San Bernardino
Edward Leo Lyman

 amasa mason lymanAmasa Mason Lyman,
co-founder of San Bernardino
and first mayor. Only known
photograph of Lyman
beardless, 1852.

charles colson richCharles Colson Rich,
co-founder of San Bernardino
and second mayor.

layoutLayout of fort from Luther Ingersoll’s Annals of San Bernardino.

Looking southwest


Looking north

north Sketches of San Bernardino fort a year after it was built, at midpoint
of its occupation by some 400 residents.

San Bernardino

mormon trail

henry miller Sketch of San Bernardino in 1856 by Henry Miller, not particularly accurate in many details.

andrew lytle

Andrew Lytle, captain
of the 150- wagon
pioneer company and
third mayor of San Bernardino.
He remained there the
rest of his life.

jefferson hunt

Jefferson Hunt,
state assemblyman.

david seeley

David Seeley, an original
wagon train sub-captain and
stake president; a prominent
lumberman who remained
in San Bernardino.

quartus s. sparks

Quartus S. Sparks, an
attorney who left Mormonism
and helped lead the
opposition factions.

lewis jacobs

Lewis Jacobs, a Jewish
merchant who arrived in
1852 and continued thereafter.

council houseSketch of the Council House, which stood adjacent to Lyman’s
mansion near the present county courthouse.

first schools The first schools were the two single-story rooms on each side of
the later two-story addition.

gristmill The original gristmill and adjacent storage building, constructed by
millwright George W. Sirrine.

lyman's mansion Lyman’s mansion, called “the harem” outside of his hearing.

cram & harris chair



A chair probably manufactured by the Cram brothers
and John Harris in the old mission district, now at the
Yucaipa Adobe county historical site.





fort benson Sketch of Fort Benson, center of opposition to Lyman and Rich.