Utah Celebrities
Boyd Payne

Jason Buckjason buck
Courtesy Washington Redskins

Full name Jason Ogden Buck

Born 27 July 1963, Moses Lake, Washington

Spouse Roxi Ann Buck

Children Three

Education Ricks College; Brigham Young University

Former: Quarterback, and defensive end, Ricks College; defensive end, Cincinnati Bengals, and Washington Redskins; Super Bowl XXIII (as a Bengal) and Super Bowl XXVI (as a Redskin)
Current: Buck Family Limited Partnership
Awards: Outland Trophy (outstanding defensive lineman); Junior College All-American; WAC Player of the Year, 1985, 1986

Property Breckenridge, Orem

buck property

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James Burrowsjames burrows
AP/World Wide Photos

Full name James C. Burrows

Born 30 December 1940, Los Angeles, California

Spouse Linda Burrows

Education B.A., Oberlin College; M.F.A., Yale University

Former: Director, Off-Broadway Productions
Current: President, Charles River Associates, Incorporated
Awards: Directors Guild of America Award; Emmy Award

Motion Picture

DirectorThe Associates; At Your Service (pilot); Best of the West; The Betty White Show; Big Shots in America (special); The Bob Newhart Show; The Boys Are Back; Bumpers (pilot); Busting Loose; Butterflies (pilot); Cafe Americain; Calling Dr. Storm, M.D. (pilot); CBS Summer Playhouse (pilot); Channel 99 (pilot); Dear John; Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary Celebration (special); Down Home (pilot); Every Stray Dog and Kid (pilot); The Fanelli Boys; Fay; Flying Blind; Frasier; Free Country; Friends; Good Time Harry; Goodbye Doesn’t Mean Forever (pilot); The Hogan Family; Husbands, Wives and Lovers; Laverne and Shirley; Lou Grant; The Marshall Chronicles; The Mary Tyler Moore Show; Monty; More Than Friends (movie); Newsradio; Night Court; On Our Own; Pacific Station (pilot); Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers; P.O.P. (pilot); Phyllis; The Plant Family (pilot); Rhoda; Roc (pilot); Roosevelt and Truman (pilot); The Stockard Channing Show; Szysznyk; Taxi; The Ted Knight Show; Time Warner Presents The Earth Day Special (special); The Tony Randall Show; We’ve Got Each Other; Wings (pilot); Your Place or Mine? (pilot)
Director/ProducerAll is Forgiven; Cheers (also writer); Cheers: Special 200th Episode Celebration (special); Flesh ‘n Blood (pilot); The Tortellis

DirectorThe Castro Complex; Charlie’s Aunt; Goodbye, Charlie; Last of the Red Hot Lovers

Property Stage Lodge Condominiums, Deer Valley

burrows property

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Marcy Carseymarcy carsey

Full name Marcia Lee Peterson Carsey

Born 21 November 1944, South Weymouth, Massachusetts

Spouse John Jay Carsey (writer)

Children Two

Education B.A., English literature, University of New Hampshire

Former: NBC tour guide, Rockefeller Center; production assistant, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson; program supervisor, William Esty Advertising; story editor for Roger Gimbel, Tomorrow Entertainment; senior vice president (comedy programming), Prime Time Series, ABC; founder, Carsey Productions (now Carsey-Werner Company)
Current: Co-owner, Carsey-Werner Company
Awards: Emmy Award; Image Award Television
ProducerCallahan (pilot); A Carol Burnett Special . . . Carol, Carl, Whoopi, and Robin (special); Chicken Soup; The Cosby Show; Cybill; Davis Rules; A Different World; Frannie’s Turn; Grace Under Fire; Grand; I Do, I Don’t (pilot); Oh, Madeline!; Roseanne; She-TV; Single Bars, Single Women (movie); You Bet Your Life (starring Bill Cosby)

Property Stag Lodge Condominiums, Deer Valley

carsey property

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Johnny Carsonjohnny carson
Steve Sands/Outline

Full name John William Carson

Born 23 October 1925, Corning, Iowa

Spouse Joan “Jody” Morrill Wolcott (divorced in 1963), Joanne Copeland (divorced in 1972), Joanna Holland (received $20 million in divorce in 1983), Alexis “Alex” Mass

Children Three (two living)

Education Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi; B.A., University of Nebraska

Former: U.S. Naval Reserve, World War II; magician; ventriloquist; radio announcer, KFAB, Lincoln, Nebraska, WOW, Omaha, and KNXT, Los Angeles; co-chair, Garden State Bank
Current: Performer, Las Vegas, Nevada; president, Carson Productions
AuthorHappiness is a Dry Martini; Misery is a Blind Date
Awards: Entertainer of the Year Award; Emmy Award; Emmy Hall of Fame; Kennedy Center Lifetime Achievement; Hasty Pudding Club Man of the Year

ProducerThe Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson; TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes
SeriesCarson’s Cellar; Earn Your Vacation; The Johnny Carson Show (cancelled because of poor ratings); New Comedy Showcase: Johnny Come Lately (pilot); Red Skelton Revue; The Sammy Davis, Jr. Show; The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson; U.S. Steel Hour; Who Do You Trust. Carson declined the lead role in the series that became The Dick Van Dyke Show.
Specials: Academy Awards ceremonies, 1979-82, 1984; Johnny Carson Discovers Cypress Gardens; Johnny Carson in an Evening of Comedy; Johnny Carson Presents the Sun City Scandals ’72; Joys!; Kraft Music Hall: Friar’s Club Roast; Lucy Moves to NBC; Royal Follies

Motion Picture
ActorCancel My Reservation; Looking for Love

Property American Flag, Deer Valley

carson property

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Tom Chamberstom chambers
Courtesy Utah Jazz

Full name Thomas Doane Chambers

Born 21 June 1959, Ogden, Utah

Spouse Nicole Hymas Chambers (Miss Rodeo Idaho)

Children Five

Education University of Utah

Former: Basketball center, University of Utah; All-WAC honors; Honorable Mention All-America (college); board of directors, Tom Chambers’ Basketball Camp Incorporated; Phoenix Suns; Los Angeles (San Diego) Clippers; Seattle Supersonics; four-time NBA All-Star; All-NBA, 1989, 1990
Current: Forward, Utah Jazz; president, Chemical Lime Company of Arizona; board of directors, Chemstar Incorporated; owner, Shooting Star Ranch
Awards: NBA All-Star MVP, 1987

Property North Oaks Cove, North Ogden

chambers property

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Keith Clearwaterkeith clearwater
Courtesy PGA Tour

Full name Keith Allen Clearwater

Born 1 September 1959, Long Beach, California

Spouse Susann “Sue” Clearwater

Children Two

Education Brigham Young University

Former: National Golf Championship team, Brigham Young University, 1981
Current: Professional Golf Association; winner, 1982 North and South Amateur, 1985 Alaska State Open, 1987 Colonial National Invitation, and 1987 Centel Classic

Property Breton Woods West, Orem

clearwater property

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Stephen R. Coveystephen covey
Steve Labadessa/Outline

Full name Stephen Richards Covey

Born 24 October 1932, Salt Lake City, Utah

Spouse Sandra Merrill Covey

Children Nine

Education B.S., University of Utah; M.B.A., Harvard University; D.R.E., Brigham Young University

Former: Associate professor, organizational behavior, Brigham Young University; founder, Covey Leadership Center; founder, Institute for Principle-Centered Leadership; LDS mission president, Ireland
Current: Adjunct professor, organizational behavior, BYU; chair, Covey Leadership Center; publisher, Executive Excellence (periodical); guest lecturer, Brookings Institution; registered agent, Stephen Covey Family Association, and Institute for Principle-Centered Leadership
AuthorThe Divine Center; First Things First: A Principle-Centered Approach to Time and Life Management; How to Succeed with People; Marriage and Family: Gospel Insights (with Truman Madsen); Principle-Centered Leadership: Strategies for Personal and Professional Effectiveness; Reflections for Highly Effective People; The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families; The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Organizations; The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; Spiritual Roots of Human Relations
Award: McFeely Award, 1991

Property Taylor Hills, Provo

covey property

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