sex and travel guideUtah Sex and Travel Guide
by Calvin Grondahl

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Grondahl’s  outrageous cartoons lampoon the post-modern nuclear family in all of its splendor and absurdity. Grondahl is at his best portraying high-powered women in business suits, cellular phone in one hand and all-terrain stroller in the other.

Grondahl’s pen also captures the hordes of loveable holy terrors who seem to have the run of the state. And not to leave anyone unscathed, Grondahl sketches male couch potatoes, party-animal collegians, single-parent families, retirees, and gays and lesbians. They’re all here—Utah’s own accommodation to the 1990s with the unique religious, political, and social twists that make life here so unforgettable.

Calvin Grondahl’s previous books include Marketing Precedes the Miracle and Utah and All That Jazz. He is the editorial cartoonist for the Standard Examiner in Ogden, Utah, and lives with his wife and three children in Layton, Utah.

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Utah Sex and Travel Guide
Calvin Grondahl
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Utah: sex and travel guide / by Calvin Grondahl.
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