Special Living Lessons for Relief Society Sisters
by Laurie Mecham Johnson



Issue one!

Dear Sisters,

[p.1]I hope that no one will be offended, but since we have been experiencing the unrelated schedule in church, it seems that we have not had enough time in which to really share of our thoughts and feelings. So I just got this little idea into my head that I could save our precious time in which we do meet in Relief Society by typing up a weekly sheet in which we can truly share of our thoughts and feelings and get rid of ecspecial announcements and etc. So, to start with, I do wish to thank Sister Deidre DiChotomy, P.T.A. president of welcomeour localized school, the Parley P. Pratt Park Constitutionally Separate Elementary, for donating unto us their aunt-equated mimeograph so that we can all find out what is really going on in Relief Society. And so, I will try unto make of this a really worthy [p.2]effort in spite of myself.


Welcome unto Relief Society. We do appreciate so much that you have girdled up your loins and joined us.* And I just do feel that those who attend church truly do avoid the appearance of evil. And so, we do welcome each of you and all of the sweet spirits with which you are possessed.

scotsmanWe would like to make any newcomers in which are visiting with us. (Sisters, if you have any unexpected visitors, please let me know a week ahead of time and I will make them almost welcome in the Newsletter.) And for those of you who are new, I would just like unto tell you a little bit about the Parley P. Pratt Park South Fourth Ward:

Our meeting house is one of the oldest, most histerical places in Utah. I think that you will find that our Ward members are very well coming. We especially do appreciate dieversity in our Ward. You will find that our arms are open unto strange people, to work side beside with those from other cultures that we may come to love and appreciate them and their backward, childish ways.

*Sisters, if you do need to excuse yourself from Relief Society, please do just let me know and I will see that your name is listed among those who have had to be excused because of a compulsive need.


[p.3]I would like unto take of a little space in which we may pander a spiritual thought:

“The most important thing in life is ATTITUDE.”

Sisters, The Church is like unto a garden. And we, as members, can be like weeds, sowing seeds of descent and destruction, or we can be as flowers, ever blooming. So remember, as people look upon The Church, they do not want unto see our weeds, they want to see our bloomers.

This Week.

Our “Home Making Meeting” will beheld this week on Tuesday evening. We are just very excited about all of the things in which are coming up!church office building

—Sister Darla Delay will once again be demonstrating “Dip-’n-Drape T-shirts” and she asks that those of you who have tried this the last few times should come again and she’s sure her new technique will work this time.

—Sister Bambi Delight (who gave us “Re-decorating Your Kitchen with Mod-Podge”) will be giving us a cooking demonstration called “Six Sumptuous Surprises from Food Storage Staples.” And this is a follow up to last month’s “Palate Pleasers With Powdered Eggs.” Bambi will be giving us written recipes so that we can keep all these meals down.

round tuit[p.4]—And for those who did not find of enough time last month unto complete their projects, Sister Debugg will bring the supplies again so that you can finish making our neat little Round Tuits.marital relations lesson

—Also, coming up in Homemaking Meeting we will continue the discussion from our book group and it is called, “I Will Stop Being Co-dependent if It Will Make You Happy.”


This week’s lesson will be offered unto us by Sister DeClair. It is “Marital Relations Lesson Number 7,” which is, “Motherhood: The Greatest Calling Given unto Mankind.”

sister alamodeAnd at this time, I would like unto call your attention unto all the great and glorious works that Sister DeClair does each month. Please notice all the lovely plants and flowers and tablecloths in which she does bring each time, and the lovely hue in which she paints the room to coordinate with her lesson. Let’s all be sure unto thank her [p.5]for her efforts in making our Relief Society room so very picturesquist. (And if she is just a little bit tardy again, please remember that she is usually here quite late the night before.)

Here’s a little TIP FOR TEACHERS in Relief Society:

Always Decorate the Room unto Coordinate with Your Lesson.