The Essential Joseph Smith
Foreword by Marvin S. Hill

Chapter 7
“Dear Wife I Would Inform You,” Joseph Smith to Emma Smith, 6 June and 13 October 1832
(from Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, Illinois; and Library-Archives, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Independence, Missouri)

[p.22]Dear Wife

I would inform you that Brother Martin [Harris] has arrived here [Greenville, Indiana] and braught the pleasing news that our Familys were well when he left there which Greately Cheared our hearts and revived our Spirits[.] we thank our hevenly Father for his Goodness unto us and all of you[.] Martin arrived on Satterday the Same week he left Chagrin haveing a prosperous time[.] we are all in good health[.] Brother [Newel K.] Whitneys [broken] leg is gaining and he thinks he Shall be able to to perform his Journy so as to get home about the 20th[.] my Situation is a very unpleasent one although I will endeaver to be Contented the Lord asisting me[.] I have visited a grove which is Just back of the town almost every day where I can be Secluded from the eyes of any mortal and there give vent to all the feelings of my heart in meaditation and prayr[.] I have Called to mind all the past moments of my life and am left to morn and Shed tears of sorrow for my folly in Sufering the adversary of my Soul to have so much power over me as he has had in times past[.] but God is merciful and has forgiven my Sins and I rejoice that he Sendeth forth the Comferter unto as many as believe and humbleeth themselves before him[.] I was grieved to hear that Hiram [Smith] had lost his little Child [Mary.] I think we Can in Some degree Simpathise with him but we all must be reconciled to our lots and say the will of the Lord be done[.] Sister [Elizabeth Ann] Whitney wrote a letter to her husband [Newell K.] which was very chearing but and being unwell at that time and filled with much anxiety it would have been very Consoling to me to have received a few lines from you but as you did not take the trouble I will try to be contented with my lot knowing that God is my friend[.] in him I shall find comfort[.] I have given my life into his hands[.] I am prepared to go at his Call[.] I desire to be with Christ[.] I Count not my life dear to me only to do his will[.] I am not pleased to hear that William Mclelin has come back and disobayed the voice of him who is altogether Lovely for a woman[.] I am astonished at Sister Emaline [Emeline Miller] yet I cannot belive she is not a worthy sister[.] I hope She will find him true and kind to her but have no reason to expect it[.] his Conduct merits the disapprobation of every true follower of Christ[.] but this is a painful subject [and] I hope you will excuse my warmth of feeling in mentioning this subject and also my inability in convaying my ideas in writing[.] I am happy to find that you are still in the faith of Christ and at Father Smiths[.] I hope you will Comfort Father and Mother in their trials and Hiram and Jerusha and the rest of the Family[.] tell Sophronia I remember her and Kalvin in my prayrs[.] my respects to the rest[.] I Should Like [to] See little Julia and once more take her on my knee and converse with you on all the subjects which concerns us[,] things I cannot[,] is not prudent for me to write[.] I omit all the important things which could I See you I could make you acquainted with[,] tell Brother [Frederick G.] Williams that I and Brother Whitney will arrange the business of that farm when we Come[.] give my respects to all the Brotheren[.] Br- Whitney[‘s] Family tell them he is Chearfull and patient and a true Brother to me[.] I subscribe myself your Husband[.] the Lord bless you[.] peace be with [you] so Farewell untill I return[.]

* * *

My Dear Wife

This day I have been walking through the most splended part of the City of New Y[ork]. the buildings are truly great and wonderful to the astonishing of eve[r]y beholder and the language of my heart is like this[:] can the great God of all the Earth maker of all thing[s] magnificent and splendid be displeased with man for all these great inventions saught out by them[?] my answer is no[.] it can not be[,] seeing these works are calculated to mak[e] men comfortable[,] wise[,] and happy[.] therefore not for the works can the Lord be displeased only aga[i]nst man is the anger of the Lord Kindled because they Give him not the Glory[.] therefore their iniquities shall be visited upon their heads and their works shall be burned up with unquenchable fire[.] the inequity of the people is printed in every countinance and [p.24]nothing but the dress of the people makes them look fair and b[ea]utiful[.] all is deformity[.] their is something in every countinance that is disagreable with few exceptions[.] Oh how long Oh Lord Shall this order of things exist and darkness cover the Earth and gross darkness cover the people[?] after beholding all that I had any desire to behold I returned to my room to meditate and calm my mind and behold the thaughts of home[,] of Emma and Julia[,] rushes upon my mind like a flood[,] and I could wish for [a] moment to be with them[.] my breast is fill[e]d with all the feelings and tenderness of a parent and a Husband[,] and could I be with you I would tell you many things[.] yet when I reflect upon this great city like Ninevah not desearning their right hand from their left[,] yea more then two hundred thousand souls[,] my bowels is filled with compasion towards them and I am determined to lift up my voice in this City and leave the Event with God who holdeth all things in his hands and will not suffer an hair of our heads unnoticed to fall to the ground[.] there is but few Cases of the chol[e]ra in this City now and if you should see the people you would not know that they had ever heard of the chol[e]ra[.] I hope you will excuse me for writting this letter so soon after w[r]iting for I feel as if I wanted to say something to you to comfort you in your beculier [peculiar] triel and presant affliction[.] I hope God will give you strength that you may not faint[.] I pray God to soften the hearts of those arou[n]d you to be kind to you and take the burdon of[f] your shoulders as much as posable and not afflict you[.] I feel for you for I know you[r] state and that others do not[.] but you must comfort yourself knowing that God is your friend in heaven and that you hav[e] one true and living friend on Earth your Husband[.]

PS while Brother [Newel K.] Whitney [is] Selecting goods I have nothing to [do] but to sit in my room and pray for him that he may have strength to indure his labours[.] for truly it is [a] tedious Job to stand on the feet all day to select goods[.] it wants good Judgement and a long acquantence with goods to git good ones and a man must be his own Judge for no one will Judge for him[,] and it is much pepleccity [perplexity] of mind[.] I prefer reading and praying and holding comuneion with the holy spirit and writing to you[,] then walking the streets and beholding the distraction of man[.] I have had some conversation with few which gave satisfaction[,] and one very b[ea]utiful young gentleman from Jersy whose countinance was very [p.25]sollam[.] he came and set by my side and began to converce with me about the Chol[e]ra[,] and I learned he had been seased with it and came very near die[i]ng with it[.] he said the Lord had spared him for some wise pu[r]pose[.] I took advantage of this and opened a long discours with him[.] he received my teaching appearan[t]ly with much pleasure and becam[e] very strongly attacth to me[.] we talkd till late at night and concluded to omit conversation till the next day[,] but having some business to do he was detained untill the boat was ready to go out and must leave[.] he came to me and bid me Farewell and we parted with much reluctance[.] Brother Whitney is received with great kindness by all his old acquaintance[s.] he is faithful in prayr and fervant in spirit and we take great comfort together[.] there is about one hundred boarders and sometimes more in this house every day from one to two from all parts of the world[.] I think you would hav[e] laughed right harty if you could [have] been whe[r]e you could see the waiters to day noon [as they] waited on the table both Black and white and molato runing[,] bowing[,] and maneuvering[,] but I must conclude[.] I remain your affectionate Husband until Death[.]