The Essential Joseph Smith
Foreword by Marvin S. Hill

Chapter 21
“My Dear and Beloved Companion, of My Bosam,” Joseph Smith to Emma Smith,
12 November 1838 from Library-Archives, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Independence, Missouri)

[p.91]My dear and beloved companion, of my bosam, in tribulation, and affliction, I woud inform you that I am well, and that we are all of us in good spirits[.] [A]s regards our own fate, we have been protected by the Jackson County [Missouri] boys [state militia], in the most genteel manner, and arrived here [Independence, Missouri] in the midst of a splended perade, a little after noon, [and] instead of going to goal [jail] we have a good house provided for us and the kindst treatment[.] I have great anxiety about you, and my lovely children, my heart morns and bleeds for the brotheren, and sisters, and for the slain of the people of God[.] Colonal [George M.] Hinkle, proved to be a trator, to the Church, he is worse than a hull [William Hull] who betraid the army at detroit, he decoyed us unawares[.] God reward him[.] Jhon Carl [John Corrill] told general wilson [Moses G. Wilson], that he was a going to leave the Church, general Willson says he thinks much less of him now then before[.] [W]hy I mention this is to have you [be] careful not to trust them, if we are permited to stay any time here[.] [W]e have obtained a promice that we may have our families brought to us[.] [W]hat God may do for us I do not know but I hope for the best always in all circumstances[.] [A]lthough I go unto death, I will trust in God[.] [W]hat outrages may be committed by the mob I know not, but expect there will be but little or no restraint[.] Oh may God have mercy on us[.] [W]hen we arrived at the river last night an express came to gene[r]al Willson from gene[r]al [John B.] Clark of Howard County claiming the right of command ordering us back where or what place God only knows, and there is some feelings betwen the offercers[.] I do not know where it will end[.] [I]t is said by some that general Clark, is determined to exterminate[.] God has spared some of us thus far perhaps he will extend mercy in some degree toward us yet[.] [S]ome of the people of this place have told me that some of the mormans may settle in this county as others men do[.] I have some [p.92]hopes that some thing may turn out for good to the afilicted saints[.] I want you to stay where you are untill you here from me again[.] I may send for you to bring you to me[.] I cannot learn much for certainty in the situation that I am in, and can only pray for deliverance, untill it is meeted out, and take every thing as it comes, with patience and fortitude[.] I hope you will be faithful and true to every trust[.] I cant write much in my situa[t]ion[.] [C]onduct all matters as your circumstances and necesities require[.] [M]ay God give you wisdom and prudance and sobriety which I have every reason to believe you will[.] [T]hose little childrens are subjects of my meditation continually[.] [T]ell them that Father is yet alive[.] God grant that he may see them again[.] Oh Emma for God sake do not forsake me nor the truth but remember me, if I do not meet you again in this life may God grant that we may meet in heaven[.] I cannot express my feelings, my heart is full[.] Farewell[.] Oh my kind and affectionate Emma I am yours forever[.]
[Y]our Hu[s]band and true friend