The Joseph Smith Revelations
by H. Michael Marquardt


Oliver Cowdery

Oliver Cowdery, early scribe, second elder, member of presidency
and Doctrine and Covenants committee.

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Sidney Rigdon

Sidney Rigdon, early scribe, member of presidency and Doctrine and Covenants committee.

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Frederick G. Williams

Frederick G. Williams, assistant scribe, member of presidency
and Doctrine and Covenants committee.

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early commandment given to Joseph Smith

Early copy of a commandment given to Joseph Smith, Jr., concerning the sacrament, in the handwriting of Edward Partridge, LDS archives (Cf. document number 28; BC 28; LDS D&C 27; RLDS D&C 26).


Commandment to the Church AD 1830
Saying listen to the voice of Jesus Christ your Lord your God
[& your Redeemer whose word is q]uick & powerful for behold I say
unto you that it mattereth not what ye [shall eat or] what ye shal[l]
drink when ye partake of the sacrament if it so be that y[e do it]
with an eye single to my glory remembering unto the Fathe[r my]
body which is laid down for you & my blood which was shed for [the]
remission of your sins wherefore a commandment I give unto you
that ye shall not purchase wine niether strong drink of your enemies wherefore
ye shall partake of none except it is made new among you yea in
this my Fahters kingdom which shall be built up on the earth
behold this is wisdom in me wherefore marvel not for the
hour cometh that I will drink of the fruit of the vine w[ith]
you on the earth & with all those whom my Father
hath given me out of the world wherefore lift up your
hearts & rejoice & gird up your loins & be faithful untill
[I come even so amen]

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The Evening and the Morning Star

The Evening and the Morning Star 1 (May 1833): [1]. Appendix to the Book of Commandments. See document number 77; LDS D&C 133; RLDS D&C 108.

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Kirtland Revelations

Outside cover of manuscript volume “Kirtland Revelations,”
LDS archives.

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Kirtland Revelations

Manuscript page 13, Kirtland Revelations Book, in the handwriting of Joseph Smith, Jr., with minor corrections by Smith, LDS archives. Cf. document number 82; LDS D&C 72:1-8; RLDS D&C 72:1-2.

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The Twelve Apostles (1835-1837)

John F. BoyntonOrson HydeLuke S. Johnson







¨Heber C. Kimball¨William E. McLellin¨Orson Pratt








¨Parley P. Pratt¨William Smith¨Brigham Young







Photographs unavailable of Apostles
Lyman E. Johnson, Thomas B. Marsh, and David W. Patten