The Essential Joseph Smith
Foreword by Marvin S. Hill

Chapter 9
“Joseph Smith, Jr. Record Book,” Excerpts from Joseph Smith’s First Diary, 27 November to 6 December 1832 (from Scott H. Faulring, ed., An American Prophet’s Record: The Diaries and Journals of Joseph Smith [Salt Lake City: Signature Books in association
with Smith Research Associates, 1987], pp. 9-11)

[p.31]Joseph Smith, Jr. Record Book Baught
[bought] for to note all the minute
circumstances that comes under my

Joseph Smith, Jr.’s Book for Record Baught on the 27th of November 1832 for the purpose to keep a minute ac[c]ount of all things that come under my obse[r]vation &c.

Oh may God grant that I may be directed in all my thaughts. Oh bless thy servent. Amen.

November 28th [1832] This day I have [spent] in reading and writing. This Evening my mind is calm and serene for which I thank the Lord.

November 29th This day [I] road from Kirtland to Chardon to see my Sister Sop[h]ronia and also ca[lled] to see my Sister Catherine [and found] them [well].

This Evening Brother Frederic[k G. Williams] Prophecyed that next spring I should go to the city of Pittsburg to establish a Bishopwrick and within one year I should go to the City of New York. The Lord spare the life of thy servent. Amen.

November 30th 1830 [1832] This day retu[r]ned home to Kirtland [and] found all well to the joy and satisfaction of my soul. On my return home stopped at Mr. King’s [and] bore testimony to him and Family &c.

December 1th [1st, 1832] /[I] bore testimony to Mr. Gilmore/ [I] wrote and corrected revelations &c.

December 2th [2nd] The Sabath, [I] went to meeting &c.

December 3d Ordained Brother Packherd with my own hand[s]. [p.32]Also Brother Umfiry [Humphery who] came to see me from the East and braught news from Brother Lyman Johnson and Orson Pratt &c.

Also held a conference in the Evening. Br[others] Jes[s]e [Gause] and Mo[r]gan and William McLel[l]en was excommunicated from the Church &c.

December 4th This day I [have] been unwell [and] done but lit[t]le, been at home all day. Regulated some things this Evening. [I] feel better in my mind then I have for a few days back. Oh Lord deliver thy servent out of tem[p]tations and fill his heart with wisdom and understanding.

December 5th This day wrote let[t]ers, copying letters, and translating. In [the] evening held a council to advise with Brother Solomon Humphry. It was ordered by the council that he should be a companion with Brother Noah Packard in the work of the ministry.

December 6th Translating and received a revelation explaining the Parable [of] the wheat and the tears [tares] &c.