Special Living Lessons for Relief Society Sisters
by Laurie Mecham Johnson


“PRATT” LE from the President of Your Relief Society in

Volume one Issue three


[p.13]Sisters, I hope that you will join me in thanking Sister Debra D’Position’s loanation of her former electric typewriter, the correction key whereof I hope to make great use. And at this time I would like unto offer our apologies for the alluring scent of the mimeographed papers of yesterweek in which her toddlers partook. (And we all did enjoy the little joke about the law suit. You’re a cute gal, Debra!)



[p.14]I would like unto share that Sister Debew is still with us and we are just so pleased unto have her continual presence. She has been here helping her son Brent, getting his meals and just picking up his socks and things while his wife, Kelli, is getting her chemotherapy and defending her dissertation and caring for the twins. Sister Debew, I am sure that Brent just appreciates you and all that you do do. He would certainly be a mess without you. We all know how helpless men are, and we do respect and appreciate them.


Again, I have not been asked unto make excuses for any of the Sisters this week. If you do need to be excused, please inform me and I will see that you are written up.


Sisters, we would that you would remember in your prayers all those who are sick of our Ward and Stake.


I would like unto give you sisters a special thought in which to propagate this week. And it comes from “Especially fer Mormons, Volume 22,” and the thought is:

“The most important thing in life is CHASTITY.”

Gals, we must teach our daughters chastity. Premarital intimacy outside of the bondage of holy matrimony is foul, filthy, and disgusting. And it should be saved for the one we love most.


Today we will have “Miscellaneous Moral Lesson Number 19,” which is, “Our Prayers grapesAre Always Answered, Even Though They May Not be Received,” in which will be given by Sister DeCoy. And this lesson just really makes you think, and, Sisters, the class time we have is just much too precious unto waste and so I would just like to go ahead here and write out a little story about something that happened to me in the grocery store:

buying bananasI was doing my shopping the other day and a thought came into my mind, which was most unusual. The thought was, “Buy some bananas.” And I thought, “But bananas are not on my list,” so I ignored it. I went on through the store, pushing the cart, and again I heard these words, “Fonda, buy of a bunch of bananas.” Yet I just dismissed it. And I was at the check out—and there was only one other person ahead of me in line—and yet, again, the words pierced my ears: “Sister Fonda AlaMode, go forth unto the produce department and buy of some bananas.” [p.15]Well, I just decided that it was too much to be just an ordinary hallucination. So heavily laden with cart, I went back through the aisles unto the produce department where I chose of the finest bananas I could find, not even knowing the purpose. And when I got home there was a message on my answering machine that there was going to be a Relief Society Birthday dinner that night in another ward and they did not have anyone to make a fruit salad, and the message was asking me to bring the fruit salad. Sisters, if I had not listened to that prompting, well—you can just immagine.


mother and daughter[p.16]Sisters, I hope that you will not be offended, but I have been thinking lately. I had an experience this week that was just so neat and I was able to attend a Special Values Night with my daughter, Crystal. As I reflected upon Crystal and the special values in which our young women do live, I thought that it isn’t just the young women who have their Special Values, but we older women have kept our values as well.eternal fragrance

[p.17]And so I would like to start up a special section in which we expectorate upon our SPECIAL WOMANLY VALUES. And the value in which we do wish unto focus this week is:


So, as you do go about your daily preparation for the day, please do try unto keep an air of fragrance about you in all that you do.


[p.18]Although it is good unto accustomize your lesson, you should avoid any resources that may be controversial or that would cause discussion.

controversial books


[p.19]Find ways Unto Fit Scripture Study into your Daily life.