On the Potter’s Wheel
Stanley B. Kimball, editor

Chapter 2
Diary Two, Part One
20 December-11 March

[p.27]On 9 March 1840, Heber C. Kimball boarded the Patrick Henry along Packet Row on New York City’s East River for his second mission to England. Accompanying him were Brigham Young, Orson Pratt, Parley P. Pratt, George A. Smith (all of whom were members of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles), and Reuben Hedlock. Nearly one month later, the group of missionaries arrived in Liverpool on 6 April 1840the tenth anniversary of the organization of the church. Three days later they were in Preston, where a General Conference was called for 14-16 April. Eight members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were present, a fact suggesting the importance Joseph Smith placed on the British Mission. Over 500 members attended, representing 34 branches for a total of 1,850 members.1

[p.28]Another conference was set for 6 July at Carpenters Hall in Manchester, which had replaced Preston as LDS church headquarters in England. Kimball traveled to Manchester to help prepare for the conference and to aid in the publication of the Latter-day Saints’ Millennial Star, the first Mormon periodical in the Old World. At the July conference a decision was made to proselyte in London. Accordingly, on 4 August, Kimball and apostles Wilford Woodruff and George A. Smith slowly made their way by rail, visiting branches along the way and arriving in London on 18 August. The missionaries settled initially in the King’s Arms Inn on King (now Newcommen) Street in the borough of Southwark, not far from where the famous Globe Theater of Shakespeare’s day had stood. London was not particularly interested in the message these men had brought, and by the October conference in Manchester they could report but eleven new members. After the conference Kimball and Woodruff moved to St. Luke’s Parish and recommenced their work. It was here at 40 Ironmongers Row that diary two, part one, begins on 20 December 1840.

This diary is much better kept than the preceding one. Kimball introduced paragraphing and was more conscientious about dating entries. It consists of three different parts covering the time period 20 December 1840 through 17 November 1845. Part one recounts four months of Kimball’s life in England.

[p.29]December the 20, /1840/ being the Sabath day. Mr. Alburn [James Albion, later baptised by Kimball] a preacher of the Independent Order Cald on Elder [Wilford] Woodruff2 /and my self/ to go with him to his Chappel. After the fore noon Service Mr. Alburn gave out fore us to preach in his Cappel [chapel] next Sunday Evning. On the Evning of 21 [at]tended a place called the Consert [Conservatory] of Musick of all kinds of instrments Composed of French, Germons most by the grandest land in the world, of a new invention. Docter [William] Cop[e]land [whom Kimball later baptised] went with us. He takes much intrest fore us in seeing these things.

22. On the 22 viseted Mr. Sangivanni [Sangiovanni], and also Mr. Filippo Pistrucci an Artest [artist]. He commenced the Potrate of Elder W[oodruff]. and mine. 46 Charloote Street, Fitzeroy Sqare. Had prair meeting in the evning.

23. I spent part of the day in writing. Br. W. took his siting fore his Potrate. In the Evning we went with Docter /Copland/ and his wife to a place cold [called] Covent Garden. Spent the Evning. Sister Copland and my self got lost, the docter and Elder W. got lost from each other. We all come to gether agin provedentiancally [providentially].

24. And it came to pass that we spent the day in writing. In the Evning went in to Muthes [?] Street, bot [bought] some fruint [fruit] of diffnt kinds. Spent the Eving in feesting.

25. This was Christmas. We took dinner with Mr. Morgan. He invited in all of his children and we had a great feast. Had Plum Poden [pudding], Muten, Goos, [p.30]mince pye and other things. Eving spent the time with Mr. Albern and his family. He is a preacher of the Independent Order. He and his family is quite beleving, went home to our loging and got super and went to bed.

26. This day spent the fore noon in writing. The after noon went to Mr. Sangiovanni and took dinner with them. Had an Italian dish. Had Evry thing that hart [heart] could wish. Mr. S[angiovanni]. was quite sick we got home Eight in the Evning and also took Tea with them.

27. Being on the Sabath day we spent to the fore part of the day writing. Afternoon brock [broke] bread to the saints. In the Evning Elder Woodruff preached in Indipendent Chappell. Hous full. Mr. Spencer opposed. When we got threw the effect was good as fur as we could see.

28. I went to the Genrel Post Office in order to guit [get] money on check I Recieved from Thom. Smith. From that I went to the Burrow [Borough of London]. Elder Woodruff spent his time visiting the people. In the Evning we went to a Tea totle [temperance] meeting, hurd a lecture from G. S. Buckingham, Esq. and a sketch of the land of amor [Land of the Amorites] and the customes of that people. He is one of the greatest travlers in England. And also a writere. 29. Mr. Pistrucci to take my sitings for my potrate. Sister Copland went with me. After I left my sitings. I went to Mr. Sangiovanni and spent 2 or 3 hours with them then went home. Had prair Eight in the Evning had good time after. Mr. Abern invited us home with him. Spent 1 hour then went home after guitting some bread and chees. Had leter from Thomas Smith.

30. In the morning rote on[e] leter to P. Pratt.3 [p.31]Commenced on other to Nathaniel Campbell. Recieved one leter from William Kay, 1 from Richard Harisson, Liverpool, 1 Orson Pratt4 Scotland. In the Evning E. W. [Elder Woodruff] went out to viset some that believed. Mr. Albern Colled fore me. I went to viset t[w]o familes by the name of Spencers in Company with Mr. Albern, they believed. Mr. Spence[r] opened his house fore metings. Had a good time got back 12 Oclcoak in the Evning.

31. This day being the Last day of 1840. I finished a leter to Nathaniel Campbell. Was invited to Docter Copeland to Tea conversed with him till 8 in the Evning. From that went to our Chappel and only few out to hear. About two in the morning E. W. was taken in sevier [severe] pain in his bowels. Soon got better.


London, January 1, 1841. I feel gratefull to The[e] my Father fore the blessings that I have Recieved from The[e] in the year 1840, and fore the inteligance that I have Recieved when I have been sick. Thou hast Rased me up and prospered me in the ministry, and given me Souls fore my hire, and I have been feed and Clothed, and Thou has never forsaken me, in anny time of trouble. Now Father as Thou has keep me threw the past year, I pray Thou woulst Remember me in the year to come and multiply my power as my days shall be. That I may have favour in Thy sight at all times, and be of great use to my brethren, the twelve, that we may all be one in all thing both in this world and that which is to come, that our familes may never want fore food nor enny thing that will make them comfortable, that they may live long [p.32]on the Earth to be a comfort to Thy servents while they are going forth on the Earth to spread this gospell to all nations, and that our children may live and be fruitfull, that our posterity may be come as numerous as the Sands upon the Sea Shore, that we may never bring a wound upon the Preasthood, or a stane upon our caricters but that we may be keep pure in Thy Sight. Father I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen and Amen. I rote one leter to James Lavender in Bedford.5 We went and took dinner with Docter Copeland. Recieved a leter fore Elder [Willard] Richards from Amarica. The tidings was good, from New Hampshier, the town of Richmond. In the Evning we went to Tabnercle Square to baptised, they was 2 baptised by Elder Woodrff. Spent then Evning writing a leter to my wife6 on the First day of January.

2. This day I went in to the Burrow [Borough of London] spent part of the day. Docter Copland come and spent the Evning with us. Father Cannon come in and spent part of the Evning. I have got a bad cold. Dremp [dreamed] ketching fish last night. Our bill this week is 16.5 [16 pounds, 5 shillings].

3. This morning a bout day brack, we was wakened up by the Roring of Thunder. It cause the Earth to qake, and the litning flashed, and the snow flew. There was a great fear come on the peopl. Thare was much damag don in difrents part. One Chappel, the Steaple was thron down. Some said now I gas [guess] they will not doubt the Laterday Saints. Brock bread to the Chruch in the afternoon. We went to Mr. Alberns to teach. Mr. Spencer went with us. In the Evning we both spoke [p.33]on the principles of faith and works. Thare was a good hearing [with] some new hearers. The prospect seam good.

4. This day spent my time in writing to my wife. Recieved one leter from Ollive Frost. One from Br. Smith at Bedferd. Sister Mary Connon Come in and made us a viset. Comed our heads and cut our hairs. Took Supper with Mr. and Mrs. Morgan the Lord bless. It was 12 Oclock before we went to /bed/. One leter from Susannah Sangiovannah. Want I should come to see hur.

5. I finished [a letter] to my wife, one to Nathaniel Campbell. In the after noon I carried them [the letters] to the Amarican Coffe hoos [Coffee House]. They ware to be sent bord of the North Amarica.7 She was to sail on 7 of this month. When I returned I called at the Jenrel Post Office and got one [letter] found on [in it] a check I recieved from Clithroe. E. W. [Elder Woodruff] went to Mr. Pistruties [Pistrucci] to take his Setings. In the Evnings we had a prair meting. Had a good time.

The 6. I rote one leter to William Moss, one to William Hardman. Also went to Mr. Pistrucci to take my sitings Ed. W. remained at home threw the day writing. In the evning we went to Deacons Spencers, and preached and was apposed by one Mr. Cammon a Minister, perssessed [possessed] with the devle.

January the 7, 1841. I rote one leter B[righam]. Young,8 1 to Arthur Burows.9 Recived 6 letters, One from my wife, 1 from R. B. Thomson,10 From am [America?], [p.34]one from B. Whitehead, one from Joseph Bond [of] Chatburn,11 one from Elizebeth Parkinson, one from Margrit Hall. In the Evning preached as usul. Had good time.

8. This day I rote 2 leters, one to Elder [Brigham] Young and the other to Henry Reckliff. Twock [took] dinner with Father Biggs. Toock Tea with Docter Copland. In the Evning tended to baptism. Elder W. went in to the water and baptised a young woman by the name of Susannah Alburn [Albion?]. The weather was extream cold. Had a good time. One leter from Elder Young [of] Preston.

Ja. the 9. This morning wrote 2 leters, 1 one to Jane Chenak, 1 to Robart Williams. Recieved one from Br. Mellen. The news was good. On the same day I felt moved by the Spirrit to go to Woolwich, the distance of 10 miles. Elder Woodruff went with me [to] near London Bridge where I Left him and tooke a co[a]ch, as fur as Greenage [Greenwich]. Then got bord of a Calb [cab]. Arived thare at the house of Bro. John Griffith. He and his wife ware members.

10. On this day being the Sabath day one Minster Bat[e]s opened his dore fore me to preach. I preached & had a good time. Mister Bats and his wife wished to be baptized on Mondy Evning. Had a good time.

11. This day being Mondy I Rote a leter to Richard Bats in Gaston. On the Evning of this Same Day I went to the River with fore [four to baptize], but we could not guit to the River on the acount of the Ice, and Steepe [p.35]Bancks. The Tide Rises 70 feete. I proposed to them that we would go to London the next day. This suited them.

12. One in the after noon I took a Cabb in company with Br. Painter and wife and Br. Bats and wife. Went 4 miles to the Railway. We toock cars to London Bridg. then toock a coach to our logins I sent for Docter Copleand to meete us at Tabnicle [Tabernacle] Square. He got thare just after I had baptised the 4, he then went forward and was bap [baptized]. After we went back to our Logins and toock tea after we tended to confurmation. We had a glorius time. In the Evning we had a prair meting.

13. I spent part of the day in writing. Docter Copeland, and Sister Ellen [Belfor spent] the after noon with us and the Evning. Recieved sevrel leters. We taut the docter menny things that caused him to rejoice. Br. W. spent the fore noon at the artist.

/14 Jan./ This [day] I Rote one leter to G[eorge]. A. Smith,12 one to B. Young. Sister Ellen Belfor come to see us in the afternoon. Spent hur time in writing to my wife. We had meting in the Evning. It fell to my lot to preach. Elder W. open the meting by singing. Sister Ellen spoke after me and gave hur testamony.

15. In the morning I finished one leter to Edward Martin, one to Mrs. Sangivanah. Went to Mr. S[angiovanni]. got thare half past 11 stade 25 minits. Gave hur the later [letter], and Recieved one. She gave me 2 silk Hankerchief one fore me the other to Elder W. We felt to say in the name of the Lord She shall Recieve an hundred fold in this life and Eternal life which is to come. We also ask The[e] O Lord in the name of Jesus Christ to open hur way that she may obay Thy gospell and be gethered to Zion with they peopl, and let us see it and Thy name shall have all the glory amen and amen. Then I went to Mr. Pistrocci and sat 2 hours. Then returned home. In the Evning we went forward and baptis 3 of the family whare we live. Thare names are as follows, Bengam [Benjamin?] Morgan and his wife Sariah [and] Mary Morgan. We confurmed them the same Evning. I Recieved 5 leters.

16. In the morning Rote one letter to James Brewshard of Manchester. Er. W. Ricieved one leter from Br. Brewit, sent one pound. In the after noon I started fore Woolwich. Eld. W. went to the Post Office with me. I took Rail way to Greenage [Greenwich]. Cost 6 pence, then took Cabb to Woolwich at the hous of Br. Painters whare I stade all night. Br. Bats and his wife and Br. Griffith come in in the Evning. We all felt to rejoice to be hold each other once more. This was the 2 time that we had seen each other. The Ideah was [for] all [to be] baptised in to one Spirrit and we all felt like one family. They went home at 10 and we went to bed and Rested well.

17. This morning Rose in helth. Took brexfast with Br. Painter. Preached at the Hous of Richard Bats in the fore noon, and dined with [them?]. Preached in the after noon and administered the Sacrement to the 6 that Had been baptis, namly, John and Margritt Griffith, Richard and Ellener Bats, also Arron and Cathrine Painter. Had a good time sevrel herers [listeners]. I was invited by one Mrs. Green to visit them on Mondy Evning. These 6 members come to gether in the Evning at Brother Bats. It was the voice of these Brethren and Sisters that John Griffith should be ordained a preast so [p.37]acordenly I layd my hands on him and ordained him a prest. Had a Joyful time.

18. I book Brexfast with Sister Griffith, and dinner with Sister Ellener Bats. Rote 4 leters namly [to] Br. Joseph Bretherton, M[anchester?]. 1 one to James Spence, Downham;13 and 1 to John Highton, Church Town;14 1 to William Jonson, Burslem.15 In the after noon Sister Bats and Sister Griffith went with me to see the Baricks and the Soldiers Perrade [parrade]. They had boutifull band of musick. One of the most boutifull places that I ever see in my day. We went back and took tea with Sister Bats. In the Evning went to see Mr. Green in company with Br. Bats and Painter. They had left the house, so that we could not see them. We went back to Br. Griffith and spent part of the Evning. After which I went to Br. Painters and Retired to bed as usal.

19. This morning Rose in good helth. Took Brexfas with Sister Margrit G[riffeth]., took dinner with Br. Bats. Half past 3 in the after I bid the Saints fare well and took Steamer fore the Black Ball Railway. The length of this Railway is 3 1/4 mile. It is drown [drawn] by Rops [ropes] that goes by Misshenry [machinery]. I had one mile and a half to [go] by foot got to my Login 5 in the after noon. Found Elder W. and Docter Coplend. Tended [attended] prair meting in the Evning. Had a good time. I had 6 leters come fore me, 1 from G. A. Smith, 1 James Lavender, 1 from John Highton, 1 from William Moss, 1 Joseph Fieldind [Fielding], 1 from B. Young.

20. Injoying tolarble heth. W. went and took his sitings. Spend my time in writing leters, 1 to George Smith, [p.38]one to Sister Mariah Bathersby. Elder W. Returned in the Evning. Sister Mary Connor come and spent the Evning with us She comed and cut my hair. I took tea with Father Connor.

21. Verry on well [unwell] with a bad cold. Rote one leter [to] Susannah S[angiovanni]. Recieved 1 from hur, 1 from Joseph Brotherton. He sent us the 8[th] No. of the Star.16 Sister Ellen come in in the Evning. She finished the leter to my wife. She stade with me threw the Evning. Elder W. went and preached. After meting the Docter and his wife and others come in to see me. Sister Ellen combed my head.

22. This morning my cold is still bad. The weather cold. At 11 Oclock I went to Mr. Petroucia to take my Sitings. I was detained till 3 in the after noon. He finished my Potrate. I pade him 2 pounds and a half. Then went and he gave me his reciept. Then I went and made Mr. Sangiovanni a viset. Had a good time. Got back to my logins 7 in the Evning found Docter Copelend and Sister Ellen with Br. W. and also Sister Copland. Sister Morgan was sick I praid fore [her] she is better.

23. Rose in the morning in tolarble helth. Rote one leter to Thomas Smith, 1 Wm. Moss, 1 James Lavender, 1 John Griffith, 1 to B. Young. Dined with Doc Copland. Rabbit fore dinner. At 3 oclock the Doc and his wife, Ed. W., and my self went and viseted St. Catherines Dock. From that we went to London Dock. From thence we went in to the East Wine Volt [vault], one of the gratest in the world. It covers 9 English acrers. It is arched over h[e]ad and supported by pillers laid of [off] in the form of roads. Went threw Evry part of it. Each [p.39]one carried a lamp in his hand. We tasted the wine as we had tasting orders. In this volt [vault] thare was about 40 000 Pipes [pints?] of wines, 30 000 Port and 10 000 Shary. From thence we went to the Jews Synagoug to see them worchip [worship]. It was all done in Hebrew. We stade threw the service. From thence we went home and tended to the baptism of 2, Mr. Albern, the other by the name of Herden. All is well with us.

24. This day being the Sabath day and it came /to pass/ that the sants come to our logins where we had a prair Meting. Half past 2 we had our Sacrement Meting. Confurmed 1 and blest one child had a good time. In the Evning I preached to a very attentive people. Menny believd. Took supper with Father Connor went home to our logins and and Retired to bed, as ussul dremp of wading threw water.

25. And it came to pass that I rote 4 leters. Recieved Six [two?] as follows, G. A. Smith and Thomas Wormsby [Walmsely]. The Doc. come in to See us. We toock tea with a widdow. Gave hur and others much instruction. Went to See Br. Alburn. From thence we went to our logins. Preast Crook Come to see us from Glostershier [Gloucestershire].17 Come to London to guit [get] his Pention [pension]. Had one leter from Woolwick. The tidings was good.

26. And it came to pass that I started in company with Elder Woodruff, Doc. Coopeland and wife, Ellen Belfare, Mary Connor, Preast Crok. We went to St. James Park whare thare was immence concourse of persons assembled upon ocasion of hur Majesty op[e]ning the Parliament in person. Long before 2 o’clock the whole line from Buckingham Pallice threwgh St. James Park, along [p.40]Whitehall and Parliament Street, leading to the Hous of Lords, was one continuous mass of the inhabitence of the metropolis and of all classes. The windows of the Hous of Parliament street, and in fact one sollid mass of people the distance one mile. Opning a space in the midst fore hur majesty to pass thre. She rode in the State Carridge companied by Prince Albert at hur left hand. The Mistress of the robe and the Master of the hors in the same coach drawn by 4 cream collard horses and 6 cariges drawn by 6 Horses containing the Roilal [royal] family and the Lords and Nobles. They passed within 10 or 12 feet of us as we was on the inside of the crowded. We had a fare chance. We had this privledg when she was going to and from the Hous of Parliment. She mad a low bow to us and we returned the compliment. She looked plesent and small in statue, Blew Eyes, inisent [innocent] looking woman. Prince Albart is a fine Looking man. We had a fine view. All things went on plesent, and no accidents. Thare was judge to be more then 300 000 Souls. Such a sight as I never be held before in my day. She is one of the gratest Monarch in the world. Thare is more the 200 000 000 of subject under. This same day or in the Evning we got to gether and had a prair meting. The Lord was with us. This belongs January 26.

27. And it came to pass I rote one leter to Joseph Fielding, one to John Griffith at Woolwich. I took diner with Doc. Copeland, viseted the Saints some and those that was going to be baptised. Ed. W. went with Mr. Crooks [to] see about his Pension. He was dispointed. Took his leave of us on the same day fore home as he is going to Amorica with those Brethren that are going in February.18

[p.41]28. And it came to pass I was writing to my wife and also to Amelia Rogars, and I recieved one from my wife baring date the 8 of December. The tidings was good, and we felt to rejoice much to hear that John Boyington and Lymon and menny other pressious things. Also I [received] 3 pounds sent me from Br. Brewshaw. Elder [Woodruff?] had 1-10 shillings sent him fm [from] Ledbury by Br. Okey. In the Evning we baptised 3 persons an[d] confurmed them.

29. And it came to that I Rote one leter to my wife one to Amelia Rogers and Sent them to Elder Young for him to give to Elder [Hiram] Clark that he might cary them to my wife. In the Evning Br. Allen came in also sister Ellen Belfore.

30. This day rote 3 leters to Elder Whitehead, Thomas Wormsby, Arthur Burrow. Went to Snow Hill an[d] bought a Trunk—paid 10 Shillings fore it. Recieved one from Susannah Sangiovanni. Sister Ellen rote fore me in the Evning, as I was writing to H. Smith.

31. Being on the Sabath in the fore noon we had meting at our Login, in the after noon we administerd the Sacrement. In the Evning had preaching.

Febuary the 1. This day I rote one leter to H. Smith, one to Robart B. Thomson, one to Thomas Smith. Recived one from B. Young, one from Eliza Brumby, Sister Ellen assisted me some. All is well.

2. We was wrigting [writing]. About 12 we[n]t to Feburry Square whare thare was a great fire thousands of people present. The fire was verry sevier. From thence we went to the Stationary Hall in order to secure the [p.42]Coppy Right to the Book Mormon.19 He said he should require 5 Coppies, and it would cost 3 Shillings. From thence we [went to] 46 Charlott Street, Fitzeroy Square [to see] Mr. Philipps Pistrocci. We saw our Potraits. From thence went to Mr. Sangivanni. Recieved each of us a present from a young girl by the name of Elizabeth Coleman, silk hankerchief and also one shillen each and also 3 shillings each from Sister Susannah S[angiovanni]. May the Lord bless them fore Christ sake. Went home. Held prair meting in the Evning. All went well threw the day.

3. Righting, finish one leter to H. Smith, one to Robart B. Thomson, one to Elder Young and one to Elizebeth Rogers and sent them to Elder Young at Liverpool. Fore Elder Clark could cary them to a—[America?]. Viseted Sister Ellen in the Evning, and also Mr. Alborn. The Company concisted of Elder W., Doctor Copeland, Preas Coopper, Br. Albern and family. In order to see about what cours to take about meetings fore the future.

Febuary the 4, 1841. This day recieved 2 leters, one from G. A. Smith and Arthur Burrow. Elder W. recieved t[w]o from Br. Pitt. Br. Burow sent a note with 3 pounds in. We are going to Start fore Woolwich in a few minits Sister Alburn sent us 2 lo[a]ves of bread and a lupe [tub?] of Butter by Susannah hur Doughter. We arived at Woolwich just at Eve at the house of Richard Bats. Found them all well, and strong in the faith of the gospell.

5. This day we went and Exmned [examined] the Barreks and saw the Soldiers perform thare Execise. From thence we went in to the Dock yard. Sister Bats went [with] us, a poliece went with us in diffrent parts of the yard. Went bord of a large Ship carries 120 gunes [guns]. Thare is 150.000 Convex [convicts]. [p.43]We also saw 2 men bur[r]ied under arms by firing three Rounds. On the same day we took steam boat fore London at 4 in the after noon arrived thare in the Evning. Got Supper at Father Connor then returned to Logins. Sister Harrit has got the small Pox. I had 4 leters [from] Fielding, Sister Richards, one from Wales,20 one from Bedferd [Bedford].

Fe. 6. Being on Sartaday I went in to King Street No. 22 at Logins of Sister Ellen Redman. She rote fore me to my Sister Eliza Hall. I found hur quite sick. Went back to our Logins, and found one leter [for] Elder Young from his wife. Red it and sent it to him at Liverpool. I recieved one from Elder Corden and rote one to George W. Robart. In the Evning we went and baptised a yong Lady by the name of Caroline. I saw in dispach the rect [wreck] of the Ship Garrick, the one I went [on] the firs[t] Misheon to England and Returned in the sam[e] in Company with O[rson]. Hide and Russel. Hur tonage was 1010. Rect [wrecked] at Sandy Hook near New York one of the best Liners from New York. She was a new Ship. She was lanched in 1836, and wreck in 1840. One letter [from] Susannah S[angiovanni].

7. This [evening?] Sister Ellen was writing fore me to my Sister, baptised 1.

8. In the Morning I baptised Sister Susannah S. In the morning met with the Saint[s] as usual, being on [p.44]the Sabath day. We had much joy. Had a hous full. Books [Book of Mormon] come from Liverpool. This day we Caried 5 to the Stsioners [Stationary] Hall fore to secure the Copy Righ[t]. I recieved fore leters, and baptised fore in the Evning and we confurmed Mrs. Albern and Rote some on our address.

10. This day we spent most at Sister Ellen as she rote fore us. We also [met] Docter Copeland. We went to the desetting [dissecting] Room with him. I rote 2 leters. I gave Sister Ellen one pound.

The 11. Rose in the morning in tolarble helth. I dremp [dreamed] of hur Magesty and Prince Albert and conversed with them and proposed to give hur a Book of Mormon. From thence we went at the house of Ellen Redman, 22 King Stret, Perceval Street, Clark and Well Parrish.21 Completed our address at one Oclock in the after noon. I also rote some to Sister S. Sangiovannai.

12. This day Elder Snow and my self started fore Woolwick. We went to Mr. S. and also to Mr. Pistrucci. From thence to the Burrow [of] London to carry a Book of Mormon to him. We then took cars to Greenage [Greenwich]. From thence we took Cab to Br. Painter. We spent the day in Woolwich with the Saints. Had a good time together. The Lord was with us.

14. We held our Confrance. 4 churches represeted, Bedford,22 Ipswich,23 Woolwich, and London. We ordained 2 Elders, 3 preas, 3 teachers. We had a plesent time, and I never felt much beter.

15. I recieved a leter from my wife baring date [p.45]December the 30 [1840]. All well but the prospect gloomary [gloomy].24 I had much Sorrow before the Lord.

16. I went to Mr. Sangiovannaks in company with Elders W. and Snow. In the Evning we had meting had a good time. It was a day of morning to me and much sorrow.

17. And it come to pass that we went to Barttalomy [St. Bartholomew] Hospital. We went threw one room whare we saw as menny as 20 bodies of men and wimmen Laid in diffrent Situations under diffrent stats [states] of decetion [dissection], some just brought in with thare mouths soad [sewed] up. I must confess It gave wonderfull feelings.

18. I went in company with Elder Snow to guit [get] the Certificate of Curing [securing] the Coppy Right of the Book of Mormon. Took dinner with Father Connor. We took tea with Sister Redman. Thare was sevral come in in the Evning to convers with us. I preached in the Evning on the Reserrection and once last weke being the only times that subject had been taken up in London by us.

19. I finished one leter to my wife, one to Sister Eliza Hall, and went and secured my passage to Bedford, inside. The fare 16 S[hillings] the distance 50 miles.

20. I bid farewell to Brethren and took coach at 1 Oclock. Arived in Bedferd 4 in the Evning. The Saints Recived me with much joy. On the same Evning went home to Br. Smiths at Kempston [a suburb of Bedford].

21. Preached 3 times, ordained 2 preas, one by the name of John Wardon and Samwell Howard. [p.46]Confurmed 5. Had a thronged hous all day. We had a glorious time the Saints ware much strengthened.

22. I went to one Mr. Fillips [Phillips], to pray fore his [wife?] as she was sick. Thare was a Meathodist priest come to contend with me. It had a good Effect on others. The Lord works in a misterious way in these lasts days. O my God, Rowl [roll] on Thy work and cut it chort [short] in Richousness.

23. This day I went to see Mrs. Phillips. In the Evening I preached on the Reserrection. Had a good time blesed 3 children. Blest 1 bottle of oil. Had a good time.

24. Rose in the morning at the hous of Br. Smith in Kempston. Left thare in the Morning fore Bedford. Got at the hous of Br. James Smith. He gave me a pare of taps to put on my boots. Sister Smith come 9 miles to see me. In the Evning Come to gether at Br. Howards. We had a good time to gether.

25. Rose in the morning and took Brexfast at Br. Howrds with Sister Franklin, and others. In the Evning things [there?] was one Baptised. Had prair meting in the Evning. Took supper with Br. John Warden. Slep at B. Howards.

27. I took Coach fore Burmingham 10 Clo[ck] in the Morning. Went as fur as Weedle [Weldon near North Hampton?] whare I took cars fore Burmingham. I recieved grate kindness in Bedford. May God bless them fore ever. They ware humble.

28. We held Confrance in Burmingham. Elder Corden was Charman. Br. Riby was Clurk. Thare was 107 represented, 2 Elders, 6 Preas, and 1 Teacher ordained. Had a glorious time. On Monday Evning I preached. On Tusday, the 2 day of the March I went to Greets Green [today part of Greater Burmingham] in company with Elder Corden. Stade all night.

[p.47]March the 3, 1841. This day I took coach fore Lane End [near Stoke-upon-Trent?]. Found Elder G. A. Smith. In the Evning I was cold on to preach to a large congration. Had a good time. The Saints was glad to see me.

4. Spent my time with Elder Smith at Brother Players. Sister Emmy Barten gave me a saply [supply].

6 of March. Left the potterse [potteries]25 fore Manchester arived thare at 12 OClock at Elders Pratts. Found him and family well. Thay moved that day to a new place. Found Elder Young thare.

The 7. Being on Sabath day Elder Young preached in the fore noon. I preached in the after noon and evning. Had a good time.

On the 8 we preached in Tolford [Salford, part of Greater Manchester]. In the Evning baptised five.

On the 9 we spent the Evning at Fathers Brothertons. We stade all night.

On the 11 we arrived at Liverpool, put up at Richards Harissons. Found Elders Richards and [John] Tailor26 and menny of the Saints collected fore going to Am [America]. I tended 3 blessings metings as Elder Mellen and Whiteheade was thare. We organised the Company by [ap]pointing Thomis Smith, Wm. Moss, and B. Pert to leede [lead] them. They sailed on the 17, 50 in number of the Shipe Alesto. On the same day I took cars [p.48]fore Preston in company with Elders Mellon, Whiteheade, W[illard]. Richards, [got] to Arthur Burrows 10 oclock.27


1. This conference would have taken place in the Cock Pit, a hall originally built for gaming. In 1837 it was the official meeting place of the Preston Temperance Society. The Mormon request of 4 January 1838 to lease the Cock Pit is probably the earliest document in the Old World referring specifically to the “Latter day Saints.” This document is preserved at the Lancashire Record Office. It was signed by Arthur Burrows, a Mormon convert and one of the church’s trustees, and was secured less than six months from the date Kimball docked at Liverpool. The building no longer exists. Kimball’s preaching license of 18 October 1837, if extant, would be older, but the original seems to have disappeared. See my “Early Records in England,” The Improvement Era (Feb. 1955): 96.

2. Wilford Woodruff (1807-98) became an apostle in 1839. Fifty years later, he would be named president of the LDS church.

3. Parley P. Pratt (1807-57) had been an apostle since 1835.

4. Orson Pratt (1811-81), a brother to Parley P. Pratt, had been an apostle since 1835.

5. See footnote 18, diary one.

6. This was Kimball’s first wife, Vilate Murray (1806-67).

7. This was the second organized emigrant group from England. The North America sailed from Liverpool on 8 September 1840 for New York City with about 200 English converts.

8. Brigham Young (1801-77) became an apostle in 1835 and president of the LDS church in 1847.

9. Arthur Burrows was one of Kimball’s early converts in Preston.

10. Robert B. Thompson (1811-41) was a Nauvoo printer who published the Journal of Heber C. Kimball in 1840 while Kimball was on his second mission to England.

11. Chatburn is seventeen miles northeast of Preston.

12. George A. Smith (1817-75) was one of Kimball’s missionary companions and an apostle since 1839.

13. Downham is eighteen miles northeast of Preston.

14. Church Town is thirteen miles southeast of Preston near Southport.

15. Burslem is in Northstaffordshire. See also footnote 24 below.

16. This is the Latter-day Saints’ Millennial Star, still published by the LDS church in England.

17. Cloucestershire is a county in western England.

18. This is most likely a reference to the fifth organized company of English emigrating Saints. The company of 235 sailed on 7 February 1841 on the Sheffield for New Orleans.

19. This hall still stands near St. Paul’s. In 1975, I visited the hall and was shown the original copyright application.

20. Although Kimball never mentioned working in Wales, there is some evidence that he did. In a letter to his wife Mary Ann, Brigham Young wrote on 12 November 1840, “We have hered from Wales whare Br. Kimball and I went, a grate many of the people was sorry they did not obey the gospel when we are there” (Blair Collection, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah). I would like to thank Ronald Esplin for bringing this letter to my attention.

21. This is confusing for 22 King (now Newcommen) Street was and is in the Borough of Southwark.

22. This is Bedford, fifty miles north of London. See footnote 18, diary one.

23. Ipswich is about seventy-five miles northeast of London.

24. I know of no letter from Vilate of this date, but I have read one of 8 December in which she refers to the death of her father and to the fact that she has little money.

25. The Potteries, the center of British earthenware manufacturing, is in North Staffordshire and includes the towns of Burslem, Newcastle-under-Lyne, and Stoke-upon-Trent. It was here in Burslem that Kimball’s missionary companion Wilford Woodruff had such preaching success in 1840.

26. John Taylor (1808-87) became an apostle in 1838 and president of the LDS church in 1880.

27. Following the abrupt end of this English mission account are forty-two pages, in various hands, of miscellaneous prayers, revelations, and patriarchal blessings for the period 6 April 1839 through 28 May 1844. The diary starts again on 10 June 1843.