeks?] commenced work putting up canvase adorning alters and so forth.

At half past 11 My wife, Sister Whitney, Hellen my Daughter, Sarah Ann Kingsbury, Come in fore the purpus of Heming the Veil. My son Wm. and Heber P. come with them. W. W. Phelps come in with some seders trees. They, the Sisters Vialte, My wife, Elizebeth Ann Whiteny, N. K. wife, Sarah Ann, His Dauther, and Hellen [p.160]Mar My Daugther commenced going at 12 Oclcok at the Ringing of the Temple Bell. G. A. Smith just come in said Ezekel Roberts went to the River whare thare was a hole cut in the Ice whare he found a small child fastened by a small string. Misry be on the dower [doer]. Joseph Young and David Candland come in, Orson Spencer come in. About 1 Samwell Ensign come in and pute up some Molders [moulding] to hang up Looking glasses, Portraits and Maps,9 and a clock and other things. Truman Angel Also, to work on the Hall. B. Young and J. Young his Brother come in to my room and sung some hymns, to our wimen. Evry one seames to feel well and sober. J. Young sung “Callaforny”10 now ses he, “I go home,” and Wm. Claton come in at 2 Oclock said Noah Rogers was on his way home to Nauvoo. Sister Mary Ann Young, the wife of B. Young, at half past 2 in the after part of the [day] George Grant come in with hur. At 4 Sister V., Sister Sarah Ann, Sister Whitney and Hellen left. I went with them to Kingsbury and took dinner. From thence I went to the Temple and then went home. After B. Young sent me get Wm. or Edwin Cutler to go to Springfield with Elder Babbit to assist Theadore Turly to get out of prisson. Father Cutler has just got home from the [state of] Ioway, got some [assistance?] and has promis of more. Crost on the Ice. It has been [frozen] fore sevrel days. They have past over on the Ice. Elder Tailor come in half past 4 also I. Morly. It is sunset the canvas is all put up [p.161]and the Alters mostly done. Thare is three of them. The big Hall is converted in to six sepret [separate] rooms for the convienience of the Holy Preasthood, two Large ones and fore small and a Hall pasing through betwen the small ones, pasing from the west done [down] through the Center, and dores in to each room. Josep Fielding has just come in fore the first time, he is one of the Holy Order. Its now dark and the Brethren are coming in fore prair and council, the reasson not being /here/ [is that they were] Notefid [late]— Living at a distance. Elders B. Young is work on the alters. On Sunday Morning at 9 Oclock all of the Holy Order will assemble fore prair and council. Our wives will come and pertack [partake] with us. The Sacrament will be administer and spend the day in those thing that the Spirrit shall teach. This was the advise of President B. Young–/this gave/ great joy to our wimmen. To morrow will finish our rooms fore buisness. Present of the Twelve, B. Young, H. C. Kimball, O. Hide, P. P. Pratt, G. A. Smith, J. Tailer, High Preas John Smith, I. Morly, W. Phelps, O. Spencer, Joseph Kingsbury, Joseph Fielding, L. Woodworth, R. Cahoon, George Miller. Clohed [clothed ourselves] and praid, O. Spencer being mouth. Then [un]Clothed and went home about 7. When we left the room we asked the Lord to bless Isreal and hold us in safty till we could give some of His faithfull Elders thare Endowment, and to liberate Cherriff [Sherrif] Backenstos [being tried for the murder of Frank Worrell, one of the anti-Mormon vigilantes, and], Theradore Turly11 from thare bonds.

Sartaday the 6. /The weather/ More Mild. Elder [p.162]B. Young come in to my hous with John Butler quite early. From thence went direct to the Temple got in about 9. I got in half past 10. I went /and/ got some Money fore Lorenso Young. I got it of[f] Wm. Claton. John Tailor got in about the same time I did. O. Hide, P. P. Pratt come in at Elevn Oclock. Sister Electa Crane, and Sister Brewor, Br. John D. Lee,12 B. Young went to work on the Alters. Peas dwels here in the Hous of the Lord. We all feel to Rejoice before the Lord that he in His kind providence has permited His servents to finish the Attick. Elder W. W. Phelps come in 20 Minits past Eleven with some seders [cedars]. Br. We[e]ks and Br. [Truman] Angel ware ingaged with us preparing the rooms. A Very Slanderus peas [piece] read by Elder Hide from the Quicy Whig, said to be done by one [Oliver] Olney.13 Joseph Young spent some time with us. George Miller, N. K. Whitney come in little past 12. W. Phelps, George Miller, and my self began to fix the Trees. At 1 Oclock the rooms ware cleard of all but those of the Holly Order, so that set things in order fore the Sabath George Grant come in at 1 with chare [chair] and other things for B. Young. We all left fore dinner. I took dinner at J. Kingsburyes. Returned back to the Temple, put up the Looking glasses, and Maps and potrats. As William W. Majors [an English artist] brought som up from his chop [shop] to Adorn our room. The trees set in order in the garden. Sister Elzebeth Ann Whitney come in and sode [sewed] on the fringe, going over the Top of the canvas running threw the room crost from North to South. G. A. Smith and Amasa Lyman come in three in the after [p.163][noon], Sister Clarisa and Emily Cutler mad[e] a Coten [cotten] Veil going before the Linnen Veil. Jullia Durphy assisted in making the Veil Linnen, Joseph L. Heywood come in to our upper room as the sun was setting. L. Wodworth put up the clock on west end of the East room.

Sister Sophia Lyon[s], Brought me in a fine rocken chare [rocking chair] and a comforter. She has also brought in pictures, and Evergreens R. Cutler got over the River 369.25, three hunred and sixty nine dollars and twenty five cents. The cours [coarse] Veil was put up this Eve by B. Young, R. Cahoon.

Of the Twelve Present, President B. Young, H. C. Kimball, G. A. Smith, A. Limon, J. Tailor, High Preas A. Cutler, R. Cahoon, I. Morly, John Smith, W. W. Phelps, N. K. Whitney, G. Miller, Wm. Claton, L. Woodworth, Joseph Kingsbury, O. Spencer. We clothed, and praid all to gether. Twelve and High Preas. W. W. Phelps being Mouth, the Lord was with us. After B. Young and my self went to the Trustees Store, the Nauvoo band had met for practis.

Sunday, De. the 7, 1845. Snow falling. The weather more mild. After Brexfast I went to Br. Hills and got my Watch. From thence I went to David Fulmers and Sealled two Sisters to him fore time and Eternity. Gave some council and then returned to the Temple whare I found my wife. Bishop Whitney and wife went in with me. I arived at 10 found 6 or Eight present. O. Spencer come in my room and read my procclamation to me and my wife.

Present B. Young, Mary Ann; Heber C. Kimball, Vilate Kimball; Orson Hide, Marinda Hide; O. P. Pratt, Mary Ann Pratt; John Tailor, Leonora Tailor; G. A. Smith, Barshebe [Bathsheba] Smith; Willard Richards.

High Preas [and wives] present John Smith, Clar-[p.164]risa; A. Cutler, Lois; R. Cahoon, Thirza; N. K. Whitney, Elizebeth Ann; Cornelius Lott, Permila; I. Morly, Lucy; O. Spencer, Catherine; Wm. Claton, Agness Smith; George Miller, Mary Cathrine; Joseph Young, Sister Tomson, Levi Richards, Mary Smith; Joseph Fielding, W. W. Phelps, Sally; Joseph Kingburay, L. Woodworth, Phebe; John Berunisel [Bernhisel].

The following Persons are members of the Holy Order of the Holy Preasthood having Recieved it in the Life time of Joseph and Hirum, the Prophets. Elder B. Young went and gave the Brethren and Sisters present a view of the Seprate rooms, and the object of them, then pute up the Veil and choe [showed] the Order of it. The Brethren and Sisters clothed half past one, commenced our meeting at two Oclock. Meeting [opened] by prair by Joseph Fielding, sung humn and Elder John Tailor spoke a chort time then H. C. Kimball spoke. Elder B. was sick and had to retire to his room and lay down on his couch. Then Elder O. Hide gave a chort exortation. After he closed, him [hymn] sung. Then H. C. K. [Heber C. KImball], N. K. [Newell K. Whitney] brock [broke] Bread. Blessed by H. C. K. Elder B. Young come in pertaock [partook], carid around by N. K. Wine, blest by Joseph Young, Carrid round by N. K. Singing while the wine going round. Then El. P. P. Pratt rose and spoke on a simeler object before the pople. W. W. Pheps spoke. It was 3 Oclock when we partoock of sacrement. Great Solemnity rested on the Breth and sisters, great union in our meeting. Seven present have not had thare Last [or second] Anointing. L. Woodworth and wife Sister Tomson, Wm. Claton, Joseph Kingsbury, John Benhisel, Sister Marinda Hide, Agness Smith, the wife of Don Smith. John Smith our Patriarch spoke a chort time them Elder B. Young Said this quorum should meet [p.165]heare evry Sabath and take of the Sacrament. The Br. and Sisters ware completly clothed. Elder B. Young gave us good council. We offerd up the Signs Little after fore, got through at five. G. A. Smith mouth. When he got through all went home in good spirrits. My wife spent part of the Eve with J. Kingsbury.

Monday the 8. The weather mild. After I got my Brexfast, I went direct to the Temple office to get money fore some men. That money had [been] lent to us to send to St. Lewis. I paid Joseph Haywood 50 dollars fore the Trustees and 30 fore my self. Bishop Miller got fore cast steel Axes. Paid 11 dollars for them. From thence went to the Temple, Found G. A. Smith, Br. Wick, Br. Magor, Charls Rich, David Candel. This was 10 Oclock. We commenced putting up Potrates. Br. Wick told a dream he had about Hirum Tratton, that he chot [shot] B. Young then turned and cut his own throt. I dremp I saw a small pond of water and in it a fish which was trying to get out, finly got out and fell in to a friing Pan, it began to frie. B. Young, John Young, and George Miller come in 10 minuts before 11 in the Morning. John E. Page has just come in to the Temple for the First time since the Room was fitted up. This great event took place half past Eleven Oclock. Pr[esident]. B. Young Recieved a letter from Thomas Persons. Elder Hide Just come in. Elder R. Cahoon come in at 12 feels rather bad. Georg Grant come in. He is Pr. B. Youn[g] coach driver. Elder Phelps Brought in some grape Vines, and hung cluster of Rasens [raisins] to them as the chois [choice] fruit [in the garden room]. Pr. B. Young quite sick, Lays on his couch. I have just got up the curtens over the top of the canvas. 25 minits [past?] one, P. P. Pratt has just come in reading the News of the day. I went to J. Kingsbury and got dinner, returned at 3. Esra Chase went in to the room with [p.166]me. Phinas, A. Young, Pr. B. Young chasened him [Phineas] for marking his churts [shirts]—after the order of the Preasthood—fore it was Forgary [forgery] and wicked in the sight of God. He, Phineus, said he thought it was the marks of a Master Mason.14 It was advised by our Presiden[t Brigham Young that] Phineus, and his son Brigham H., Jessa [Jessie] D. Hunter, Hosa[e] Stout go to England soon as possable. Elder Hide rote a letter fore me to Phellidelpha. Our paintings and Maps are hungup, and all things Look well and Heavenly. It is now dusk. John D. Lee and others have been fitting up stoves in the two west rooms, as they will be devoted to washing and Anointing and to heat water. We have two Large traves [troughs? lavers?], made fore Baptising the sick in, one was made by B. Young, and one by me self for our famiies so we devote them to the good of all the saints. Three men can wash in either of them at the same time. The Br. are now begining to come in fore prair and council. Present Pr. B. Young, H. C. Kimball, O. Hide, P. P. P. [Parley P. Pratt], G. A. Smith, John Tailor, Corneilus Lott, L. Woodworth, W. W. Phelps, Orson Spencer, Wm. Claton, Joseph Kingsbury, R. Cahoon, Levi Richards, George Miller. Our meting small this Evning. It is now 25 to 7. All the Brethren clothed, 15 present. Conversing about famains [famines] in England and other parts [of the world?]. Georg Miller was mouth. Got through at 7 Oclock, then dismesed [dismissed] and went home. I went to B. Fuller to see two sisters from Boston. From thence went to Steven Winchesters to Lay hands on Mariah Winchester. She had fits. When I got home I tired out, half past 10.

Tusday the 9. Plesent. Br. B Young and my self [p.167]got in to the Temple little before 10 in the morning. Found David Candland and Joseph Young. El. B. [Young] gave the dore keeper a charge, to be more strick in his duty. Still fixing up the rooms. Soon after P. Pratt, G. A. Smith, A. Limon. W. W. Phelps, John Smith, and Isack Morly come in. Elder Phelps read much in the /Niles/ National Register–some fore us and some against. Elder Cahoon come in at Eleven. We are at this time wating fore the two west Rooms for washing. It is now One Oclock. At half past 1 I went and got my dinner J. Kingsbury, and returned litle past 2. with N. K. Found Orson Spencer, and George Miller. Elder come in at 3 Oclock. Elder Young is putting up a Marble Clock by the East window. The stoves in the wash rooms are fitted up and fire in them. We shall begin our opperations to morrow Morning if the Lord will. O Lord be with Thy servents and inspire thare hearts with lite and knowlledge, so that they may not go rong in the ordanance of the Holy Preasthood and Thy name shall have all the Glory. John E. Page has just come. At 5 the Twelve met in council at W. Richards with two Cathlcks Preas. Mr. Tucer [Tucker] of Quincy and Mr. Hamilton of Springfield com[e] to contract fore [the purchase of] our City. From there went back to the Temple.

Present this Eve of the Twelve, B. Young, H. C. Kimball, O. Hide, P. Pratt, John Tailor, A. Limon, G. A. Smith, High Peras, A. Cutler, L. Woodworth, G. Miller, W. Phelps, J. Berhisal, O. Spencer, R. Cahoon, I. Morly. We offerd up the signs, John Tailor being mouth. After we began to rite to thos [Catholic] Preas our proposels to sell our city. Elder B. Young and H. C. Kimball washed our selvs in pur water, fore time and also G. A. Smith, Am. Limon, and [were] the first washed in the Temple of the Lord. And also finished a Leter to the Catholocks, [p.168]giving our propsels, to sell. We had a good time before the Lord. We shall come to Morrow with our wives, that is all the Holy Order to go through with our washings and Anointing again in the Temple of our God.

The year 1845 ended with Heber Kimball and Brigham Young examining maps and reading various travel accounts of the Far West in further preparation for the exodus. The following year, 1846, began badly. The charters of the Nauvoo Legion and of the City of Nauvoo were revoked in January, thus eliminating what legal and military protection the Mormons had. Rumors were spreading that the United States government would prevent the Mormons from leaving because they were suspected of secretly planning to go to Oregon to strengthen England’s control over that disputed area. Apparently these rumors led church leaders to abandon Nauvoo as soon as possible rather than to await the agreed-upon spring departure time. On 16 February, Kimball crossed the Mississippi to begin a new phase in his life and in that of his large and growing family.


1. David Yearsley was selected in 1844 as a member of a company to explore the west for a resettlement site.

2. George Sigall was the coroner but served as sheriff between Deming’s resignation and Backenstos’s election.

3. This would be Willard Richards who, in 1834, took a six-week course in herbal medicine.

4. Silas Haight was a deputy United States marshall for Iowa.

5. Kimball had his own private office next to Brigham Young’s.

6. This was probably some version of the gavotte, a French folk dance in quadruple meter.

7. George J. Adams had been disfellowshipped by this time.

8. Truman O. Angel (1810-87) was a carpenter on the Nauvoo Temple and later the architect of the Salt Lake City Temple.

9. Among the maps hung in the Nauvoo Temple were some of the best available at that time about the American West, including the 1823 map of Major S. H. Long, the 1843 Fremont-Preuss map, and the 1846 S. A. Mitchell map. See my The Latter-day Saints Emigrants’ Guide by W. Clayton (Gerald, MO: Prentice Press, 1983; 2nd ed., 1987).

10. This was probably the song “Upper California,” composed by John Taylor.

11. Theodore Turley was a member of the Council of Fifty and proprietor of the Nauvoo brewery. He had served a church mission to Great Britain with Kimball in 1840.

12. John D. Lee (1812-77) was a Nauvoo policeman and by 1857 was involved in the Mountain Meadows Massacre in territorial Utah.

13. Oliver Olney was an excommunicated Mormon.

14. This is an unusual reference to Mormonism and Masonry.