Canyons of Grace

The Canyons of Grace
Stories by Levi S. Peterson

on the cover:
With this brilliant collection, Peterson has raised the Mormon short story to a new level of artistic excellence and sophistication. —The Association for Mormon Letters

Crafting his stories in a powerful and compelling style, Peterson has wonderfully shaped his original characters around an essentially Mormon core. His Mormons are head-to-toe Mormons, not veneer Mormons. Like Jonahs they fear God, flee his grace, consistently manifest a “private obduracy,” a hesitancy to yield to God in humility. For Peterson’s characters, the skewer pin seems to hurt too much to allow gracious acceptance; they struggle on. Not all readers will cheer Peterson’s vision of man’s lot, but all who love Mormonism and literature will cheer his stories and the questions they raise. Publication of this book cheers us as well, suggesting as it does that Mormon letters may have found in Levi S. Peterson a sunnier Hawthorne to assist us in interpreting the human condition—the Mormon human condition—as far as it is translated correctly. —Richard H. Cracroft

Any people with a tradition have stories to tell, waiting only for the right storyteller to come along. In Levi Peterson the Mormons, who now have 150 years of history behind them and a host of provincial singers, have found an authentic shaman who speaks strong medicine, a faith-promoter with a difference who dared to look into the secret places of the Mormon heart as Hawthorne looked into the heart of Puritan New England. Peterson’s stories are deeply religious, rescuing what is holy in the relationships between lovers and companions, wives and husbands, parents and their children from the jaws of profanation. —William Mulder, Utah Endowment for the Humanities Book Review

title page:
The Canyons of Grace
Levi Peterson
Orion Books
Midvale, Utah

copyright page:
(c) 1982 by Levi S. Peterson
All Rights Reserved
Printed in the United States of America
Reprinted by arrangement with the University of Illinois Press
by Orion Books, a division of Signature Books
ISBN: 0-941214-26-5

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dedication page:  To Althea and Karrin

01 – The Confession of Augustine
02 – Trinity
03 – Road to Damascus
04 – The Shriveprice
05 – The Christianizing of Coburn Heights
06 – The Canyons of Grace